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LOL thought i would share our "going back to school" phone call

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 Well last week we got a letter from the school in the mail.. it was to inform us of Conner's teacher and what bus....

Okay it informed us he was a walker 2 block walk up hill no biggie... teacher it said "pending"... I call the school and asked is it is Mr. or Mrs... (what have ya) So they lady laughed and said thank you for being so kind about this, we have had so many families leave private school because of cost going up we had to add a new teacher in every grade and we have narrowed your son's new teacher down to 3 and we will be intouch... i said no problem. she then tells me this little jem of a note...One family who have been very picky on get'n teachers they know called and said " We heard Pending is not a good teacher and would like our child in another class.....lmbo!!!b how snobby... these parents must think their poop doesn't stink! i'm still laughing.

next monday school starts!

by on Aug. 17, 2012 at 11:52 AM
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by on Aug. 21, 2012 at 8:54 AM


Quoting SarahSuzyQ:

I heard the same thing about "Ms. Pending"... LOL! :)


by teaguen on Aug. 22, 2012 at 9:03 AM

Thanks for the input, your answer was spot on.   I was able to speak to the principal and found out that the teacher was not used to parents in the classroom and she will be talking to her about how they handle things at this school.  Also found out that our school this year is having over crowding problems.  In the years to come it will not get any better but continue to add more children as new homes are build and sold in our neighborhoods.  So they will not move any child.  Not happy about it, but there is nothing they are willing to do.  It's the school district and their decisions that impact the crowding and lack of classrooms and not the principal.  I could tell she was not happy about it either.  Will have to see what the parents of our school can do together to make it a better place.  Guess I was not the only one as there were a bunch of parents with the same concerns.  I do agree that trying to work it out as we do have quiet  a few years left at this school.  Will see how things go from here.  Good news is my 4th grader loves her teacher and classroom so that is great!!



Quoting SarahSuzyQ:

I think jumping right to "she needs to be moved" might be a little excessive. I think I would start by getting in touch with the principal and asking if the teacher is aware that the school typically supports parents being involved in the classroom. Perhaps it wasn't the same at her previous school? And then just suggest that you are concerned about the lack of natural light in the classroom, and are they doing anything to address that with these specific kids? (Lessons outside, etc etc.)

Just a thought. I think those are really valid concerns, but maybe if you can work with the school to find a solution it might lead to a better working relationship there going forward... Assuming your 1st grader has a few more years there?

JMO, take it or leave it as you see fit, I'm not offended.

Quoting teaguen:

Speaking of back to school, we had our meet the teacher night on Thursday and school starts this Monday.  My girls have gone to this school for a year and I have not had any issues with teachers or classrooms.  This year my older one has a great teacher but my 1st grader is getting a "new to this school"  teacher.  I was asking about volunteering in the classroom and she stated that she does not like parents in the classroom as its too disruptive.  I was a volunteer last year and loved spening time in the classroom.  Not like we did it every week, but for holiday parties and special occasions the teachers loved the help.  Needless to say I was not feeling warm and fuzzy feelings for this teacher.  So we go to leave the room and I noticed that there is no window to the outside or even a window into the hallway.  I don't really like the idea of her spending at least 5 hours a day in a room with flurescent lights only.  Now do you think I am being too pickey to ask to move her to another class?


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