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So in LOVE with an IDIOT

Posted by Anonymous
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   I am head over heels for the father of my second child. Just pure love and i want to see him everyday and be with him and just ahhhh :) he makes me so happy :)

  The problem is he keeps letting his sister convince him to dump me. We have problems and we fight and argue but we started couseling and have been both working REALLY REALLY hard to fix them. But she keeps doing this! I don't understand why she cant stay out of it. We have been broken up since last week because she told him he could do better. . .

-------we are genuinly happy and i do love him but honestly he isn't attractive to anyone i know. I have a 'type' and its pretty specific but well maybe if i can figure out how to add a picture. . . you can see lol not that he couldnt find another woman, i think he is amazing but he was single for almost 6 years before us, with no action at all lol --------

oh so the evil sister lol

Me and him were talking, not even arguing and she showed up at his house and saw him gagging while talking to me (he has been sick) so she snatches his phone and starts yelling at me, at first i'm super confused because she doesnt live with him and i didn't know she was there so i assumed, before her voice clicked in my brain, that she was some girl he had over, because we have been broken up and i worry even though he says he just needs a little space and doesnt want anyone else. So the first words out of my mouth were "Whoa bitch, who the fuck gave you the phone", which had i realized it was his sister i still would have said. She then spent the next hour texting me, so i went over there to confront this. She had stolen his phone and drove off! He was at home, crying and upset because he didn't know what she was saying in his name and he doesnt have a land line or anything. She was saying really horrible things 'from him',  i knew it was her because they have different texting styles, but i was so mad that he was 'letting her'

   What 30 y.o. woman steals a phone to try and ruin a relationship? its so frustrating that he cant see it! I understand she is his sister but there are boundries and lines and me and him have a child together! This has been going on for months now ever since her husband left her, actually its now over a year because it started last summer. He coddles his older sister and lets her do anything she pleases. and he gets mad but he still lets her do these things, he doesnt put his foot down or anything. She is ruining my life and his too, because once she finds a new man she will abandon her brother again, just like she did for her first husband. So she is going to ruin our relationship and then drop him like he's hot

   And i know i should let him deal with the consequences of listening to his sister but i just can't imagine my life without him. I truely believe he is my soul mate and that if she could just mind her own relationships that we could fix the damage and move on, but she keeps doing these things! she is like a petty crybaby 13 year old.

   He isn;t perfect and i bitch about him alot on here but i couldn't imagine my life without him, well i could, but i can feel my heart breaking just thinking about him leaving for good. He came by tonight and we talked and he apologized and said he is going to 'ask me back out' but he wants it to be special lol so a nice dinner, no movie after that shooting, but maybe a nice walk around the block with the girls. I'm just so sad and frustrated with this and happy and elated at the same time. Oh the struggles!


Oh so my question, which i guess i should ask

Do any of you have this problem or had this problem?

How did you deal with it?

And what is something i should say to her to get her to mind her own?

Posted by Anonymous on Jul. 21, 2012 at 11:53 PM
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