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have a nice dayMichelle

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Take some *Time Out* for You, Join our Friendly/Supportive group :)
49 minutes ago
Time Out For You Group - CafeMom

Need some Time for You? Feeling stressed? Kick back, relax & take a break. If you're a woman who just wants to have fun, here's the place :)

by Silver Member on Sep. 15, 2014 at 11:48 AM
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Aww does sound stressful,
I am with you on not liking/wanting snow/winter.
Although I hope you two don't have to be apart for long ..
Hugs to you :)

Quoting kellly:

We moved to KY last year and he wanted to move back.  We still have our house in MI, ( we owned it) and my dh thought he wanted to move back too.  He didn't like his job here, so he took a job back in MI and has been there a few weeks. He is staying with his parents during the week since it is closer to his new job and spending the weekends with our son.  Our son we think has Aspergers and struggles socially, but we lived in a small town and he is familiar with that. We are hoping our son figures out an outlet and that being back in the place he grew up will help him to step out into life. My dh is already complaining of cold and after winter may actually transfer back here, fingers crossed. lol  I told him the only way I'm moving back to 98 inches of snowfall and 5-6 months of cold winter weather is if he can't wait to go to work everyday he loves it so damn much. We will see....The less stress ( living with someone with Aspergers is stressful) is allowing me to focus on my 20 yr old, helping him lose some weight, graduate ( he had a TBI at 14) and spend some quality time with him as well as continue to be involved in my 14 yr old dd life. I think the break is necessary but I miss my dh.

Quoting hugss:

Welcome to the group,Does your oldest live near you?Great to see you here ;)

Quoting kellly:

I am a 43 yr old sahm. My boys are grown 21 and 20 but only the oldest is out of the house. My 20 yr old and 14 yr old dd are at home. Life is good :)

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