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Why I sleep with married men.....

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How do I start this? While I know there will be a lot of bashing in this post, I'm simply stating why I sleep with married men your opinion really means nothing to me. I want to give you insight on why these things happen, or at least my opinion of why these things happen.

Married men have sex, married men are looking to have regular sex. When they look outside of the marriage they're looking for adventure. Alot of wives have asked why can't he get adventure at home? The answer is simple, he has had his wife and he doesn't feel as if she could feel the fantasy. He is looking to feel the passion again. With a new lover you feel the passion again.

Men like looking at pretty things. It's not to say that their wives are not pretty, sometimes the wives are knockouts. Men like looking, it's just human nature to want to procreate. As a woman it is your job/my job/a womans job to want to fulfill that need. Even if the act of procreation doesn't produce an offspring.

I don't care if a man is married. I am not the one going outside of a marriage to look for sex. I will never have on my conscience that I am the one that broke up a marriage/family. In no way, shape, or form did I have anything to do with the break up of the family unit whatever it may be. I was never a part of that family/marriage, the husband is the only guilty party. It's his fault consequence happen, if anythi does happen.

Married guys are more scared of their wives than they'll ever let on. (Unless, you have a player from the start. Then it's just a matter of time so expect it.) It's hard to catch an STD from someone who has had only one partner. You can simply tell the differen between the two when you talk to them, by the infliction in their words and their body language. I guess you could say there's a science to it.

Lastly, unless somebody brings up a point that I haven't thought of, presents, gifts and money. Sometimes none of that is ever exchanged. Believe it or not, sometimes it's just for sex. Sometimes it's for all those things, expectations are set from the begining.
Who cares?

I want to get out there this is only my opinion for a physical affair, emotional affairs are completely different. It is very easy and very plausible to separate the two, but in the same breath it is easy for the two to become one. Anything you call me or say to me is nothing that I haven't heard before.

I have been confronted by the wife, different wives, twice before. As angry as they are, they just want to know why. I tell them it is not the question I can answer because I didn't leave the marriage and angry as they are at meme they are more angry at the husband.
Posted by Anonymous on Oct. 6, 2012 at 10:08 AM
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by Ruby Member on Oct. 8, 2012 at 2:18 AM
Interesting. Logically justified.
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by on Oct. 8, 2012 at 2:20 AM
I used to be you before I met my husband. I slept with other women's husbands. I used to love how easy it was and the fact that I didn't have to worry about attachement. It was wrong and disgusting. I know that now and I can't believe I ever enjoyed being that woman. I've grown up and become a better person. You should too.
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by on Oct. 8, 2012 at 2:23 AM
Must be fun bein a dirty whore. Congrats youre a nasty as bitch.
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