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4yr old on HAUNTED hay ride?!? Update in green :)

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My sons Father called sunday asking if it was okay if he brought our son home a little late because they were going to a pumpkin patch and on a hay ride. I said okay, because in my mind I was thinking a innocent hay ride to a feild to pick a pumpkin like we had brought him to when he was younger. I told him to just make sure they were back by 7 so He could relax before bed for school in the morning.

Well 8 rolls around and he FINALLY answers my call and says hes on his way, then when they arrive I am informed it was a haunted hay ride.

I have had issues for the past few months getting him to sleep. I was finally making progress and he would sleep through most of the night until about 5am then crawl in bed with my husband and I.

Until Last night I feel like we are worse off then we were to start with!!! My son was TERRIFIED to even go upstairs (where his room is) last night to go to sleep. He would scream bloody murder as soon as he thought he was alone, he said the "ghost" from the GRAVEYARD they took him to followed him home!! I felt so bad, I let him lay with me on the couch until he feel asleep and had my husband carry him to bed. He awoke as soon as he laid him down. So I tried laying with him, every time he would fall asleep, he would softly mumble, "Where are we?" I'd say You'e at home safe baby, and he'd reply " Are we in the graveyard?"  eventually he said he wanted Mike to sleep with him, well my husbands 6'5 theres no way he could fit in my sons firetruck bed lol so He agreed to go to sleep and we all just slept in our bed.

Tonight my husbands at work, My son feels safer when he is home. He agian was terrified to go to bed. So scared that when I left the room he VOMITED. I finally got him to sleep but had to turn ALL the lights on, so his room light, the hallway light, even his closet light and nightlight!

I am so Upset at my ex for doing this, but its to late to turn back now, any tips to help him not be scared?

I tried explaining to him it was all pretend, even tried the "monster spray" that had been helping him for awhile now. Its just water in a spray bottle that, I told him was special chemicals that would kill all monsters. I found the idea on pintrest and it was working real well until this!!

Needless to say, my husbands and I's sex life has been thrown off for quite some time now, and we thought we were finally getting back on track to get him back in his own bed! He also wakes his sisters up when he screams because hes scared, so this is a issue affecting the whole family. I know its not my sons fault, ecspecially now since his father did this, but its so hard not to get frustrated, then i feel so gulilty when I yell :( But i'm not exactly in the best mood in the middle of the night.

Also son missed school today because I didnt want to wake him so early when he'd been up all night!


Thank you all for your great ideas! Tonight I kind of mixed everyones advice with what I have been doing and it went alot better than it has in a long time!!! He is asleep in HIS bed! IN THE DARK. NO FIGHT!!!! First we read our bedtime story, then we talked about school and his day, then talked about why hes scared. I let the cat lay down with him. Then We shut the lights off and turned on his flashlight and i showed him there was nothing scary in the dark then played shadow puppets. I did leave the room then and he got out of bed and came down stairs, this is where the fighting would usually begin, but instead I kept my cool, explained agian theres nothing to be scared of and agreed to sit at the end of his bed until he fell asleep. AND IT WORKED!!!  Think I will do this for awhile, and also take some extra advice and put the ceiling projecter in his room and maybe some music! Music will help drown out alot of the "scary" sounds!! (We live right off the highway) Now to celebrate I think a relaxing shower, and maybe even paint my nails since I just saved 2 hours of my night :)

by on Oct. 21, 2013 at 10:58 PM
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by Michelle on Oct. 25, 2013 at 7:33 PM

Good news =)

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