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School woes, help mommas! *Update1*

Posted by on May. 8, 2013 at 8:17 PM
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So, we thought we were dead set on sending Tyler to a charter school. Now, we aren't too sure. I need help weighing this decision. What questions would you weigh in your mind or ask your public school and charter school to help make the best decision?

Some of the issues we are weighing are transportation: charter school has none so if dh's work schedule gets changed (which it shouldn't, but its a possibility always) we only have one car (a 2nd vehicle is impossible) so there's no way to get Tyler to school. Public school has transportation (and if he's on the bus too long we feel, they will send a school van for him instead).

The charter school does accelerated curriculum, so in k he will be learning 1st grade work. Now Tyler is very intelligent, he has no cognitive delays but he's delayed in other areas, especially speech and they believe he has auditory processing disorder. So I dunno if doing accelerated work is in his best interest.

The public school special education director is all for Zoey going to school with Tyler and on educating students and staff on not petting her etc as she's a working dog. I don't know how the charter school will feel as we havent discussed it yet. We have a meeting in the end of June to discuss Ty. We are bringing her to kindergarten sneek peek at the charter school tonight though.

I don't like that the charter school isn't being involved with his IEP transition to K. They said they will just implement the IEP the district does, but I dunno how much I trust that especially because we are requesting he has an aide. And I dunno how the public school will handle our request for an aide. We find out tomorrow.

So that's some of the issues weighing our minds currently. But what other things should we think about?

***Update 1*** So the charter school had a kindergarten sneak peek last night. We debated going just cuz it's been hectic lately but we knew we needed to go if we were going to make an informed decision, so we went. And dh is completely sold on his going to the charter school (whereas before, he wanted public but I wanted charter). Anyway, they had a lot of stuff we liked and some we didn't. Well dh likes it and I don' and vice versa. Really at this point the only thing making us consider public school is transportation. We spoke with the principal last night and she and teh special education director have been discussing yler and they already planned on him having an aide but hadn't come to the conclusion if he was needing a paraprofessional or a medical ssistant but after speaking last night the pricnipal feels a medical assistant will benefit him more since he has a lot of medical issues. They are on board having Zoey come and teh medical assistant helping handle Zoey and Tyler. And they calrified about the IEP and implementing it at their school (jja, I know you said with you guys for birth to 3, they did your guys IEP but that isn't how it is done in our area, as soon as they hit 3 the school district took over and they have been involved in his IEP) and they said they would just fix it to fit their curriculum since it is different than the public schools. But that is all, the rest will stay the same and we will be discussing the implementation at our meeting in June which the principal said she would be at. They are more prepared for him than I thought they were. 

We have hie IEP tranisition meeting today so I will probably update again after that. Thanks! 

by on May. 8, 2013 at 8:17 PM
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by Amanda on May. 8, 2013 at 8:35 PM

It sounds like the charter school has more cons then pros.

by Michele on May. 8, 2013 at 9:15 PM
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Ok, well, lets see.  First, when my son transitioned to ECI from Infants and Toddlers, Infants and Toddlers wrote the IEP and the school he was transitioning to had no input.  Same happened when he transitioned to K from ECI (he changed schools because the school with ECI didn't have his program).  So, it is possible for them to implement an IEP even if they haven't helped to create it.

Is there any way you could get the need for the service dog included in the IEP?  If so, the Charter school would have to accommodate Zoey, because it is in the IEP.

With all of that said, my middle son goes to a Charter School (it is 6-12 grades).  My DD went for Middle School as well.  It is an excellent school for my two oldest, very advanced, challenging STEM curriculum.  However, I am pretty sure that I will not send my youngest there.  I just don't have faith that they will be able to provide him the environment he needs, even if they implement his IEP as it is written.  

you may also want to find out about any medical staffing and how qualified they are.  I know my son's charter school has an RN, but not all do.  I know with Ty's medical issues that would be something to check into further.  Actually, if they don't currently have a full time RN and they accept Ty, they may be upgraded to one, based on his needs, but I am not sure.  I would check into it.

by Darby on May. 9, 2013 at 6:56 AM

Michele has some great advice...hugs and good luck!

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