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Are you f****** kidding me?! Rant Thankyou ladies.... Update

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What else do you want to put my poor daughter through? She has been through so dam much! She is only one years old!!!!

Alright little back story. My daughter was induced three days early and had complications since( nothing major but still) she has had hip dispelesea, jaundic, and sleep apnemea. She still has acid reflux, reactive air way diease, hypothyroidism, FTT, and devlopmental delays and possible need of braces for feet. My daughter has already gone through an endoscopy and bronoscopy and they sent us home and we ended back in the er because she can't Handel being put under or the tube in her throat. We have spent close to 30 days already in the hospital put together. They wanted to put in a gi tube and I fought it until they saw she could thrive without i. I ms. teen mom go to bed at 2 am and wake up at 4 just to make sure she eats and grows. I have givin up on myself I hardly eat never go out, finnaly just told my abusive husbond to go fuck himself and now I'm trying to find a job go to college and raise my daughter correctly. She is sooo happy never cries! But silently she suffers, my sweet happy baby is suffering and I can't fix it! Now her stomach isn't closing like it should we have one last chance with a new med but if her body dosent work like it should ( when does it? To be honest) my sweet angel will put under for surgery! I am the only one fighting it! My asshole soon to be ex didn't care! Only my step mom and I do.

I wish people ( including my family) would stop looking at my age and look how far my daughter has come and how hard I'm working to get her to go farther. I wish I could stop being depressed anxious and so emotionally fucked up! But that's dosent matter if my daughters in pain and what do you think is going to happen when she has to have surgery?! She will be in a lot of. Pain will have to be admitted for days Maby weeks because she won't take it well, she never does she is to fragil.

So that's my confession this is why 19 years old is way to young to be a mom, not impossible but still to young.

Ok I was expecting one or Maby two comments I really appreciate it. It warms my heart knowing that some of you ladies are praying for us and giving out advice and past experiences. Thankyou all again. :)

*update* well Monday night I started the meds and last night ( wendsday) I saw a huge white thing in her mouth hard as a rock. Scared I called the doctor on call and stopped giving her the new med, we made an appointment and saw the doctor today. She thinks she is allergic to the meds since the white thing is COMPLETLY gone. The only other possiblity Is that she got something very spicy in her mouth( she did nock over a bottle yesterday morning but I don't think it was spicy and it did not get into her mouth, I also washed her hands then gave her a bath then Basicly moped the floors with boiling waters after cleaning up the glass) needless to say the doctor and my whole family think that it is the medicine that's doing this :/ so that means she will have to have the surgery, but I will try to get some more time.. I will do anything to advoid surgery if possible. ( I also called and left a message with the doctor who prescribed the med so that he knew she may have a possible allergy to it, and that we would know tomorrow) also the doctors office that she will be tested for the allergy is right above a hospital just incase and her doctor dosent play games with my daughter she knows, I told her I swear it was there and she said she believed me and believed me when I said that stuff didn't get in her mouth but I did ask her to note it.

I wanted to ask did I do the right thing? ( from what you can read?)
by on Sep. 24, 2012 at 6:07 PM
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by on Sep. 24, 2012 at 6:46 PM
Quoting Anonymous:

Its ok, it was my fault it's hard to type when I'm crying.
by on Sep. 24, 2012 at 6:48 PM
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Quoting Leobaby2007:

(((HUGS))) I am 37 and this would still be extraordinarily difficult for me to cope with. XOXO

Thankyou, my daughters doctor always says how great I'm doing but i don't feel great, I can't make her stomache close like it should...
by Anonymous 2 on Sep. 24, 2012 at 6:49 PM
:( I wasnt trying to be a grammar nazi I was just confused. I'm sure you're doing a great job.

Quoting MamaSwan001:

Quoting Anonymous:

Its ok, it was my fault it's hard to type when I'm crying.
by Silver Member on Sep. 24, 2012 at 6:49 PM

If you feel that strong about it that gives you enough time to get a second opinion. She is YOUR daughter so don't ever feel like you don't have the power to say no. I have been in your shoes and in my case my DD was only 6 weeks old. 

Quoting MamaSwan001:

Quoting Mandy575:

Having a very sick frail baby is VERY hard but you can do it!! You are her best advocate and this will make you a much stronger mother. BUT you need to breath and take care of yourself as well. I know it's hard and trust me there are days where you are going to just cry because you are so lost. You NEED to lean on your step mom in those times. Do not be afraid to get second opinions when it comes to her medical care. Good Luck Mama.

Thankyou, I hate feeling helpless. I have 6 weeks Maby less till the doctor decides yes or no on the surgery.

by on Sep. 24, 2012 at 6:49 PM
Hugs momma!! I hope she starts getting better!!
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by on Sep. 24, 2012 at 6:49 PM
Quoting JacksonGirl:

I will be praying for you and your sweet baby. Take care of yourself too you'll be no good to her if you don't. *Hugs momma

Thankyou, and I try i guess I lose sight of that fact I always feel guilty taking the time to eat or shower.
by on Sep. 24, 2012 at 6:50 PM
Quoting Mamie_85:

Aw, hun. I had my oldest at 19. He was 3 months early, and you're right 19 is way too young to deal with that shit. But, you'll get through it because you have to. Hugs to you.

Thankyou, I guess it's hard to see when your in the middle of it.
by Gold Member on Sep. 24, 2012 at 6:50 PM

My son had an intestinal biopsy when he was 2.5, it can be scary.

I was 21? I had him at 19

Mommy of FIVE!!!

Tara~12.16.03  Zachary~5.17.05  Rowan~1.17.09  Willow~8/10/11 Baby~ EDA 1/27/13

by on Sep. 24, 2012 at 6:52 PM
Quoting Mandy575:

Oh I already have its are last option I just didn't think we would get there. I never thought that she would be the rare case of the muscle not closing when everything else seems to be going right.
by Sapphire Member on Sep. 24, 2012 at 6:52 PM

Please look into Natropath Drs, look for alternative treatments.

There are many old school ways that can be mixed w/new school ways & I've seen it do wonders.

Anyway, good for you for kicking the abusive ass to the curb & you are strong so tell everyone to kiss off!

Good luck to you & your DD, hugs mama!

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