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10 Funny Mom Confessions About Vacationing With Kids! Share Your Confessions!

Posted by on Apr. 30, 2012 at 12:19 PM
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10 Funny Mom Confessions About Vacationing With Kids

Posted by Jill Smokler

So, my family and I survived the 16-hour trip from Baltimore to Disney World. Not only did we survive it, we had an absolute blast. It was as close to perfect as a trip with three young kids could possibly be. Hallelujah! But, that's not to say our trips have always been so successful. We've had stomach bugs, flat tires, and ear infections plague many a family trip. Thankfully, just not this one! It seems like, more often than not, family trips aren't all they're cracked up to be.

Forgetting your last one? Check out these confessions from the Scary Mommy Confessional on family vacations. And, plan a solo trip with your spouse ...

1. "The last time we took a family vacation, we ended up coming home three days early because I was so sick of my kids."

2. "My best friend chastised me when we bought an SUV with a DVD player. She just took her first trip without one with her family and I sang 'I told you so' for the whole week after."

3. "We spent our last family vacation at the ER with my son. I felt horrible that his ears were in pain, but more so, I resented that I was missing the beach."

4. "I've put potty-trained kids in a Pamper just to avoid the stop and promised candy to them if they agree to actually pee in it."

5. "My kids wear the same two outfits for a week-long vacation so I don't come home to suitcases full of laundry."

6. "If my son asks, 'Are we there yet?' one more time, I swear I’m going to knock him out."

7. "My son and I were kicked off an airplane once because he was so out of control. I lied to my family and said the flight was cancelled."

8. "Our best friends invited us to their beach house for a week. The idea of being around their kids 24/7 is actually worse than being home alone with mine."

9. "I get 6 weeks paid vacation, but told my husband I only have 3. The idea of 6 weeks with the family? Unthinkable."

10. "My kids have never been on vacation with my husband and me. They must think the world ends with Texas."

Share your confessions!

by on Apr. 30, 2012 at 12:19 PM
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by on May. 2, 2012 at 2:26 PM
We have only been on one vacation with our son, about three weeks after he was placed with us. (It was previously planned with family; I would NOT recommend taking a new foster kid on vacation right away!)

Anyway, the vacation was terrible, but not because of my son. He is the most laid-back little traveler, minus motion sickness, and he is always up for a new adventure. I really want to take him on vacation soon! We also have to wait for my DH to accrue enough vacation time, which likely won't be this year. Some day, though!
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by on May. 2, 2012 at 2:36 PM

I defied a flight attendant and went into a airplane lav with my then 2 1/2 year old DD when the fasten seatbelt sign was lit.  (I work in the aviation industry, and should know better).  But we had to wait in a long line, and when our turn finaly came up, we hit turbulance.

All I can say is a good thing I was a gymnast when I was younger.  It is hard enough changing a diaper of a toddler in a cramped airplane lav, try it with turbulance.  We were also in a E-190 with is a really small jet with only one lav.  Single ailse and seats 4 accross.

As a side note, my DD was great, she did exactly what I told her she needed to do, and we got the job done.

by on May. 2, 2012 at 6:42 PM

 conner is a great travler. he took his first flight at 4mons fell asleep while we taxied down the runway and woke up when we landed.... when he was 3 we drove to "merbell Beach" (conner at 3) S.C.  when we got to the very nice beach front hotel, he went to the balcony and said " is this the ocean?" i said "yes" he  replied " ok i've seen it let go home".... i did get into a very "nice" conversation on what position my son's infant car seat should be face'n while in flight... the captian agreed with me and the flight attendant's friend in the row ahead of us was not happy, neither was the captain.

by on May. 3, 2012 at 10:15 AM

The kids are all pretty good travellers..don't get me wrong, we have our rough moments too.  We drive four to five in one day usually at least once a week if not more.  On a plane, they do awesome.  It does get tricky with the small bathrooms though.

Now, my confessions....I have given my girls a good number of Krispy Kreme donuts once in a short time period.  We were driving back from Michigan, and it kept them in the best of moods. lol

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