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I think anyone who circumsizes their son is ignorant.

Okay, maybe not everyone. There's always that rare medical exception.

But to permanently alter your son's body with the reasons so many give of "so he'll look just like daddy" or "because everyone else does it, so I don't want him to get made fun of in the locker room"...that is insane. I didn't give the decision to circ or not a whole lot of thought because I knew there was no reason to alter the perfect body my son was born with. But if you ARE considering cutting of a part of your son's genitals, please at least put some time and thought into it!! Oh that's right, if you do your research you'll realize there's no reason to circ.

Uncircumcised penises are just as easy to keep clean and free of infections as circ'ed ones. Plenty of circ'ed guys get STDs and HIV. So a SLIGHTLY reduced risk of disease is still not a reason enough to permanently alter your child's body.

I normally am not one to judge other parents' decisions and am "to each his own" type of person. But there's my confession for ya. I judge the shit out of anyone who has their child circumsized and justifies it with completely BS reasons. Are you also going to mutilate your daughter's genitals just because it is the norm? Then why do it to your son?

EDIT: Well this post has proved how truly ignorant and unreasonable many of you are. I feel deeply sorry for some of your kids. It is not CREEPY, WEIRD, or SICK to be against circumcision and wish parents would stop disfiguring their perfect newborn's bodies. If someone had their doctor cut off their son's penis completely, saying it was cleaner or helped with a lower infection/STD rate, would you still think that was just a different parenting decision? No, because it's unnecessary mutilation...EXACTLY like circumcision. Female genital mutilation only became illegal as recently as the 1990's and why was this legislation passed? Because some people DO care when babies are mutilated for no reason. Some people DID step up to stop it instead of saying "their kid, their choice ". It's not YOUR body, so it's not YOUR right to cut it.
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by on May. 8, 2012 at 4:19 AM
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by FriendoftheFoot on May. 8, 2012 at 2:27 PM

aww i'm sad to announce there will be no triple crown this year to the over excessive beating of horses. *sigh* at least my daughter got to watch the Kentucky Derby

by spitfire_bobbie on May. 8, 2012 at 2:28 PM
Ds didn't even have pain afterwards.

Quoting katzmeow726:

DH went with DS during it.

They numbed it with a cream, gave him a binky coated in a glucose solution.  And he slept through the whole thing.

Obviously, he was being tortured... 

Quoting bmw29:

How about those of us that stayed with our sons when they had it done? I know exactly what they did and exactly how he reacted to it. It wasn't torture.

Quoting Anonymous:

Watch a video of one being done and then tell me that is normal.....if you can do that then wow poor kid.

Quoting lovemyairman150:

I think anyone who takes time out of their day to make a post about whether or not little boys that they don't know are circumcised are really strange. BUT, go ahead and hate on me b/c when my son decides to show up in a few days, I WILL be having him circumcised. =)

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