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I admit I spoil my dd like crazy...

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I admit I spoil my 1st grade dd like crazy and it's starting to get bad. Ever since she was born I've given her everything she's ever wanted. I've bought her $200-$300 outfits and dresses. She has her own playroom, her own cell phone, a wii and her own computer. We went to Europe the summer before she went to first grade and Disney World over Christmas Break because that's what she wanted. If we say no, she throws a huge fit and destroys the whole house until we say yes, if we ask her to do something, she tries to ignore me.

Why did I spoil her so much? Because I grew up having nothing and having to work hard and after marrying someone who had money, I decided to give her everything I didn't have.

Ugh! I created a monster...

Ask me something if you want.

by on Apr. 12, 2012 at 8:00 PM
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by on Apr. 13, 2012 at 2:53 PM

I'd say start putting your foot down now. It's going to be HARD, she is used to getting what she wants. Her life is not going to be bad because she doesn't get everything at the drop of a hat. It's going to be a very tough life for her if she continues to expect everything.

The best thing you can do for a child is give them love, then meet all their needs, THEN give them the extras (and not all the time!).

by on Apr. 13, 2012 at 4:19 PM

Good Lord Teenagers. lol My teenager every threw a fit like that I'd have to beat his ass. lol jk

Quoting KitT.Kat:

I've actually seen a 16 year old completely lose her shit and start pulling her own hair, rolling around on the ground in the driveway and screaming at the top of her lungs because her mommy and daddy got her a brand new YELLOW car instead of a brand new RED car.

After her hour long tantrum, they went and got her the car she wanted... 


Quoting Ann7227:

OMG. Could you image a 18 year old throwing a bitch fit because mommy and daddy didn't get her a new car for graduation. lol

Quoting Anonymous:

Just know that if you don't stop this now it will get worse.  When she grows up and finishes high school she will be in for a huge shock when she doesn't get what she wants.  She will be totally unprepared for the real world.  Good luck!

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