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(update) So I think I may have some ability growing, something new tried to just tap in a few minutes ago!!!

So I recently learned my son is an indigo child, and a well known medium in the area did a reading for me, and said he partially got his gift from me, his is just way more powerful. She said I have supressed mine. I have been meditating on this daily, and doing the mantras she taught me asking for good spirits to please enter my home, and bad spirits to not be allowed to enter, I say this mantra daily.

Anyway she originally told me both my Grandmas were here, and my Uncle guarding my son. Now I feel like a different presense is here, a new one because I was just watching "What Dreams May Come" a favorite movie of mine, I simply adore it, and when Cuba Gooding Jr. sat down next to Robin Williams to tell him his wife died he said...

"Chris Annie is dead, she killed herself."

And during that line the television (An HD flatscreen so not an old one, a new one) flickered, the picture jumped, and I saw a tall dark shadow, (didn't feel nasty, just couldn't make them out, could only make out their figure, it seemed like a tall man I feel like) standing near the doorway. 

I took a picture of exactly where they appeared. Anybody more experienced want to weigh in? I'm super psyched they are coming to me now, and not just my 19 month old son.

Just so everyone knows I did post this in groups specific to this sort of thing I was just super psyched, and wanted to share here what is new, especially since I have been posting previously about my son being contacted my spirits and such in this group, I figured I would keep updating here as well.

UPDATE---So I figured out after much meditation today it was my friend's mom who died suddenly last year trying to let my friend know she still exists and is watching over her and her son. My friend is skeptic and has been depressed thinking her mom will never see her get married (she is engaged) or see her son who is two months younger than mine grow up. I don't know how I didn't get it right away. Because right away I thought of my friend after it happened, I wanted to call her, then I kept thinking of her all night, and today. I kept thinking of her, and wanting to talk to her. And her mom's name was Linda Anne. Now I see her mom was trying to put the thoughts in my mind to tell her she still exists, after meditating I finally got the message. I am so happy this gift is bring good for others.

by on Sep. 26, 2012 at 11:47 PM
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by Gold Member on Sep. 27, 2012 at 9:55 PM
Thank you and i hope you are able to grow with this ability. :)

Quoting HeathersForever:

aww I'm sorry hun. I'm new at this, I am best friends with my friend who the message was from her mom. So that's why I think she was able to contact me, plus I met her many times. I am thinking as a get better though with practice I will be able to read for people without knowing them. If you want to keep my sn, I would be happy to try to read for you at no cost or anything after I am more practiced. I don't think I am up to the ability yet to read for strangers, but like I said feel free to keep my sn and contact me in the future. Friend me if you want just to remind me.

Quoting MrsRobinson06:

My moms name is Linda Ann and she passed away a year ago...

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