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I am racist against my own race & sexist against my own sex... EDIT: ROLLS.. Edit: Trying to be reasonable

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 White people drive me crazy sometimes. I am white, and sometimes it embarasses me when I see & hear the stuff they say. I find a lot of white people to be very judgemental & stuck up. I have had other races in complete shock for me opening doors for them, letting them ahead of me in line, and striking up conversations with them. I have heard many times, "You are the nicest white person I have ever met." It makes me sick. My BIL, Sister, & Mother have all made racist comments in front of me and I jump all over them. Now I absolutely know not ALL white people are like this, but in all honesty, I prefer other races for friendship over my own. My DH is actually the first "white boy" I had ever been with or dated, and he is very very dark skinned.

Now onto women, holy cow! Sometimes I want to tell them to STFU and get their bitch ass in the kitchen and make me a pie. I also know not ALL women are pains in the ass, but most are. Needy, whining, complaining, insecure, etc. I honestly think that a man has his role & a woman has hers. I believe that the reason women are getting so out of control sexually and emotionally is because it goes against our nature the way the world has become. We push to be treated equal, but we're all NOT. Most women are natural nuturers, and when you go against your born nature because todays women say that natural womens roles aren't womens roles anymore it causes problems. I believe in womens rights to vote & all that, but I get so tired of women going against their instincts because being a SAHM isn't "the way" anymore, or sacrificing yourself for your family is frowned on, when it has been done for years and years and years. I don't find a woman who takes care of her husband, works a full time job, takes care of kids, bills, and everything else in the world admirable. I find it foolish. I don't understand why women are trying to put men in their places, when we really just need to acknowledge where our place is, and how fair is it to break down a man to build ourselves up? We are trying to undercut and bring men down so we can over power things, and it isn't natural. Men are built different for a reason, they are who they are for a reason, and us for a reason. I honestly think that men not being a part of their children's lives as much anymore is due to women feeling they have more rights than men. They can do it on their own, until they can't anymore... Ok, now BASH :-)


Edit: When I was growing up I lived in 2 different enviroments. I went from living in a State where I was the only white girl in the school, to another State where I was, for once, the majority.

Examples of things that have made me very upset with my race:

  • When our football team played an all black school, the football players put nooses on the back of their vehicles and some put monkeys on them and drove them around. They didn't get in any trouble.
  • I have seen countless people shut doors in non-white peoples faces.
  • We were all sat down in our homeroom class in HS for them to tell us that we would have a black student coming in. They never did this when we would get new white students.
  • When I would defend racist comments I was called an "n-lover"
  • We got a brother and sister in our school that were mixed races and were tortured daily and called "oreos", when I defended them, the students making fun of them slashed the tired on my Dad's truck and threw mud all over our house.
  • I told my Mom when I was younger I had a crush on Malcolm from The Young & The Restless, and she told me that I better have children with blonde hair and blue eyes or I would bring shame into our family.
  • My Grandmother would tell my Aunt that she loved my Mother's kids more because we weren't mixed race.
  • I wore an Obama shirt to work one day and was told that I had to go home for the day if I was going to support that "n-word" (I told him he couldn't do that or I would sue)
  • We had a young black man that worked at this place, and after he would use the bathroom my boss would go and wipe down the handles, and eventually he started using the women's bathroom because he said, "no blacks went in there"

There are a few for you guys. Maybe you can see why I get so upset. I have tons and tons of stories and could really go on forever...


Posted by Anonymous on May. 5, 2012 at 3:23 PM
Replies (91-99):
by Gold Member on May. 5, 2012 at 10:54 PM
There's a difference between a typo on my iPhone *bats eyelashes* and you mixing up roles with rolls.

Quoting Anonymous:

 Why don't you use your space bar... yountalk?? What does that mean??? Did you make a typo??? Oh no! I'll bash you from here on out for it k?

Did you by chance read anything I wrote referring to the racism I saw? Do you find it acceptable? Do you think it's something I should ignore and be proud of seeing people of my race do? Explain this please.. I would love to take the attention off of grammar and put it on the subject. If you would like, I will go make a post with everything spelled wrong and you can go in and correct it if that is where your heart is content.

Quoting CadesMum:

She can say anything she wants about your grammar when yountalk about "rolls." Editing it isn't going to change the fact that until today, that is how you thought it should be written.

Quoting Anonymous:

 You are absoluely SICK to read what I just wrote and be able to say shit about my grammar. "SO what that it was allowed for teenagers to make references to hanging black people, she needs to use better grammar."

Perfect example of what I am trying to say.

Quoting Anonymous:

Grammar lessons are in need here. 

Quoting Anonymous:

 I said not ALL, I do NOT for a minute believe everyone is like this, but I do get completely angry by some of the things white people say and do in association to other races when they aren't around someone of that race. I do understand the irony of being against racism and being some what racist against my own race. I do undersand that it is odd, but I feel the way I feel.Growing up where I grew up it's no wonder I am this way. We were all actually notified in HS by our homeroom teachers that we would have an African-American young man joining our school... It was disturbing. We had plenty of new white kids and never got a notifications. Racism is still huge in our country. And it is very embarassing to me when white people do racist things, or act certain ways. I am embarassed by the whole "Redneck trailer trash" image. I am embarassed when I see a white man slam a door in a black ladies face. It infuriates me. Maybe I live in a different place than everyone else, so I see it a lot lot more, but where I live it's still segregated. When we played an all black team in football in HS the football players tied nooses to the back of their vehicles, how can I watch and grow up with stuff like this and not be sickened??? Everytime I defended a different race I was tortured for being a "N-lover" and if we ever got any mixed kids in the school, they would nickname them "Oreos" and torture them. It's sickening. Disturbing. And WRONG.

Quoting TrouserMouse:

Judging an entire race (or group) by the actions of a few is the same whether it is against your own race (group) or another. So, you are basically saying that you are just as bad as they are.

Quoting Anonymous:

 I love myself. I love my roll as a wife and a mother. I may not especially LIKE all white people or females, but I never, ever treat them different in person. I treat everyone how they treat me. I am 100% respectful until given a reason not to be. Yes, I have my own opinions about people I see and meet, and I have been treated very poorly by women mostly. I have just heard so much hatred spilt from white people it has made me dislike a lot of them. I was told as a child, for finding black men attractive that I "better have babies with blonde hair & blue eyes or shame will be brought into our family." I have heard my Grandmother tell my Aunt that she loved my Mom's children more because they resemble her race. It didn't make me racist against other races, it made me sick with how people in my family judged other races and people.

Quoting TrouserMouse:

That means you actually have hate for yourself.






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by on May. 5, 2012 at 11:01 PM

Like I said earlier, it really looks like it's the crowd you run with.


by Anonymous 10 on May. 5, 2012 at 11:07 PM
I am a white women married to a black man. I NEVER have seen color... I just see people. But after we got married, all the black women I know started to "shun" me or just be rude to me and I couldn't figure out why!

Then my husband said it was because I "stole" one of their black men. I was appalled because this was a sterptype I had heard of but never thought it really happened!

Quoting MomRocs1102:

I understand completely with the embarrassment, and some of the same sex issues.  I am black and there are times i am just floored with the stereotypical behavior, and actions of my own race. 

by on May. 5, 2012 at 11:13 PM

There are people like that in all races I personally could care less what black man marries another race, but my cousin recently married a white woman and it wasnt us with the problem her family made comments about she could why she had to fall for a black man so it just depends

by ~Tammie~ on May. 5, 2012 at 11:16 PM
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 I dont know where you lived but I have lived in many states. Im an army brat that went to a different school every year until i graduated. I have never encountered half the racism you claim to have witnessed. Maybe instead of hating your race you should start to look at the people that surround you. :/


by on May. 5, 2012 at 11:26 PM

this is stupid.

you sound like you want some validation for being so "non racist." like "omg yall, the only way i know how to communicate with someone non white is to try to identify with them about how dumb white people are! i collect all the news articles i can about mean ole whiteys, but if a non-whitey does something "bad" i ignore it bc they were obviously pushed to it by...whiteys! *snaps gum*"

i have never understood this phenomenon. im not apologizing for shit i didnt do. so i dont get why youre falling all over yourself to put down your race just to beg for acceptance. frankly, its disgusting and moronic behaviour. most of the black (since thats who youre kissing ass you mention in your post) people i know wouldnt take you seriously, anyway. they would probably think youre a fake heifer.

i do, anyway.

by Anonymous 11 on May. 5, 2012 at 11:28 PM

I think there are A LOT more races that are SOOOO much more "embarrassing" than white people. I mean...really??

by Gold Member on May. 6, 2012 at 1:24 PM

wtf food stamps?!? what food stamps?

Quoting Anonymous:

So says the food stamp mommas!

Quoting shortycmlb:

haha no shit i feel the same way and im as white as it gets..... i married a mexican and i identify with the hispanic culture more than the causasian one! Ive already told DH i will NEVER live in a primarily white neighborhood. 

and i generally agree with you on the women thing as well. im a sahm. my job is the house and keeping the family happy and healthy. part of that is keeping a 'relatively' clean house. hubbys job is his WORK and outside. when he is a pig he cleans his own mess, when i want something extravanantly extra i sell bows/babysit. when he does he works extra hours. i dont go up to the chicken plant and say HEY! Give me a few hundred chickens to cut up for you! just to help you out! just like i dont 'expect' him to do the mopping or sweeping (unless he makes the mess). 

chivalry is dead. its dead because we (women as a whole) have killed it. we dont allow for men to WANT to treat us like that.

granted there are exceptions to everyone! i understand there ARE men who are bums or abusive or have issues, single parents have my applause but womens lib has downgraded most womens roles as a homemaker!

you are going to get positively murdered for this though.....

by Anonymous 4 on May. 6, 2012 at 5:31 PM

There are so many things in this post that are pathetic. Let's just leave it at that. 

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