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The Dry Run

Posted by on Aug. 18, 2014 at 12:00 AM
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I can still remember the smell of my elemntary school. There was a distinct mixture of heavy duty powdered cleanser, concrete, gymnasium wax and dust.  It was the smell of my elementary school experience and it's universal, really. Or at least it seems to be the same in every elementary school in the Mid-West.  So when I took my son on tour of his new school and he mentioned that the smells were the same as his old school, I smiled. "Yep!" I said, as we walked the empty halls. "It smells just like when I used to go to school, too." He giggled. Smells are very powerful for him. His sensory processing is different than that of typical kiddos and odors are a big deal to him.  Just like so many of us, a familiar scent can help him cope. I was a bit relieved that he made the connection.

The school was empty  but for the secretary. She was kind enough to let us look around. I showed him his room. The door was locked and the room was not yet put together. All the furniture was piled up into towers. There were no name tags on the tiny lockers and no colorful posters on the walls. All of that will come next week when teachers return to infuse their rooms with life.  

Next, we went down the hall and checked out the bathrooms. Weird, I know. But if you knew my kid, you'd understand.  We counted the steps from his room to the bathroom and back again. Twenty-Six steps in all. Totally do-able.

Then we went out the back door to the playground. "WOW!" he said, excitedly, "that's the best playground ever!" I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Playgrounds are important when your five year-old has the gross motor capabilities of a ten year-old. It WAS a pretty great one.

After the playground we sat down on the grass to talk about what to expect in the next two weeks.  He's still very hesitant but he is coming around. I mean, they have a pretty awesome playground after all. That will soften the sting a little.

As we walked around the front, we stopped back inside to thank the secretary. "See you soon! Are you excited for school?" She asked him. "I don't know" he said. "Well I'm excited to see you again. We are going to have a great year" she offered. He smiled. "OK" he said. "OK"

What kinds of things do you remember about your elementary school? 

 Image © skodonnell

by on Aug. 18, 2014 at 12:00 AM
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by on Aug. 18, 2014 at 10:54 AM

pretty much everything.

by Silver Member on Aug. 18, 2014 at 10:57 AM

 Playing outside, the library and other things. My kids go to the same school as I did when I was in kindergarten-second grade, so it is pretty neat to walk through their with them, my husband used to go there too. They are building a new school next year though and tearing the old one down.

by on Aug. 18, 2014 at 11:01 AM

Everything! I loved the music room, library and gymnasium. I remember having a lot of fun in elementary school.

by on Aug. 18, 2014 at 11:23 AM

 I remember it all.

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by on Aug. 18, 2014 at 11:52 AM

How cool it was or so I thought :)

by Member on Aug. 18, 2014 at 12:14 PM

That was a nice visit :)

I remember going to 3 elementary schools, my parents moved  a lot those years. I went to private schools, first in the bronx ny, managed by nuns. I remember the classrooms, some teachers and the delicious grilled cheese they gave us some days for lunch.

the second was in dominican republic, it was a private school and i went there for just one year, i remember recess was in the middle of the yard and the floor was not concrete.. but dirt.

the third was in dominican republic also and was managed by nuns.. most were very mean. They even used to hit the kids (me included).

by on Aug. 18, 2014 at 1:32 PM
I remember getting to play 'The Oregon Trail' every week when we went to the computer room. That was my favorite.
by on Aug. 18, 2014 at 1:35 PM

I remember running around in gym and the gym teacher would play Janet Jackson miss you much LOL... Good ole early 90's late 80's stuff...

by on Aug. 18, 2014 at 1:54 PM

I remember the smells, especially of kindergarten: finger paint, paste, etc. Such good memories!!! I remember the smell of the music room (I don't know why it smelled different! LOL).

I remember the playground and all the hours spent there... I remember exactly where all of my classrooms were, though they've expanded now, so the school looks a bit different overall.

by Michelle on Aug. 18, 2014 at 2:08 PM

The stairs. The school was 3 floors and the bathrooms were in the basement so you were always walking up and down stairs.

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