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voluntary c-section moms

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I think women who choose a c-section just because they want to are idiots. I don't care what they do, really. But how do they think a baby is supposed to come out?

I had a friend who had a section because she was scared of what having a baby might do to her vagina. Seriously?!?

HAve your baby any way you want to. But I will say that my second delivery, a natural vbac, was much easier than my first, an emergency c-section.

Posted by Anonymous on Apr. 9, 2012 at 5:57 AM
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by Anonymous 107 on Apr. 10, 2012 at 12:46 PM
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If you go through 4 years of undergraduate school, 4 years of medical education, and 3 years of on the job training, then you can tell me how to have babies.  Just because you are a female who read some stuff on the internet and went to a few "training" seminars does not make you qualified to tell me what is best for my body.

Maternal and infant death rates are the lowest ever in the history of humankind.  Our modern medicine must be doing something right.  

I actually prefer to be as natural as possible, but your combative tone and condescending approach just shows how little you really understand about the birth process and how little respect you have for the freedom of choice that our wonderful country provides to all of the wonderful mothers out there.

by on Apr. 10, 2012 at 12:46 PM
Good for you but this post is about women who had c sections. So, when I was writing it I knew I was contradicting myself but I didn't care too much at the time. I meant vaginal birth. I know natural birth is with no pain meds.

Quoting Anonymous:

I never had a c section

I had a real natural birth.

Quoting FandJ513:

Umm.. I know that! I actually thought that as I was writing it but in this case I just meant vaginal birth which compared to a c section is natural. I didn't think any of you c section people would really care.

Quoting Anonymous:

btw you are a moron.

A natural birth is without any pain meds or induction.

Quoting FandJ513:

You people are morons. You think I really talk that way around my children?? No! I do think its stupid to get a voluntary c section but whatever, its your body. I was just ruffling some feathers with that message. Yes, I was bored.

Quoting Dark_Soul:

Lmao, you're online taking about how tight your twat is and calling women cunts...and feel horrible for their kids bc you think they are idiots. What exactly does that say about YOU??

Quoting FandJ513:

Guess what, I had a natural birth and my vagina is tighter than it was before. They cut me and then sewed it back up... HAHA! All of you bashing this post are STUPID AS FUCK ans shouldn't be raising children. You choose to have a scar just to take the easy out. I had an epidural and was looking down there saying what color hair does she have because I wasn't in any pain. SO, not only was I not in pain but my vagina is tighter than it was before!! Joke's on you, YOU FUCKING CUNTS. And once again, I feel horrible for your children because they have such an idiot for a mother.

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by on Apr. 10, 2012 at 1:00 PM

I agree with you. My first one was natural vbac, the recovery was a breeze. But with my second one, I had to go for emergency C-Cestion - the recovery was so painful and long:-(

by on Apr. 10, 2012 at 1:02 PM
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Obviously you do care or you wouldn't have taken time to post this online. And calling people idiots for something that is really none of you business and causes you no harm just makes you look ignorant.
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by on Apr. 10, 2012 at 1:02 PM
I didn't know you had a choice. I'm very petite. My daughter was 9lbs 3oz. My doc said I had to have a csection because my pelvis was too narrow. I cried so much because I dreamed about having her naturally. It was a quick and effortless procedure that went great. Still if I had thee choice I'd have her naturally. Just my choice. But to each their own I don't think women who choose c sections are stupid, just prefer a more invasive procedure. I've heard that they prefer c section to have a baby with a perfectly round head. Mines did, but I don't think that should be a good enough reason. W.e. it doesn't matter. Be happy we do have choices.
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by Member on Apr. 10, 2012 at 1:06 PM

Can someone help me please!!  I had an emergency c-section with my first child and now with my second, 6 1/2 years later, I was hoping on a natural VBAC.

At my last appointment my doctor told me he wanted to schedule a c-section and when I asked why he told me because my first was a c-section and he doesn't like VBAC's because he's "seen some bad things.".  Then he said that I'm only gonna have like what, maybe one more kid and I told him I wanted 6 more and he said no, I couldn't have that many c-sections!!  Then he added that it would ruin my sex life and my husband wouldn't want to have sex with me anymore because I would be loose after giving birth.

I don't know what to do!!  My due date is 5 weeks it too late to find a new doctor?  HELP!!

by Anonymous 108 on Apr. 10, 2012 at 1:07 PM

She is just stating that if you choose to and not need to {where in your case you needed to since they were Emergency} that she thinks its crazy, the healing rate is much longer, and there are many risk's involved. everyone has the option to do what they want but everyone also has the option to state how they feel. her stating that she thinks its crazy will not make you change your mind if you decide to do an elective CS. but everyone should just really research the options before deciding this way. Sometimes they are necessary, and that is what they were left for Emergencies only but now it seems like you can choose that option even if a vaginal birth would be 100% safe and healthy. why would you want to put your self through the extra trama and pain. So I do not think she was refering to you. and I personally would not have called anyone an Idiot.

by on Apr. 10, 2012 at 1:08 PM

Quoting atyou:


Quoting demonica29:

Quoting atyou:

I had two saving...sections.

Am I an idiot too?

Not an idiot for having the sections, but the fact that you asked that question makes me wonder.

You can remain silent and have people think you're an idiot, or open your mouth and remove all doubt.  I'm just sayin'...

by Anonymous 53 on Apr. 10, 2012 at 1:12 PM

 Yes, they pop in and out, but when they deliver, they don't know how long it'll take... 10 mins... 2hrs... 3hrs? they don't know.. plus they still have to take out the placenta, and deal with all that... it's not like the kid flies out, and they leave.. haha!! I pushed with dd2 for 15 mins, and my dr was in the room with me for almost 2 hrs, bc my dd was a meconium baby.. so stayed the whole time, plus some of my placenta stuck in my uterus, and then i had a pp hemorrhage. it's rough doing things vaginally!!


Quoting mommy2cristian:

 she was talking about the actual time the dr. spends with you or delivering the baby.  popping in every now & then to check on you until you're ready to deliver isn't really time.  that's time your dr. is on shift doing several things & delivering several babies.  even if he or she wasn't they wouldn't spend all their time with you.  your nurse probably spends more time with you than the dr. does.  and if you don't give birth in a hospital where your dr. is guaranteed the on-call one could deliver you after yours leaves.  i know when they took me to L&D i only saw the dr. 2 times and actually i don't think my dr. saw me before he did the surgery. 

Quoting Anonymous:

 actually, the dr in my office openly admitted, it's easier to do a c-section and faster... you are in and out within an hr, and with a vaginally delivery, it could take 24-48 hrs


Quoting anners4:

Lazy? Actually - the doctor spends MUCH more time and energy with a C-section than a vag delivery. Who are some of you people?! I am shocked at the level of self righteous uninformed women out there!




by Anonymous 109 on Apr. 10, 2012 at 1:16 PM
I did my research and still chose to have an elective csection. In the end it wasnt elective. My son was 11lbs 11oz at 39 weeks when he was born. I've had just about every complication you can since delivering and I would still pick a csection again. I've had infections, my incision burst and I had blood all over the lower level of my house and was rushed to the ER, I had my incision packed and kept open for 8 weeks, and I would still pick a csection. Was it my original plan? Absolutely not, I wanted to have a natural birth. After pulling my son out the doctor said I never would have gone into labor, due to my sons size he wouldn't have dropped to open my cervix, so I would have had a failed induction and sound up with a csection anyways. And they didn't want me to go any further along because of his size.
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