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Frustration Nation here!!

Posted by on Jul. 11, 2012 at 11:13 PM
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I get so frustrated, sometimes, I just want to scream! I really want to just walk out of the house and go somewhere I can do my own thing without everyone NEEDING ME! Sometimes I feel like I'm a single mom, with how little concern my fiance has for the house and the kids. right now I'm a SAHM, and believe me not by complete choice. There arent many pleseant and good paying jobs out here and very little to no daycare.

Just yesterday and earlier today I was asking that my fiance help out as a team unit because Im going back to school and I'm also going to start working again.  And what happends.... he falls asleep on the recliner while eating and wathching t.v.!! Seriously how is it going to be when I am trying to juggle work, school and family and things turn out the same?! I had to stop taking classes this spring because he stopped helping. He would just eat and go to sleep right after work! So, I still had to tend to the kids for the entire day, everyday. Weekends? Oh the same except he slept in super late like noonish. What is it with that? How is it that I feel the constant need to be alert, on my toes and concerned about the condition of our home, cooking meals and the care of our kids and yet he can just fall asleep after staring at the t.v. I know he works manual labor but then sometime he comes home saying that they hardly did anything today and he was even bored. ... ???...

He makes faces and asks when am I going to get my business together with all the material I've purchased, but yet doesnt try and support me with allowing me to have that time! How can he just grab the key and say Im leaving w/o a thought and its hell when I'm gone too long at the store. (when 15minutes turns into 20) I dont think he realizes the limitations that he puts on me to not be successful. My mom reminded me of something I said not so long ago about having to act like I was a single mom and pretend he wasnt even there. This I said because of how frustrating it is because he is flippping here. And now her too! This is a venture I am just getting use to. Not even my mom is realiable to help me out when I need it and she tells me that the day before she flakes on me! HA!

Please dont think I'm spoiled but maybe I am I dont know.I have a 3 year old and a 7 month old and both our mothers helped care for my first born when I went back to work after having him. But his mom now hates me and I think mine is going through a mid-life crisis. So I have very slim help from them. I've never had them in daycare or be taken care of by a new person (baby-sitter). I have no other family to help me out and thats fine but its my fiance that I'm not so sure he is getting it! He doesnt want to go the baby sitter route but rarely do our moms help and the daycares are full....! WHat The Flippin HECK!?

Anywho, I know I need to take the bull my the horns and handle it all my own but its getting there I need help with. Whats the best baby sitter situation? If I end up being a WAHM what are good pointers on staying on a schedule and actually getting work done as well as everything else?


by on Jul. 11, 2012 at 11:13 PM
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