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What Do You Look For In A Soap? **NOW UPDATED WITH VIDEO!!**

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When it comes to soap, most of us moms buy it based on either price, hydration, clean feel, convenience, scent, and even loyalty to what you grew up with. What about you?

What is important to you in a soap? 


We gave 200 moms Dove Beauty Bars to try at home and compare to their current soap.

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by on Jan. 28, 2014 at 2:14 PM
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by on Jan. 21, 2014 at 1:00 PM
I like the sent and how it goes on my skin smooth and washes off easy without leaving that soapy residue like other soaps I've used in the past.

I used the dove beauty bar on my face and body and I really liked it, a lot of bath soaps leave my skin feeling dryer, but not dove.

The dove beauty bar made my skin noticeably soft, the first time I used it. My husband rubbed my arm and asked me if I have been using a new lotion, after I told him about the dove, he told me I should buy that from now on (I also caught him using it that night lol)

I went and used it as soon as I got it in the mail excited to see if there was a difference compared to my other soap and there was, with my other soap my skin would feel dry, tight and itching, when I got out of the shower, but with the dove beauty bar, it kinda felt like I showered with lotion and I noticed a few ours later that my skin was softer. I'm really liking dove.
by Member on Jan. 21, 2014 at 1:01 PM

I love the fresh scent of the dove bar soap. it isn't harsh or overbearing. It was very refreshing. dove is very easy on my sensitive skin....didn't cause any irritation at all. I used the soap on my body and even my face without irritation. My skin felt very moisturized and looked healthy. It wasn't dried out or have that filmy feeling some other bar soaps leave behind.

by on Jan. 21, 2014 at 1:22 PM
I absolutely love the smell! By far my favorite smell it's very strong which I love!
I only used the soap on my body not my face but it definitely felt really soft almost.
It really left my skin feeling soft and smooth, I even shaved with it!
The beauty bar worked very well I think, especially since I tend to only use body wash not a bar soap. It made me change my mind.
by on Jan. 21, 2014 at 1:32 PM
I absolutely love the Dove Beauty Bar. One of the main things I look for in a soap is the scent. The beauty bar smells awesome and it keeps my skin moisturized. I've been able to use it on my face without drying out my skin like other soaps.
by on Jan. 21, 2014 at 1:32 PM

When I got the Dove Beauty Bars, I was please because they were the white, orginal scent.  That is my favorite and my, "go to," with Dove soap.  I do have to say though that these days I rarely use a bar soap in the shower.  Sometimes I will still use a Dove Beauty Bar at the sink for my face, but rarely in the shower.  But no matter, because Dove bar soap never dries like other bar soaps.  So I've had one of the bars in my shower since I received the package and have used it every day.  I'm going to also place one of the bars next to the sink to use on my face because I like it for that too.  It doesn't leave your skin with the dry, tacky feeling that most other bar soaps leave behind. It's even good to work into a lather and use for shaving.  I have also found that if I am having a flair up of sensitive skin - white Dove soap is the only thing I can use that doesn't burn.  (Perhaps other types of Dove would work too, but once I discovered that the white Dove doesn't burn me, I've simply stuck with it.)  :0)

I have used Dove off and on my whole life.  I had severe kidney and bladder issues as a child and my doctor had my mother switch me over to Dove when I was just a toddler.  I used it exclusively growing up and still use it quite often as an adult. 

by on Jan. 21, 2014 at 1:43 PM

When I choose a soap it needs to be as natural as possible, leave my skin clean and moisturized. 

Dove Beauty actually left my skin clean and not tight as other soaps. I use dove beauty for my face and body. I was skeptical at first to use Dove Beauty Bar because my skin is so dry and sensitive. I was pleasantly surprised it didn't overly dry my skin. I don't have to rush to put on moisturizer. Dove beauty bar will definitely be on my short list of beauty products to buy. I'm not impressed with fragrances and dyes just that it nourishes my skin. 

by on Jan. 21, 2014 at 1:52 PM
The scent is what I like the best. The milky soft scent that it has is refreshing. I used it on my face and body. It made my face dry but my body seems to be more moisturized. Compared to what I usually use Dove seems to have more moisturizer than my usual body wash. I was really surprised that a bar soap didn't dry my skin out.
by on Jan. 21, 2014 at 2:11 PM

I tried the Dove soap this morning and so far on one of the coldest days my skin feels great. I am not itchy and my skin is super smooth. I didn't have to slather on the lotion either, which is a plus. I will keep on using it and hopefully get rid of the dry patches of skin on my arms. I was told to stay away from scented products because they dry out skin, so I got used to products that helped moisturize my skin, but didn't smell so great. With Dove Beauty Bar I can have both-- a great scent and moisturized skin. Awesome!


So far my skin is feeling pretty good. It's also less dry and itchy. The kids are having a pretty good experience with it too. I finally found a soap that will moisturize my skin and actually smell good.

by on Jan. 21, 2014 at 2:25 PM

When I purchase soap or body wash I look for a nice scent, I like fresh and light floral scents and some fruit scents. I like the scent of dove soap. It light and pretty smelling. The lather is nice and it left a clean feeling without feeling dry on my skin.

by on Jan. 21, 2014 at 2:43 PM
What do I look for in a new soap? The smell is the first thing. It has to smell good. I like soaps that make me feel refreshed, doesn't dry out my skin and has a lasting scent.

I love, love, love the Dove Beauty Bar. I love the fresh, clean smell and it makes my skin feel amazing it doesn't dry me out like most soaps do.
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