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HIPA is supposed to protect us

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So my daughter had to go to the ortho today because of a broken finger.  She had been to this place before years ago.  Each time we would be in for one of her follow-ups I would ask at check-out if there were any co-pays, any outstanding balance from insurance, so basically, any payments that need to be made.  The last time we were there I was told not only was there no co-pay for the visit as a follow-up, we had a credit from a previous one where I had paid and it wasn't needed.  I told them to leave it in case there was an uncovered amount from insurance and was told that billing would send us a refund if it was needed.

Never heard anythign about it, never got any bills from the office, never got anything about anything from the office.

So speed forward to today.  I check my daughter in and wait to be called back up because we have different indurance now.  When I was called up, I give the information over and was asked if she was a new patient.  Tell the woman no, was here about 2-3 years ago, she should still be in the system.  She finds that someone put in my daughter's name and birth year wrong (1920 instead of 2002!!! WTF- not even a simple transposition). 

She then brings up my daughters file in the computer and proceeds to announce to EVERYBODY that there is over $400 owed on her account!  WHAT?!  I tell her, nope, know nothing about this, never heard anythign about it, never got any bills, nothing.  I'm the type- a bill comes in, we pay it.  If we don't have the in full, I pay as much as we can, contact the place and set up so payments can be made.  This would NOT have gotten past me. 

So then she proceeds for *15 minutes* to start READING FROM MY DAUGHTER'S CHART- the DOCTOR'S NOTES!!!  from each and every visit LOUDLY, our ADDRESS, and is beligerant to me.  She tells me, that insurance didn't pay anything on these- so I tell her, well you all didn't submit them then, because as you can plainly see *I* have paid everything that I received, that I paid co-pays here.  SOmeone in your billing office must have lost her chart or file and didn't get things sent through properly. 

So she has me stand at the counter and calls billing, which the person has no idea what is up, would have to review it, isn't the same person as 2 1/2 years ago and there is nothing that can be done with me there because I have no paperwork about any of it with me.  I say that if they need to speak to someone right away about it please call my husband (trying to get some privacy during this being sorted out) and she gets even RUDER.  "Tell me his phone number" um, not a chance am I going to recite to you what is on the updated paperwork that is in her HANDS right then!!!

So I write it down, again, and she says to me "what a way to start my day!"

I respond "your day?  No this is My day and my daughter's day.  i came in here because she's been waiting for this appointment for a week, has been in pain, needs to have her break taken care of, have no idea of anything you are talking about, have had you shouting all of my daughter and my personal info for everyone to hear and you say we are ruining YOUR day?"

So I finaly get to go and sit with my daughter- the waiting room is filled (and there is about 20 people there) with shocked and embarrassed people.  I call my husband on my cell and quickly go over what all is happening.  Just then they actually call my daughter in, I am getting treated like I am some horrible person now by staff because of course I must have DESERVED what this "person" did.

Well, my husband looks them up to try to find someone to talk to not only to find out WTF is going on but to also tell them what this woman did.  I'm at the office in the room waiting for the ortho, my daughter looks at me and asks "why did that woman yell so much and why was she saying all about me to everybody?"  You knowthat point where you are so angry your brain can't decide whether to shout or cry, well what this woman did to my daughter and what my daughter said, the tears just started streaming down my face. 
The doctor comes in, sees her, thinks I am upset about her (which I am, but  not about her break- I know that will heal).

We finally get out of there, I get her to school, come home and talk to my husband.  He tells me this person needs to talk with me and I call.

Right now they are terrified of a lawsuit.  She had looked things up and yup, there were mistakes in the billing- never sent to insurance, never sent to us. 

I am so GD hurt, angry, upset, and now fearful.  Why? Because what if one of those people like little girls?  Now they have her name, her address, her ENTIRE medical history with this place because this woman thinks HIPA is at her own discretion.  She thinks common courtesy and compassion are things to be ignored. I'm pissed that my daughter was a victim because this woman decided that their billing office people are saints and can NEVER make mistakes, so we deserved to be humiliated in front of everybody there.

I kept trying to get this woman to stop, to focus on my daughter needing care, to have the billing call my husband RIGHT THEN so things could be taken care of.  FOr me to walk out would mean my daughter waiting another week to get to see an ortho at a different ortho's office because they are all backed-up from the holiday weekend. 

This woman is just a disgusting example of what people in the medical community can do to be cruel individuals and forcefully make people victims over NOTHING but their own egos.

Posted by Anonymous on May. 30, 2012 at 2:58 PM
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by on May. 30, 2012 at 9:44 PM
I work in a peds office and I can tell you that's awful...
I got cussed out today for the opposite... I refused records to a parent with no right to the records and she and her mother cussed me for 15 minutes in front of the entire waiting area. I didn't budge though.
Sorry this happened to y'all :(
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by on May. 30, 2012 at 9:54 PM
File a complaint asap. Get the persons name. She should/wil face consquences.w
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by on May. 30, 2012 at 9:58 PM

Quoting BEXi:

I would be very upset as well. Report her. That was your daughters valuable information for a waiting room full of people to hear. That's not right what so ever. :(

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by Silver Member on May. 30, 2012 at 9:59 PM
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i agree i would report her for the breach in HIPA, the place can be suied for what they did and also fined in so cases. what she did was wrong and un called for. i am sorry that happened. i have worked in health care for years and i have never heard of something that bad happening, although i know they do happen.

by on May. 30, 2012 at 10:04 PM
I would've loudly told her to "shut the fuck up or talk to my lawyer" within the first 3 minutes.
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by Anonymous 8 on May. 30, 2012 at 11:17 PM
You stood there for 15 min and let her blab on. You should of in the first few min told her off and to keep her voice down. You just want to be the victim here. You don't want to take any responsibility for your LACK of action. Your daughter went thru all that because you obviously had no balls. And I really doubt you live in a place that badly and of course you have the excuse you can't move .... if I lived in supposedly such a horrible place, my family's safety would come first and we would be out of there.

Quoting Anonymous:

Quoting Anonymous:

Then why did you not stand up for your daughter and yourself? ? So you just let ppl walk all over you?? And sorry but you ARE being over dramatic.

Quoting Anonymous:

You seriously have no idea just how fucked up and "small" this town is.   If I gave you the name of this town and you looked on the nearest big city's news, you would see that I am not exaggerating or being dramatic at all.  We are stuck here- we can't afford to move.  There are people in this town that rob 98 year old women because they happened upon their regular walking route.  There are people who troll offices hoping to get people's SS #s or other info just to steal someone's identity and get all sorts of 'free shit'.  There was a guy who was growing over 300 pot plants in the "really good" section of town and tried to say he didn't think it was illegal, allowed the zoning officer into the house, same day there was a high speed chase that went through backyards and then down to the next town.  There are people in this town that if they think you have any $ will try to follow you home, or if they get your name and and street, will start asking around to other people to see if you, your house, family would make a good 'mark'. 

Seriously- don't even go there.  Not over-dramatic, realistic.  I live here, you don't, please don't assume this town is like yours.

Quoting hautemama83:

File a complaint against her for violating HIPPA, and she should be fired. As for the rest you're being a little overly dramatic.

You obviously did not read my OP or my replies well if you are writing that.  Try again.

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