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help! no bashing please!!!! *slight edit

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ok so the situation is as follows:

im 15 and due in 9 weeks with my daughter my bf and the father of the child is 18 we live in wv. my mom is expecting me to name the child with my last name and to deny knowing who the father is she is continually saying that cps will look into and that charges will be pressed against him with or without her or my consent i want to name my baby with his last name he wants me to also and has said that if he isnt on the birth certificate then he wont support me as much finnacially as he would if he was i understand that completly he has another child that he is fighting custody for and if were going to deny he is the father then the courts will not count her when he has to pay child support she says she has talked to people who work for cps and researched all of this but she hasnt we only have one computer and it is mine and she hasnt been on it in almost two weeks (she said she did all this just a few days ago) she also never leaves the house except to go on dates with her bf and they will go out to eat then come home but ill give her the benifit of the doubt. as for the calling again we only have one fone you can make calls on and its her cell phone ive looked thru the recent calls. no new numbers and no number for anything relating to cps. were at a loss for wat to do hes suggested we just say that he is the adopting father but im worred they will do a paternity test at the hospital im scared for him i dont want anything to happen to him and i want him to get his son we have been fighting all year for him to just get a visit i just need help please dont bash me ok ive had enuf of the bashing just please help me :'(

*ive seen where some of the ladies on here are assuming my maturity level and my mental capabilities id just like to clarify my age is far from what it should be and has been that way for years i had no childhood plain and simple i was busy raising my younger siblings while my mom worked then when she lost her job i got a break mabey a year before she started having major health issues (many are resolved but most still bother her) i again had to step up and take care of everyone including her whil her husband worked a very poor paying job so he was never home except to sleep then it was back to work when the issues were resolved i finally got my big break but again didnt last long my dead beat child molestor of an uncle had a child with his now ex wife she wasnt fit and knew it she basically abandoned the child at our house soon after moms health deteriorated again and with her husband still working his job and none of my siblings responsible at all i was left to care for the baby it didnt take long for the issues to become resolved this time but then mom got a divorce and started working 24/7 so i did not get my final break until 2 years ago when my aunt decided she was ready to care for her daughter (after she got remarried) i have been caring for people my entire life it has deteriorated my own body and i now have alot of health issues that are being resolved my life has been hell but ive always taken care of myself other than the income from whoever in the house was working i have also always held a 4.0 gpa i think i have proven i am more than fit to make my decisions for myself im not beingrude when i say that im only pointing out im not the ussual 15 yr old i really cant stand most 15 years olds anymore 

Posted by Anonymous on Dec. 12, 2011 at 10:13 PM
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by on Dec. 13, 2011 at 9:55 PM

smh.... whatever decision u make is for u and ur child for ur mom stake she is right always right but it up to you to balance it out if u know it wrong then fix the problem u really cant fix it because 2 reason ur a minor and second ur boyfriend is 18 as adult but sad is he already have 1 kid now he going to have 2 think what u going to do u are going to face alot of decision in times but best advise i would say is take ur mom advise because she is try to protect u and ur baby it better than ingore her alot of us dont want todo what our parents say sometimes we ingore them but we shouldnt because u never know they went thur the same thing. good luck

by on Dec. 13, 2011 at 9:55 PM

I dont know what to say cause every state is diffrent with this stuff. Good luck hun!

by Gold Member on Dec. 14, 2011 at 12:51 AM

No one is going to know anything about the father except for the name unless you tell them.  And unless your parents go after him then he will not get in trouble.  No one will know his age and your problems unless someone tells them.  You can give your child his name and have him on the birth certificate.  He should even be there for the birth.  Do not worry.  Sounds like your mom does not like him?  I think you should make sure she is not going to do anything.  You should be o.k.  Just do it the worst that  can happen is that he gets in trouble but probably not.  Sorry for so many problems in your short life may God bless you!!

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