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"COMING INTO THE MOB" ch11 DONE! finally 5/11/13!!!

Posted by on Apr. 19, 2012 at 12:11 AM
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Chapter  1

Three men busted into Zach’s bedroom in the midst of our steamy session and surrounded in seconds. Zach was on top of me, both of us stark naked except for my wearing hot pink pumps. It was dark in the bedroom until one of the men turned on the light and saw what was really happening…

“Well what do we have here,” the statuesque man spoke, “Zachy…she’s a beauty” he said as he looked at me. Zach knew these men. He got off of me as I covered up quickly, scared of what was about to happen, yet turned on at the same time. 

“I told ya Tom…I…I just need more time!” He was scared and angry that he was interrupted while we fucked. Zach was always temperamental about that. Zach got off the bed and put on his shorts, standing next to Tom  Zach seemed so puny….don’t get me wrong, at 5’9’’ dirty blonde hair and brown eyes, he was cute, but…this Tom, words couldn’t describe it at that moment. He was a clear 6’4’’, perfectly styled short brown hair, icy blue eyes, and even though he was wearing a navy pin striped suit I could tell he had an amazing body. Zach pleaded with Tom for more time to pay him back but it was no use. The two other men with Tom grabbed Zach and began to beat him relentlessly. I screamed and started to cry for them to stop but Tom came up to me and pulled me by my hair and grabbed my throat. 

“Make another sound and you’re done,” his eyes pierced my soul as I just nodded slowly. I was so scared of this man but my pert nipples begged for his touch at the same time. After a few minutes Tom lit a cigarette and looked down at Zach on the floor in a heap. “Zachy my man…it’s been 3 months and you still haven’t made payment. $30,000 isn’t a lot of money…to me, but, I still need to get paid. I was nice and didn’t kill you yet cuz…well I like ya. But I see that I being lenient on you was a mistake. I guess now…ill just have to kill you, after we have fun with this pretty little thing!” Tom pointed at me, now wrapped up tightly in the bed sheet in the upper corner of the bed. My eyes went wide and my mouth dropped open as if to speak but no words came out. I was too scared to object. 

The first of Tom’s men came up to me and yanked the sheet away from me. He was about 35 years old, maybe 230lbs at 5’7’’ bald head. Stocky but solid. He had green eyes and a goatee. He chuckled as he came up on the bed and I curled up more, if that was even possible. Grabbing my left ankle he pulled me down as he unzipped his pants and forced his cock in my mouth. 

“Yeah...that’s it…be a good girl now…no teeth….” His raspy voice was creepier than anything. I sucked his thick member with earnest, in hopes that it would be over fast. Thick but he was I thought. His balls were unshaven but trimmed.  His rough palms were on my breasts soon, they felt like sand paper but I moaned softly. The rougher touch was something I never experienced before and it was making my pussy hotter by the second. My tongue lapped at his head quickly as he moved his hips back and forth faster, knowing he could blow at any moment I swallowed his entire cock. The sudden shock of his dick down my throat made him almost collapse on me as he shot rope after rope of jizz. His hands were on the bed as he finished in my mouth pulling out slowly.  He looked at Tom and the other man and smiled.

“How is she Derrick?” the third man asked calmly.

“She’s fucking amazing…a great little cocksucker… I see why Zach keeps her around” they all had a good laugh as Tom looked at the other man. 

“Well Nicky…why don’t you have a go around with her… I’m not quite ready yet. “He had a smirk on his face as he looked at me and then licked his lips. Zach was still on the floor, a bloody mess, crying. 

“Please…please don’t…” he begged. “Jenna has nothing to do with this…” he coughed and choked on his blood and teeth. Just for that one comment Tom applied a swift kick to Zach’s jaw. 

“SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU LITTLE WORM! BE HAPPY IM ALLOWING YOU TO SEE PRETTY LITTLE JENNA HAVE REAL PLEASURE FOR ONCE…” Tom’s voice bellowed in the room and echoed throughout the house.  My body shook as he yell at Zach, to whom I had contempt for , getting me mixed up with his debts, I was now a fuck toy for these men who, in all honesty were likely to kill me. 

Nicky dropped his pants and boxers to his knees as I laid there still, praying he would use a condom. He didn’t. He pulled my legs apart roughly and sank his dick in me quickly. My eyes darted open as I felt his length and girth stretch my tightness for the first time. All I could think was ‘HOLY SHIT’ I didn’t look at Nicky too much but he did have beautiful hazel eyes, and was the thinnest of the bunch.  He impaled me over and over for at least 20 minutes before finally pulling out and Cumming all over my stomach. I couldn’t believe how turned on I really was even though I wasn’t showing it. My life, before tonight was so boring, and now…I kept thinking this isn’t right but my body loved it. 

Tom came over to the bed looked up and down my glistening body. I was a thicker girl, 5’5’’ about 175, with 36 F breasts. My long brown hair splayed all over the pillows I was trying to catch my breath. Tom pulled his long throbbing cock from his dress pants.

“Tommy…she’s as tight as a virgin...if not tighter...” Nicky had a big shit eating grin on his face. You could tell he genuinely enjoyed me.  Zach sat up and rested against the dresser. He looked so pitiful and I had nothing but contempt for this man now. Even though I told him I loved him before, that had changed. I wished him dead for having me violated morally, but secretively thanked him for being such a fuck up. 

“Zachy…she ever let you fuck her ass?” Tom’s question made me squeak with fear…my asshole had never been touched other than when intended to clean, the thought of having my ‘exit only’ become an entry way now made my body jolt. Tom looked at me as I sat up, and then referred back to Zach. “Well?” Zach only shook his head, “no…she...she doesn’t do that…ever,” you could tell with every atom in his body he felt horrible for me.

“Well she does now…” Tom had an evil grin on his face as he looked at me.

“pp…please…will you use lube?” I was so meek at that moment. I felt Tom’s hand drift up my inner thigh. His touch was electric, if it wasn’t me, I wouldn’t even understand how someone could possibly be turned on at that moment. His nimble fingers flicked my clit a few time softly as he felt my wetness.

“Seems you come with your own lube doll face…” his smug look only increased my arousal. He dipped 2 fingers in my nectar pot and wriggled them around before sliding them down to my virgin asshole. My body tensed up before I felt his fingers back in my pussy. My eyes rolled in the back of my head unable to withhold my ecstasy any longer. Tom of course noticed this. 

“Oh…you enjoying this doll?” he whispered in my ear. As he entered a third finger in me…with much difficulty. “wow Nicky you were right…she is tight!” he pumped in and out of me a few moments longer only to have my juice free flow out of me unstoppable now. My soft whimpers of joy soon turned to moans as he allowed me to feel good before violating me. His teeth raked against my neck to my chest as my hand instinctively went to his dick. Clean shaven and the biggest of all. I wondered how that would fit anywhere, especially my ass! I stroked him slowly as his fingers began to probe my ass. 

“Ohh god” I groaned. 

Tom kissed my ear and whispered. “Shhh...Don’t worry…ill be gentle.” I just nodded as he turned me over on all fours and began to enter me. I pushed against him as I felt his cock poke me. I just wanted him in me. I don’t know why, or what came over me I just needed him to take my ass cherry all of a sudden. The excitement, fear, adrenaline all washed over me at once as my head dips down. Feeling every inch of you enter my plump bottom entrances me like nothing ever has makes my body ache for your touch. Tom’s hips slam into me soon; completely ramming my once untouched ass. My fat juicy booty calls to him as he starts slapping it over and over, intensifying my pleasure. Nicky and Derrick egged Tom on now seeing how much I adored being a dirty slut obviously.

“FUCK BOSS she loves it!” 

“YEAH give it to her good Tommy!” they cheer on until he can’t take it any longer and busts a large nut in my hole.  Tom pushed me onto the bed flat as he laid on me, catching his breath.   I felt his soft supple lips against my back working up to my neck. I turned my head and looked into his eyes, now with compassion. All I could do is ask, 

“Take me with you, please”

Chapt 2.

Tom gazed into my eyes for a moment and then nodded. 

“Go get cleaned up quickly. I have to finish dealing with Zach here,” he was quiet at he spoke to me so his boys didn’t hear us talk. I got up and walked into the bathroom as the men grabbed Zach, carrying him into another room. I was startled when I heard 2 silenced gunshots and I didn’t hear Zach crying any longer. I came out after washing up and dressing myself in the attire I had come to Zach’s earlier that night. Tom stood there staring at me now. I knew he was unsure of himself and I had to show he could trust me, so I guided him by his hand into Zach’s master closet where there stood a safe. I looked at him as I walked over to it and put the code in to open it. He heard it unlock  as I swung the door open and I just backed up and motioned for him to go look in it.

“Whats your angle here doll face?” He was genuinely shocked when he saw fifteen thousand dollars stashed away along with 2 guns. One was a Sig Sauer black and pink 22 and the other was an all black Smith and Wesson 45 all black coated. Tom looked at me with a raised eyebrow, 

“Really?” Is all he could say. 

“Yes Tom,” I stated as a matter of fact, “He owed you a debt, and even though its not all, its alt least something… and your prints wont be on the safe, so no worries there.” I finally put my finger on Tom. He was Chicago’s biggest Mob boss’s son! Tony Daluca’s son just fucked me! If my family ever found out, oh my… with my father as the cities supreme court justice and my brother as the head prosecutor for the D.A.’s office this was going to propose some issues in the future I foreseen. 

Tom’s stature overcame my body as he stood in front of me. He didn’t say a word but he leaned in and kissed me right there in the closet. His fingers pulling my hair tightly as he started nibbling my lower lip slowly. A stirring in my loins began once again.  It was stopped by Nicky yelling for Tom,

“Tommy! Man the cops are on their way, we gotta go NOW!” Nicky and Derrick ran down the stairs as Tom looked at me and grabbed my hand. With the money in a gym bag that was in the closet along with both guns we ran down the stairs and down the street through a few neighbors backyards since it was dark outside. We reached the caravan and threw ourselves in it through the side door as Nicky drove off. Breathlessly I told Nicky to take the back way to Highway C North, even if it was taking us out of the way I knew the Chicago Police never went in route that way. I rested my head on the back of the seat trying to save my lungs from collapsing. Nicky kept looking at Derrick and at Tom through the rearview mirror. Finally Derrick broke the uncomfortable silence,

“Boss what are you doin?, you were supposed to ki..”

“I know very well what I can do Derrick. But I see this as a good business decision so back the hell off. Remember who calls the shots here.”  Tom was catching his breath still as he looked at me.

Even with my hair disheveled from running, Tom looked at me like I was stunning. He leaned over and grasped my breast as his lips met my ear. Feeling me up while he kissed me I reached over and began undoing his pants again. I couldn’t help it, this man had me in a trance. I needed him so badly I didn’t give one ounce of anything that his men were in the front seats of the van. I felt his thick meat grow in my hand as we kissed, ravaging each other like virgins on the brink.  Tom wasn’t in the speaking kind of mood as he slipped my jeans down and pulled me on top of him. Settling his dick between my wet lips he pressed me down on him making me take him in all in one swift motion…and it was glorious! I wasted no time grinding into his girth. His hands reached around and parted my ass feeling for my now de-virginized  hole rimming it. He sent chills through me making my back arch and my head throw back in pure pleasure. I’ve never felt so violated and yet so sexy all at once. I circled my hips on Tom as he lifted my shirt up and over my heaving breasts. He ripped my bra down and immediately bit my hardened nipples with a fierceness. I cried out in pain but loved it. Tom’s hand wrapped around my throat as he lay me down the seat, now he was on top and he was ready to give me a pounding. 

“God damn Nicky! You were right buddy…” he grunted out, “She’s almost too tight, shit.” the men all scoffed at his comment as I just closed my eyes enjoying being a sex slave to this man. Tom’s strong hands lifted my ass up as he drew closer to my body and started going to town on  me like a jackhammer. The wet sloshing noises of my dripping wet pussy echoed in the van as we drove down an near deserted highway. I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer.

“OHH FUCK TOMMY! OH MY GOD YES YES YES! FUCK MY TIGHT CUNT! USE ME LIKE A DIRTY SLUT PLEASE!” I couldn’t believe the things spewing from my mouth. I would have never let anyone speak like that before! But I needed it now. My nails scratched his chest under his dress shirt. I tweaked his nipples both at the same time as his head lowered to my ear. 

“Yea you are a dirty slut…” he growled at me, “YOU’RE MY SLUT NOW, understand?” hearing those words at that very moment sent my into a tizzy. I bucked my hips wildly and screamed out, 

“Pull out pull out ohh god!!!” I pushed him off of me just when I had the most exhilarating moment ever. I became a squinter. I sprayed him with my lady juice as my body convulsed and I couldn’t even moan, speak, or squeak. I was completely silent as it happened.  It took Tom and the boys completely off guard as Nicky slammed on the brakes to watch in awe.  Tom just stared at me once I was done. 

“What the fuck!?” Tom’s voice cracked then and I opened my eyes thinking I had done something wrong. He stared me down as he reentered me and smashed my snatch hard as ever. We were both wailing in bliss as his cock went in and out over and over again. His nails dug into my ass as his teeth sank in the crook of my neck. I was bracing the armrest of the bench of the van so hard I ripped the grey leather. Tom couldn’t last any longer. He met my lips with his as he moaned into my mouth loudly letting me know he was coming inside me, effectively marking me as his and his only. Nicky and Derrick cheered on their boss yet again, even giving me a hoot and a holler for squirting. 

We pulled up to a house on the North side of Chicago around the time we finished getting redressed now. I was red in the face now coming to my senses some. Everything that had just happened hit me at once. My heart began racing thinking about what would happen when, if I was to ever be found, if I would even survive the night once they found out who I really was. I kept my cool and just looked out the window as Tom sat next to me dragging on a cigarette. We pulled into a long driveway after Nicky put a code in at the gate. The property was beautiful. There was a small pond with a waterfall in the front, a couple of cherry blossom trees that were in full bloom, and plenty of bushes and flowers all over. The front and left side of the  home were covered in ivy vines. The house resembled a small version of a Chateauesque type of home, just updated.  There was even custom laid cobble stone for the driveway. This home was never on the news when the police would raid Tom’s family’s homes. 

We entered the home and it was immaculate.  I wont lie…this was quickly becoming my dream house. I stood in the foyer not knowing what would happen next. Tom looked at Nicky then at me. 

“Take her to the spare room in the basement. She can stay there until I figure everything out.” Tom’s voice was flat. I became scared now. Nicky placed his hand on my back and surprisingly, nicely guided me down the steps. He unlocked a small room with a twin bed and no windows. There wasn’t even a pillow or blanket. There was a small intercom on the wall. 

“If you need to use the restroom you press this button here,” his eyes pierced through me, “Do not use it in excess.” he then instructed me to remove my shoes and socks. I sat on the bed as he shut and locked the door from the outside. I sat there with the light on for a while but decided to shut it off since it was depressing me more. I heard footsteps over my head as I rested on the bed. I listened carefully, breathing shallow just to make sure I heard the voices clearly.

“Tommy man, this isn’t good…it was supposed to be in and out. Non of that tonight was planned,” it was Nicky speaking.

“I know man I know… but it is what it is, and now I have to figure this out.” there was some distress in Tom’s demeanor. “I don’t think it’s a bad thing though, she seems into me.” and I was. 

“Yea but she looks familiar… and not in a good way man, plus what’s your dad gonna think when he finds out you kidnapped some broad?”  Nicky was even tempered as he spoke but I could tell he was not liking my being there.

“You leave my Pops to me. He’s given me reins for a reason. I know a good decision when I make it. Just make sure you and Derrick keep your mouths shut.” Tom was pacing the room above me. I heard everything through the vents that ran in the basement. I was terrified for when they discovered who I was. Nicky had taken my purse when he and Derrick ran out of Zach’s house. All they had to do is Google my name and they would know everything. I worked for a well known law firm and my family was very well known, just as much as Tom’s family was. 

I layed there in the darkness I must have dozed off because the sound of my door being unlocked shook me to my core. The door opened and there was a dim light from the main area. Tom stood in the doorway, with a pillow and blanket in tow. 

“You need to piss?” I can tell he had a few to drink as he seemed more relaxed as he walked and set my bedding down. 

“Umm yea…sure thank you,” I wasn’t going to ask him if he knew who I was yet. I thought the less I spoke the longer I had to live. I walked up the stairs and he followed me. Half way up I felt his hand on my ass; giving it a proper squeeze.  I stopped momentarily and looked back at him with a nervous half grin.  “Hehe… that tickles.”

He just stepped closer now on the stair behind mine with his hand firmly on my ass massaging it. His hot breath on the nape of my neck. In a raspy voice he whispered, “I know who you are Jenna.” 

My eyes went wide and I freaked out. I jumped slightly and sprinted up the last few steps and ran for the front door. Tom wasn’t far behind. He chased me down and pressed me against the door as I sobbed believing I was about to die. He covered my mouth abruptly. 

“If you scream I will kill you Jenna. Don’t make me kill you. Now… lets go to the bathroom so you can use it. Nod if you understand.” he was curt and sounded angry at me. He could feel my tears running on his hand as he held me into the bathroom. He shut the door with his foot before letting me go. I dropped to the floor inconsolable. 

“Please! Please don’t…”

“SHHH Jenna,” he kneeled down and tried petting my head, “Shut up girl, I’m not going to hurt you, but you need to calm down now!”

I silently nodded bringing myself together. He sat on the floor with me as we talked back and forth. He told me he researched me in his office earlier and didn’t understand why I would risk myself the way I had. He really was kindhearted and concerned. I eventually ended up using the restroom and then we stayed up late into the night talking about my life. 

Up until that evening, my life was boring. I was from an upper class family, went to an all girls private school, never did anything out of line. I was a lawyer for medical mal-practice suits. I had a mundane life and Tom’s unexpected visit threw my life into a tornado of danger, excitement, and if my family ever found out what really happened, they would exile me. I didn’t care about that though, for once in my life I felt alive. I was living in my own world at this point and I begged Tom not to tell anyone who I really was. 

“Just lie to Nicky and Derrick, they wont question you, I’ll keep my mouth shut, its win-win!” I exclaimed. 

“I don’t know Jenna, its too risky… if anyone finds out then its my head under the guillotine from my family.”  He shook his head so confused from everything he was taking in. He didn’t believe that I wanted this kind of life. We eventually went to bed, he in his room, me in the basement with the door locked. I was in bed and cried, still not knowing if at any moment he would and very well could come in and kill me with my own pistol. 

The next morning I was awoken with a tapping on my back. I never heard Nicky come in, he was a stealthy fucker that one. 

“Hey, wake up… come on girl, get some food. We can’t starve ya,” he was only have kidding with me. And on the edge of the bed sat a bowl of cereal on a tray with a cup of coffee. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and mumbled, “thanks.” 

After a few moments of dead air I dared speak up and ask where Tom was. Nicky shook his head in disgust of my gall. I supposed because women never questioned what was going on with the men in this ‘family,’ 

“Never you mind where Tom wen-” he was cut off from the sound of keys dropping in the foyer of the home along with a thud of a body. Nicky ran up the stairs and so did I. I stayed closer to the stairs just incase I had to retreat in hast back to my corridor of the basement.  In all horror I saw Nicky and another man helping Tom up off the floor. He was beat up pretty badly. His face was cut a few places and I could tell he had some difficulty breathing. From being a medical mal-practice lawyer I had taken some medical classes to fully understand what I was trying to achieve in my cases. 

  I raced to his side on the couch and looked at Nicky,

“I know you wont bring him to a hospital so bring me wash rags, and I saw a first aid kit in the bathroom, and bring it to his bathroom. I’m going to have this one help me upstairs with him,” I pointed to the tan skinned gentleman who obviously had more than Tom’s blood on him. Nicky looked cross with me but I didn’t care, Tom needed medical attention. 

Jeff, the man that had been with Tom, helped me get him upstairs into the master bathroom. There was a stand in shower so I started it and began to undress Tom carefully. He was delirious for the time being so I don’t even think he knew I was caring for him. Stripped down I got him in the shower and ran warm water  over his body while pressing into his ribs with ease. He was banged up but he wasn’t past repair. It was mainly bruising and lacerations. In the first aid kit there was 10 milligram Percocet so I got Tom coherent enough to take the pill. Nicky stood there watching me put his boss back together like a surgeon. I had to give Tom six  stitches on his forehead, luckily Tom never fought with me on it. I just calmly talked to him to subdue his worries. After a calculated forty-five minutes of cleansing Tom I was getting him back into his bed in boxers. The suit he had worn was filthy but he must have loved the shirt. It was worn. And I mean worn. The buttons were loose on it but not from the obvious fight he had endured. I left Nicky and Jeff with Tom. As I trotted back down to the basement I could hear Jeff give Nicky the inquisition about whom I was. 

“Don’t worry about it Jeff,  she’s a fucking ghost, understand!” 

As I wondered around the massive basement I came across the laundry area. I looked at the shirt again and decided to attempt to fix it. I ran water and found peroxide on the shelf and soaked the shirt. I had it sit for twenty minutes before gently wringing it out and grabbing the sewing kit. I tightened all the buttons on this shit that he must have loved. I soon heard footsteps coming down the stairs in hast, I figured Nicky was looking for me since he hadn’t locked the front door…he had left it wide open actually.  I called out that I was in the laundry. He dashed in with a state of panic on his face. His panic dissipated as he saw me, but it soon turned to anger.  

He rushed me so I dropped the shirt in the solution that sat in the wash sink. Pinned between Nicky and the wall I screeched,

“Please Nicky don’t! I… I was just helping!” I pleaded with him. His fingers grasped my neck firmly, and still got tighter. I began to gasp for air. I was about to die is all I could think as the room began to darken around me. 

“YOU FUCKING BITCH YOU ARE GOING TO GET US ALL KILLED SHOWING YOUR FACE!” He yelled in my face as he choked me out. “I will take care of what Tommy didn’t.” 


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good bad???????????????????/

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You're really good that was a good story

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good bad???????????????????/

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thank u

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You're really good that was a good story

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good bad???????????????????/

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Another good one! You should write a book!
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Huhhhhhhhh, woah. Keep going.
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I need some alone time after this.........

Great Job!!!

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good bad???????????????????/


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