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Phx PD has me CONFUSED!

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Today DD and I got in a "paint rub" accident. I've NEVER in my life been in an accident so I was naturally a bit shaken and didn't know what to do. So I called the cops for an accident report. Let me set up the scenario for you:

 Me and DD heading Northbound on an access road, the street to the left of me is called Adams, and it's also a one way. For some reason I glance to my left(mind you I'm already driving north it's a green light for me) and I see this little convertible, and it totally hits the back end of my Uplander. We pulled over and I called the PD. She comes over(the sweetest little old lady!) and says sorry she didn't notice it was a one way she wanted to jump on the free way and just didn't see it was a one way. I explain to her ok but I would like an accident report just to be safe, she than says ok, but you barley have any damage my head lights smashed in.

 ANYWAY ok so here's where I'm confused by Phx PD..A highway patrol came first and said "I see some paint marks but that's all I see" I say "ok but I'd like a report please" he talks to the little old lady she admits it's her fault going down the one way yada yada yada. HP comes to me asks me what happend and he shows me this drawing of the lanes and asks where she came from yada yada I tell him what she said, and he says " this isn't my area, I'll call phx PD" and takes off.

Phx PD comes, say's it isn't bad, and next time just exchange info and handle it ourselves basically, and that he will exchange insurance information for us. **HERE IS THE WEIRD PART** He hands us I think an accident report all filled out with our insurance information, and says let me guess, You(points at me) hit her..I say "No" he Say's ok "you(little old lady) hit her(me) coming off the ramp" she said "no" I said "She was coming down the one way street, and when she realized it was a one way she tried to sweep over to jump on the freeway" The old lady say's "yes I didn't know yada yada" Officer says If we have the same story the insurance will go smoothly if we don't than it'll be messy, but that b/c she has admitted it here and she doesn't seem like the type that would lie he doesn't think it'll be bad. and he directs us on calling each others insurance and good luck... ***SHE GOT NO KIND OF TICKET WHAT SO EVER*** I'm so puzzled, I live on a one way street and I see cops sitting and waiting for people to turn down it just to issue a ticket, and here not only did someone go down a one way she admitted to causing an accident...and NOTHING..I'm so puzzled. I'm thankful that it wasn't a bad accident and no one was hurt, Had it been a BUSY day like on a weekday (it's always packed with people jumping off and on the free way, and crowded from people getting off of work) the situation would have been worse we could have gotten hit on all sides, so I'm very blessed and thankful that it was so minor.

I'm posting this because 1) I want to and (2) I'm so puzzled as to why no ticket was issued! ****RANT OVER**** Thanks for reading =)

Posted by Anonymous on Oct. 7, 2012 at 1:21 AM
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by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Oct. 7, 2012 at 2:56 AM

NOOOOOOOOOOOO! third surgery and 8 yrs since! How traumatic! How have your kids been since? I can't imagine hearing a dr. tell me to get arrangements in order =( this story is so heart breaking, I'm so sorry you had to stop nursing school =( I hate hearing drinking and driving stories, it is so irritating! get a driver, why take the chance and change someone, A FAMILY'S way of life. You are so lucky no one was hurt and that you have survived. I pray your 3rd surgery goes smoothly and that your pain leaves you. That is so awful. I for one min. can't understand the no DUI testing or ticket part at all! You said it was multiple cars and a pile up? You being her is nothing short of a blessing. Stay strong mama and share your story! those who think that they can drink and drive b/c in their head they don't think it'll harm anyone need to hear your story and others like it. It's just so wrong to take that away from anyone b/c someone can't be responsible enough to get a taxi or whatever. uhg 

Quoting Anonymous:

Quoting Anonymous:

Thank you! It has been 8 yrs and I am having my third surgery coming up. Unfortunately my back is just destroyed. I am in awful pain every day, I have so many physical limitations that it has become difficult to take care of myself and my kids most days. It sucks to feel like I have the body of an 80 yr old at 30. The stroke was bad, I have damage all over but the occipital lobe was hurt the worst. I lost my vision for many months and slowly gained back some of it. My brain doesn't function as it should and that is really difficult to live with. I had started nursing school and always did exceptionally well in all of my classes but now my brain is mush. I cannot think quickly enough or store enough information to be a nurse now. It's difficult to explain a brain injury and just how much it affects you.
I am still amazed at how she got off with nothing and I wish I was well enough back then to sue her. Instead we got a tiny insurance settlement when I am still paying those medical bills off.
It's crazy how one moment things are fine, we were coming from a friends child's bday party, and the next moment you're making your final arrangements. I had less than a 10% chance of survival. The drs told me to get my affairs in order, well told my husband. One dr told me I had a couple days if I was lucky but I was confused by that so it didn't sink in and after that he told them not to say things like that in front of or to me. Let me work on healing. So, I did get the biggest miracle out of that, I am here :)

I'm glad you all are okay, driving here is crazy!! Like I said if it ever happens again, hopefully it doesn't but if it does take pictures and if you can record what happens after the accident. Good luck!
by on Oct. 7, 2012 at 4:01 PM

Actually, the only time it's supposed to be like that is during a nasty storm when they announce it. They will say emergency accident reporting only. Then it's only if there is alcohol or injuries involved. I am saying that if I had a fender bender with little or no damage and the other person was not concerned I would not call the cops. If air bags deploy your supposed to call the cops. 

Quoting Anonymous:

We will have to look at it more in the AM. She requested I call as well, she didn't have a phone. I didn't see it as a waste of time, because I thought that's what you do when you get hit(little or big). BUT from the officers mouth I NOW know that it's something you could handle without an officer present if no one is injured. 

Quoting kansasmom1978:

He probably did not want to bother. And I am sorry but I would not have wasted the time of police officers for scratched paint. You could have exchanged information and had the insurance deal with it. 

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