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I never want to give birth again

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My labor lasted for a total of 8 hours from start to finish. They did not believe me when I said my contractions were not stopping. I begged for an epidural and they said they were waiting on the on-call anesthesiologist and when he got there he gave me an epidural succeeded, so I thought and I told him I still feel pain and he said "oh, it will take a while and will only work on your right side". I felt a tiny bit of relief but for a while I felt the urge to push and even told my mother but they did not believe my labor had progressed that fast so they didn't check me. After the epidural they finally checked me and I was already 10CM and she could feel the head. BUT..guess what? We were still waiting on the doctor. He came about 30 minutes later and looked at my vagina like it was an alien (it was sort of hairy) and asked them "did you break her water" and they said NO of course so he broke it and within a few seconds my baby was out. The overall birth experience was extremely painful of course but they did not make it any better. EVERYONE there was in the Air Force! They were really inexperienced it was horrible. I did not know it would be like that. I wish I would have stayed at the Army hospital I was originally supposed to go to because AT LEAST they had experienced civilians. After this experience I really do not want to have another baby. Oh and my boobs are inflated because of breastfeeding too. 

Posted by Anonymous on Feb. 27, 2012 at 9:45 PM
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by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Feb. 27, 2012 at 11:22 PM
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Quoting Imsoinlove:

It isn't all fun but we forget about it. That's why we keep having children. My 1st daughter was 9lbs, 1 oz and from beginning of labor to when she came was a total of 9 hours. She had a HUGE head. It took 3 hours to push her out. My 2nd daughter was 8lbs, 11 oz  from beginning of labor to when she came was 3 hours but, she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck and shoulder dystacia (I think that is how it's spelt) I have heard horror stories of women tearing all the way to their anus. But, I still had two beautiful healthy daughters. How old is your LO? Believe me give it a while and you will forget all about it.

Thank you! My baby is 5 months. Sometimes I think I will have another one and then I keep reliving my experience. As of today no more. I will give myself about 5 years to get over it. Lol

by on Feb. 27, 2012 at 11:24 PM

I hear you! I had an absolutely terrible labor with my daughter. Incredibly long and horrifically painful, even after having two epidurals. Then she was born face first (rather than head first) on top of it. I really wasn't sure if I wanted any more kids. I was terrified to go through that again. 

I ended up getting pregnant with my son when she was 4 (she was 5 by the time he was born). I had a far easier pregnancy with him, my labor with him took less than half the time it did with my daughter (6 hours vs. 18), and was a breeze in comparison. Once I got the epidural, I had no pain until it was time to push, and even then it was much less painful than with my daughter.

I have to say though, that when I was in labor, I was really envying those women who go into labor, and are done, start to finish, within an hour - they don't know how good they had it!

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