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My kids turned out just fine...

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I refused to breast feed both of my children

I turned their car seats around at 11 months old

I bought them booster seats at four years old

I buckle them in with their coats on

I let them play outside in the yard without watching them closly

I refuse to medicate my add child

I vaccine 

I let my kids sleep with me when they want to, but they are capable of sleeping in their own beds as well.

And they are just fine. They're healthy, have never had any problems, make straight a's, and are at the top of their class in school, and teacher's favorites.

People need to lighten the fuck up.

Posted by Anonymous on Nov. 7, 2012 at 10:21 AM
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by Gold Member on Nov. 8, 2012 at 11:03 PM

Remember when your crib was coated in lead based paint and you came home from the hospital in your mothers arms in the front seat of the car?  We lived through it all....

Quoting rebeccab1966:


Quoting AntzMom24:

So did we! People forget how THEY were raised. Think about your childhood. Would you let your children go riding their bikes around the neighborhood ALL DAY LONG? Because I sure did growing up. "Getting lost" was my favorite thing to do with my little sister. Car seats were optional, medicine was handed out like candy, parents let us run around at all hours, spankings were the norm, and guess what. We survived. 

Remember our old playgrounds at school?  Everything was metal and concrete and it would bake in the sun.  Now everything is padded, cushioned and soft.  We would stay out late playing with flashlights, we'd sleep in the back of my Mom's old station wagon.  My parents let us be kids--bumps, bruises, disappointments and all.  They taught us what hard work meant.  I try to be like them, so does my husband.  Our kids are smart, healthy, happy, respectful, kind and they work hard and look out for other people. 

by Anonymous 36 on Nov. 9, 2012 at 9:41 AM

 The big winter coat can compress during an accident causing there to be extra room between the child and the harness, and possibly causing injury to the child.  If you tighten the harness straps as tight as you can over the winter coat, then without reajusting the straps, put the child in the car seat without a coat on and you will see how loose the are.  That is why it's better to remove that big puffy winter coat and wear either a hoodie or a lighter fleece in the car and put the coat on when you get them out of the car seat.  There are videos all over youtube showing how loose they are.  In the car seat manual it even states to remove bulky clothing including winter coats & snowsuits.

Quoting BelleVernonGirl:

Well that makes no sense to me at all bc if you tighten the straps over the child what would it matter if hes wearing a coat? 

Quoting Anonymous:

 Well you just met one.  I take my kids coats off before they get into their carseat.  They wear a fleece jacket under it so that they aren't cold in the car.  We put the coats back on when they get out of the car seat.  If you are in a car accident the coat can compress and the child could be hurt because of the extra room between the child and the harness straps that the coat makes.  I'm not taking any chances with my precious children.

Quoting BelleVernonGirl:

Well my kids are 16 now so I haven't used a car seat in years but I don't know anyone who takes their kids coat off...

Quoting Anonymous:

It says right there in your car seat manual to remove bulky clothing. In an accident, the coat will compress which can lead to the child being ejected.

Quoting BelleVernonGirl:

Since when are you suppose to take a kids coat off in the car?  That's one I have never ever heard...I call


So I googled it...and cafe mom is what comes up...I think this is some shit you crazy girls made up to further harass ppl on here...





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