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why is everyone so overweight

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I know I'm really going to get bashed hard for this. I am going to try and be as sensitive as possible, I do not mean to offend anyone.
I was a stick girl, always so tall, thin, and beautiful. Then I became mom, and lazy. I gained 80+ lbs. It has taken 2 years and a lot of sweat, tears and even blood to get where I'm at now. I completely understand how easy it is to get out of shape.
I'm 28 , and I was in job training the other day. I was the oldest female there, average was about 19. I was also the only female in shape. It is so sad.
I want to know why you personally think obesity is such a problem. Is it the government? Laziness ? What do you think?
Posted by Anonymous on Oct. 9, 2012 at 10:02 PM
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by Anonymous 11 on Oct. 9, 2012 at 10:54 PM

Sweet baby jesus.

Quoting ragdoll13:

 kids aren't allowed to bully, 

by on Oct. 9, 2012 at 10:54 PM

Quoting areles:

Quoting Kazoo22:

i mean that thirty years ago, there was no 'fat is sexy' movement. fat was something to avoid and eliminate, not celebrate, and as a result, people tried to avoid massive weight gain, and the numbers of overweight and obese were dramatically lower than they are today.

i'm not saying fat people should be self-hating. that doesn't do anyone any good. but what i AM saying is if that fat people were not surrounded by other fat people telling them that oh, fat is fine and sexy and we're just curvy, perhaps they'd take steps to lose weight. because that's the way, historically, it always WORKED.

i was raised in an era when being fat was not okay. and it definitely gave me body image issues and the like, and that kinda sucks, but at the same time, i'm nearly 40 and i recently wore my eighth grade graduation dress to an 80s party. so i don't entirely resent it.

I get what your saying but I disagree. We are not  really accepting of being "fat" look at the media. Look what we do to a normal healthy body image with digital enhancements, physical enhancements etc. They did a survey of young girls and most sad they would rather have terminal cancer then be fat. So it goes one of two ways, girls either starve themselves and go to ever diet they can to try to fit the media image or their self worth and esteem suffers so much they end up not caring and not feeling worthy or lovable and "pad" themselves with extra pounds to keep people away. I've done a lot of work around girls self worth and body image in my job. I would totally recommend you watch this video which was done by a group of highschool girls.. it sure does not post a very acceptable view on healthy body weight.Here is part one off the video

by Anonymous 24 on Oct. 9, 2012 at 10:56 PM
I agreed with everything but the bullying bit. Plenty of that still happens and it shouldn't. You come off as if you support bullying.

Quoting ragdoll13:

Its too easy to be fat. They're making fashionable clothes in too large sizes, people hide behind thyroid "issues", there is no guideline fold what food stamps can buy, kids aren't allowed to bully, gym programs have their funding cut, parents sit kids in front of video games, the health horrors of being fat aren't being shoved in people's faces. Lots of reasons.

by Emerald Member on Oct. 9, 2012 at 10:56 PM
I can't speak for anyone else. I am not obese but I am overweight. I gained 50lbs with my pregnancy, I couldn't exercise, heck I could hardly walk, but I did eat good. After having my daughter the weight didn't go away and I didn't know what exercises to do without hurting myself. I am now in physical therapy and am getting back in shape, December 4th I am having a total hip replacement and after that I am hoping to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight which is the perfect weight for me.
by Platinum Member on Oct. 9, 2012 at 11:05 PM

Did you really just say that on purpose? Bullying in any form is wrong. If kids are allowed to bully based on weight, then it will just escalate into other forms whether it's something physical like someone's nose, or the way there face looks, etc to things like clothing, and other things children can't control.

I'm not saying kids can't control being overweight, but bullying is not the answer it's just another problem. Which by the way is a big reason why kids get fat or get fatter. I know from watching people I went to school with that bullying because of weight caused more self-loathing and self-esteem issues that lead to more overeating or eating disorders. Yes we should educate children on the importance of exercise and being healthy, but bully doesn't do any of that. 

Quoting ragdoll13:

Its too easy to be fat. They're making fashionable clothes in too large sizes, people hide behind thyroid "issues", there is no guideline fold what food stamps can buy, kids aren't allowed to bully, gym programs have their funding cut, parents sit kids in front of video games, the health horrors of being fat aren't being shoved in people's faces. Lots of reasons.

by on Oct. 9, 2012 at 11:07 PM

Some has to do with laziness, spoiled kids, some just give up, do not care, have no education in knowing what is right or wrong. The lazy ones just want to sit and watch tv all day and not even try to go for a walk or do something during a commercial. Most kids now have all these electronics. Play station, Xbox, Nintendo ds, lap tops, flat screens etc.. They just sit and play games or watch tv or chat with friends online. Some parents do not tell their kids to go outside and ride a bike or play basketball or take them to a park to fly a kite or throw a Frisbee. The ones who give up just say forget it, or I tried to loose weight and couldn't so whats the point. The ones who don't care are probably saying like me how I am or do not like me at all I don't care. I am not skinny and have pounds to loose. I use to not care but decided that I want to be around for my children. Now my 4 year old and I go for a walk, kick a soccer ball and play outside . I workout for about 30 mins a day and its not easy. I will never buy my child one of those electronics I just do not believe in them. I would rather have my kid riding her bike or playing around outside. I am not sayin all parents just let their kid sit in front of a tv. I am just saying some do.I do not care what anyone thinks of me or if they do not like me because I am not skinny. I care about what I look like so I wanted to change.

by on Oct. 9, 2012 at 11:08 PM
Food is delicious and Netflix isn't gonna watch itself. Omnom.
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by on Oct. 9, 2012 at 11:17 PM

i totally agree it can be done, ive done it too but its soo tempting to just be lazy when youre exhausted. compared to when you stay home. i personally dont buy anything thats not healthy(kids get one snack item like crackers, fruit snacks etc) for me thats teh only way to do it...becuase if its in my pantry it will get eaten lol and prob by me :p

Quoting Kenre:

See, but I think that is just an excuse. I know I am guilty of wanting to be lazy on meals, but I prepare all of my kids' meals (except when they go on visitation to their grandma's EOWE). I work full time with overtime. I even make bread on Sunday. I preserve, mass cook Real Food, and do home canning. It is possible to do it. I fight the laziness I grew up learning. I cry when I cannot find a Real Food ingredient for something I like. It is hard when the shelves are packed with 'easy' stuff. In today's world it is very difficult to be healthy and I get teased and told to 'lighten up' a lot for feeding my kids healthy. Even WIC gives out crap that isn't Real Food claiming to be helping children be healthy. Excuses - Society - Marketing - Parenting - Government ...All of them have one thing in common about not getting Real Food into the masses.

Quoting svolkov:

I think it goes along with too many women working outside the home(not that I think its bad at all or needed in many cases) but I know when I stay at home we always get elaborate healthy meals, when I had to work it was a huge chore that didn't always get done. Seriously who wants to cook for hrs after working all day?

Quoting Kenre:

Real food is so hard to find in most places and so many have lost the will to learn how to create and prepare it.

by on Oct. 9, 2012 at 11:21 PM

This was my dinner tonight. Turkey and cheese grilled sandwich on wheat, carrots, cantaloupe, and yogurt. If have loved chips and dip and a dessert but I'm trying to be good.
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by Bronze Member on Oct. 9, 2012 at 11:27 PM

lmao yeah blame the government for fat people xD makes sense. not.

I blame it on fighting being skinny. Everyone's so busy fighting being super thin and people making themselves throw up that they put the fight against obesity on the back burner. "Oh you're not fat, you're just chunky!". I lie to my friends all the time about them not being fat.

People want to be the way they want to be, period. I'm not encouraging anorexia/bulemia (I know they're serious and bad ways of losing weight) but I'm also not condoning having an overweight child and not taking responsibility for it. Way too many fat kids out there (including my 10-yr old sister who sits on her computer *all day* and eats junk food and my parents condone it - i can't say anything as I live across the country from them). 

It's all about "comfort". "Feel good the way you are." It's not about being GOOD anymore, no one wants anyone to feel remotely bad about themselves. 

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