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middle class isnt lazy!

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So I sat down and put together my shopping list for groceries tomorrow! Collected my coupons, wrote out my list of price matching from the adds. All ready and organized! Should only spend 76ish bucks for roughly 260ish worth of food/tolietries. =)

I'm bringing this subject up because I've seen a LOT of PA posts floating around on cm as well as the "lazy middle class who should work harder...." etc posts floating around.

My husband and I are middle class people that work DAMN hard at not being poor and not living paycheck to paycheck. We both have awesome full time jobs. I currently work as "security" (because I can't say what I exactly do) at a large "department store" (again due to the nature of my job cat say where I work) and my husband works at a communications job (again due to the nature of his job can't say what he does or where: which he just got his 10 year pin.) We both have full benefits, full 40 hours a week. With our income we are still considered "middle class".

However. We have no debt. And here's why....
1) on Sundays after church, Sunday naps, and football (yes football fans! Opposing teams of course!) And after the lil one is in bed, we watch our Sunday shows. While doing so, I go through my Sunday paper and Wednesday paper and clip coupons. I save the ones I don't clip for a coupon switching group I'm in at church on Wednesday nights. Then I go through ALL of the grocery ads. I do not discriminate. I have found stealler deals in all sorts of grocery ads. I organize these all in a notebook.

I organize it line by line as such:
1) russett 10lb potatoes .88cents @ Frys. Coupon for $1 off.
2) charmin bath tissue double roll @ Bashas for 5.45 coupom $1 off.
3) etc.

I organize it as such to make check out smoothly. I organize my coupons to coincide with my list. I organize the belt according to my list to make price matching go smoother.

2) we automatically take our tithe of the month out at the first checks (mine and his) and tithe our church.

3) we take 200 dollars: 100 from his and 100 from mine. And 100 goes into our savings and 100 into our childrens. This is all of our checks.

4) we set a monthly budget that we check every week to make sure we are on track.

5) We buy in bulk. Costco diapers are 200 count for 30 bucks. We've constantly had 5 dollar off coupons. So for 25 bucks a box of kirkland diapers so we buy 3 boxes. Never know when we will have more of those coupons. You can ALWAYS exchange for a bigger size.

6) We have Christmas/Birthday/anniversary shopped and scouped up deals/coupons all year long since January.

7) We are not afraid to use discount programs. For instance KMART and Sears who are sister companies have the "Shop Your Way Rewards program. Where you literally earn money every time you shop there. Then we use that cash.

8) our house rules are;
a) no sale/coupon/price match no purchase unless absolutely needed.
b) we don't buy unless we need it.
c) no cash means no purchase. We refuse to be in debt.

9) fill up at the cheapiest gas station on the way home from work every pay day or as needed. We pay 3.11 at that gas station vs 3.35 at the gas station by our home.

10) and finally, we make "wish lists" of things we desire/want/need. That once a month we budget it in or depending on the price we buy. Because your peace and happiness is what makes a difference.

Its all the mind set. Determination.

So do you STILL think that middle class people are lazy?

(PS: my coupon clipping and price matching list takes maybe an hour or hour and a half.)
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Posted by Anonymous on Nov. 20, 2011 at 11:25 PM
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by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Nov. 21, 2011 at 1:15 AM
Oh yeah didn't realize I had done that..... oh well.

Quoting aka_speezolove:

Why is this posted twice in here anonymously and then under your real screen name in another group? Did you realise you did this?

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by Anonymous 3 on Nov. 21, 2011 at 3:00 AM

I guess I'm not understanding how you can possibly be middle class.  You must be at the very high end of it.  Because we are middle class, too, according to federal guidelines, or what-have-you, and there is no way we could live the life you do.

There is nothing left for any type of wish list purchases, ever.  We have had to stop giving an offering to church, which I HATE, because the money belongs to God already, but there was literally no money to give. We have cut back or gotten rid of every expense we possibly could, that wouldn't charge us an arm and a leg to do so (like our cell phones - we don't have the $250 per line to cancel the plan).

No cable, no home phone, no security system even though we live in a really bad part of town, no AC - swamp cooler only despite living in the southwest, no heater unless it's below 62 in the house, cheapest internet service possible because it is necessary for my husband to have the internet for his job (no, they won't pay for it), I could go on and on.

We have about $45 in savings because the amount we had managed to save went toward treating termites (something you can't NOT do) and buying a car when ours died.  We use coupons, we go to the food bank, we purchase in bulk whenever we can possibly afford to.  Basically, we have the money to cover our bills every month, with a small amount left for gas and food, and that's it.

And yet, we are middle class.  Can't recieve any type of government assistance - believe me, I've tried, begged, pleaded, and everything else I could think of - because we are about $1000/year over the threshold for a family of 4 where I live.

by BEXi on Nov. 21, 2011 at 3:13 AM

Eh, I was going to read, but then I realized it was 3829578248139048 words too long.

by on Nov. 21, 2011 at 4:31 AM

Middle class is supposed to be lazy?

I don't know a 'class' that works their arses off more thank you!

Good on you for sticking it too the haters.

by on Nov. 22, 2011 at 8:51 PM
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Quoting BEXi:

Eh, I was going to read, but then I realized it was 3829578248139048 words too long.

AHAHHAH you do that too? if its forever long I just skim it.. or don't even bother.

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