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Health problems, I wont tell anyone about...TMI (LIKE REALLY!) ****UPDATE****

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Sooooooo I think I am dying. I dont know. I cant tell anyone, I am to embarassed. 

What is wrong with me :((

As far back as 7th grade I remember having bathroom problems. I pooed in my pants in 7th and 12th grade. Ive always had a upset stomach when I am hot, I have anxiety on long car rides because of the thought of having to go to the bathroom. I go, then 5 minutes later have to go again, and sometimes it will be 10 times, but its always loose. I dont know what is wrong with me. It doesnt matter what I eat, I get sick after. My heart pounds every time I eat. I get heart palpitations. Is it dairy? Is it gluten? I dont know, I never had insurence until the last year and now I have it but wont go because I am to embarassed, who wants to talk about bathroom issues. 

So for probably the last few months my bum has itched after a BM. I dont think anything is there, all seems normal. Ive never had a big H before so I am not sure if internal? But its not posed any problems, I just ignore it for the most part...

Well 2 weeks ago we had this bug go through a few families at church. AND ITS BAD. My 5,6 year old and I all pooed our pants, my sister, step mom, and her 5 year old all did also. It was like peeing out of your bum. It was crazy. Finally that subsided after 2 weeks literally, and all seemed fine. 

My BM is a little firmer then my normal constant looseness, but friday I went and the toilet was filled with blood from there (not my period). Mucousy blood stuff too. I wanted to faint. It happened again saturday the only time I used the bathroom. Then sunday I used the bathroom 3 times with none. I was like oh good! Well then today it happened again. I think I am dying. I am so upset. I dont know what to do. I feel sick to my stomach. 

I have a appointment with my OBGYN wednesday but would she care about that? I dont think I should bother her about that, besides, I am not sure I have the guts. 

I wont tell my husband, I am very private about anything like that. He doesnt even know I poo as far as he is concerned I never have lol. I dont fart, let alone tell him im bleeding profusely from the bum. 

I am horrified, sad, I want to cry. 

Does anyone know any natural cures for the big H's if they are internal, maybe I can treat it as such and see if it helps. 

Anyone know someone or had something similar and they arnt dead? 

I am 27, 4 kids and happily married. I dont want to leave my family yet. They need me :(( 

Please dont laugh. I am so embarassed and I want to cry. 

Any help is appreciated!

**** UPDATE****... I just called the office of a women I found who had good reviews and takes my insurence. The women asked what was going on and when I told her, she said she is going to talk to the doctor and call me back, to get me in sooner. Usually it takes a while to get into a specialist unless its urgent, I am assuming she thought the blood was urgent lol. So she is calling me by tomorrow to make the appointment.

Posted by Anonymous on May. 14, 2012 at 8:08 PM
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