myrtle beachIt's not easy hitting on someone. It takes daring and finesse, subtlety and sensitivity. If you're short on these qualities, there's always alcohol. (Results may vary.) Fair or not, we women have decided to let men make that first move most of the time while we sit back and enjoy their efforts. And by enjoy, I don't mean these one-liners usually meet their objective. Most of the time we just have to smile and shake our heads. Guys, we give you an A for effort, but sometimes you get a little too creative for your own good.

Is it cruel for us to sit around sharing our favorite come-ons? Yeah ... probably. But we're doing it anyway. I polled a few women I know for their all-time favorite unsuccessful pickup lines.

1. His Vision

Are you wearing a mirror? Because I can see myself in your pants.

2. Those Eyes

If you aren't careful, someone's going to fall into those eyes and drown.

3. Your Hair Smells Like ...

Your hair smells like daffodils. Can I have another smell?

4. Olympic Glory

You've got the legs of a track star.

5. The Bribe

I could either buy you a drink, or hand you $15 to talk to me. You take your pick.

6. More Beautiful Than Who?!?

You are more beautiful than my daughter.

7. Probably Not What He Really Wanted to See

So, can you show me your open-heart surgery scar?

8. Just a Month?

I'd like to make this month the most romantic month of your life.

9. Private Dancer

Wanna see me do my Men in Black dance?

10. Okay, Moneybags

I'm making a $2 million bonus this year.

11. Don't Get TOO Excited There

I kinda wanna make out with you.

12. The One on His Back

Wanna touch my hump?

13. One of Big Earl's Girls

Heyyyy, what's with this stopping by my online profile & not saying hi? Who do you work for, the FBI? The mafia? Big Earl from the pool hall? Yeah, that's it. You look like one of Big Earl's girls.

14. At the Playground

Adults need playdates, too.

15. Low Expectations

I got a good job and I got money, and I'm old, so you know I won't be going too far, too fast. I'll take care of you!

16. From a Trucker

EH! You. You are so hot, I would trade you for a new truck.

17. I'm Lost

I'm lost. What's the quickest way to your heart?

Ladies, think maybe we should start coming up with our own pickup lines?