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When people choose to smoke right beside me. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke. As soon as I breathe it in, my stomach starts to turn and I feel like I don't want to breathe in.  Even breathing in smoke for a short time will cause me to cough and hack for a couple of days.

Just today, I was trying to put groceries in my car and this guy lit up right by me while he was putting groceries into his car and I had to breathe it in the entire time.  Yuck.  I just wish people would be more respectful when they are in public places and there are people right by them.

by on Apr. 30, 2012 at 12:55 AM
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by Gold Member on May. 1, 2012 at 8:09 PM

When I'm out with the kids and someone lights up, they all start in saying "Mom, Mom, they are SMOKING!" really lound and with the same tone of voice someone might use if they were saying "they are stomping on a puppy". 

by Anonymous 9 on May. 1, 2012 at 8:30 PM

My husband.....defending your......BITCH PLEASE.....SO! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? Oh wait....between SITTING ON THE COMPUTER ALL DAY BICKERING ABOUT MINISCULE SHIT....GETTING KNOCKED UP........PROCREATING AT AN ALARMING RATE......Let's hope when he gets back to the USA.......IF he's deployed......He doesn't put a round in your head like so many tend to do....wink*wink! I find it better to be a big, steamy pile of shit than you....A ABSOLUTELY USELESS PIECE OF SHIT! Now, YOU go FUCK whoever you FUCK while your husband is defending the country! Sorry about the Dendant remark whore. 

Quoting armywife0424:

Lmao army dependent. My husband works his ass off defending this country so your jive ass can say stupid shit like that. You are a big steaming pile of shit. What able person takes away from a person in need? You're a loser. As for my body you have no idea what I look like and there is no army issue. You ramble and make no sense because thats your only defense. Go fuck yourself.

Quoting Anonymous:

Looka here ArmyDependant----Thank you, I will keep the advice about the HP spots in mind if all the EM spots are full. The "Big Piece of Shit" shit is SOOOOOOO original...oochie...ouch....the pain..the pain....hahahahaha! As for the "Fat Ass" eeeeehnt......WRONG......I'm holding steady at 5'10.5 and 152lbs. my husband likes his tall, tight and right. Unlike you short, smushy and gushy prolly the standard 4x4 army issue----YOU KNOW---4' tall and 4 feet wide! I simply DO NOT think getiing knocked-up is a fucking handicap ie....reserved parking and I refuse to treat it as such. BUT I do thank all the Expectant Mothers w/o them I wouldn't have such a great parking spot! IF that pisses you off.....oh well....better to be pissed off than pissed on!

Quoting armywife0424:

No I'm not the parking police bitch, but I think by parking in a spot that you dont need shows what a big piece of shit you are. Hurry and get that spot I wouldn't want your fat ass to walk an extra 20ft. Hey if thats taken you could always use the handicapt spots. Those senior citizens or people in wheel chairs can just suck it right.

Quoting Anonymous:

Why bitch, are you the parking police? I'd love to stay & chat, but I GOTTA GET the last Expectant Mothers spot or I'll have to park @ the end of the lot.

signed: Happy Asshole

Quoting armywife0424:

If you park in expected mothers parking when you're not super pregnant than you're an asshole. Do you park in handicapt parking too?

Quoting and....:


Quoting TrouserMouse:

I actually think the laws have gone overboard. In my town, I wasn't especially happy when they banned smoking in all public places. I think smokers should have a place to go. As a non-smoker, I expect there to be smoke in bars, concert venues, bingo halls, etc... I think those types of places should be able to choose who they cater their business too.

If people are paying their own money for something that that they enjoy or gives them pleasure AND IS LEGAL Who am I to tell them where and/or how to enjoy it? Some pregnant women, for some reason, think when they are in the public arena, special consideration should be given to them because they are pregnant....Like it's some kind of disability. IJS. Like the "reserved" parking spaces---"Expectant Mothers Only"----Yeah riiiiiiight, As a mother I "EXPECT" things from my children every day, so I enjoy the consideration from the city for giving me a place up front to park. As for the pregnant women, walking is good for you when you are pregnant, so, you're welcome. Got a lil' off topic, sorry bout that!



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