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Some of you just don't get it... (yes another secession post.)

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I know some are getting sick of reading and hearing about this, so of course you have the right to not read or read and explain just how sick of it you are lol. 

I think some are not quite getting it though. It is not about not wanting to be an American anymore. No where is anyone saying that they don't want to be an American by signing or even making these petitions. It is individuals that are making the petitions, and these individuals have nothing to do with the actual state's government that they are making the petitions for. What it is all about is the people getting sick of how the government is running things. Over the years American citizens have been given less and less chances to really say how they feel. We are given things to vote on, but when you have to start voting on the lesser of the two evils on things, it is kind of pointless. We are giving choices that are made by the government, not by the people. The petitions are trying to show the government that the people are fed up with the way things are being run. Not about actually leaving America, but about making a point. Telling them hey, we don't like the way this country is being run, we want something done about it. Over the years we have just went with how things are, and now it is time to take a stand and say this is enough. We can not continue to live like this. We want something different. We want things to be better. We want our voices to be heard. 

by on Nov. 13, 2012 at 3:30 PM
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by Platinum Member on Nov. 14, 2012 at 9:49 AM

 So just give up and sign random petitons? The ones who do not have multimillion dollar budgets need to start earlier and put in more face to face time with potential voters. They need a clear and concise message and encourage their voter base to go out and spread the message they are trying to convey. Election changes will not happen overnight, however, if people are willing to put the time and effort, you have a better chance of making a difference. Just sitting on a computer and clicking on a button will not do anything.

Quoting redneckmama2:

From what I have seen only the independantly wealthy really make it anywhere in the government so your normal everyday joe working thier ass off for minimum wage, even with a college degree, is not going to get very far

Quoting km1970:

 Maybe instead of signing petitions, the people that have problems with the government should run for office themselves. Get involved with local and state politics. Become a voice for change instead of a random name on an internet petition.



by Anonymous 5 on Nov. 14, 2012 at 11:19 AM

and see thats the thing. I doubt these petitions will do anything. And im sure there would have been MORE of an uproar is Romney did win. 

People are not happy with the USA. Thats obvious. Im not happy with the way things have been going for years. But the blame is being soley placed on the president as if this government was a dictatorship. And its not.  Congress has alot to do with the bills that are passed and are not passed. But no one does anyting about that. 

I mean the president is only human. How many times as a person have you(general) thought something was a good idea in the beginning and then all the details started coming out and then you(again general) realize "well fuck, thats not as great as i origianlly thought it was before all the details started coming out"

The government is the same way. 

Petitioning the government to leave the Union is a HUGE asinine idea. Istead people need to get PRO ACTIVE and write congress. Petition congress for change. 

All the responsibilty for this country does not lay only on the president. If it did, there would not be a congress. ONLY 1 person would be in charge.  Example, Hitler, Stalin, Saddam. 

But the United (understand that wourd people UNITED) States Of America. 

We, the people of the UNITED States Of America need to UNITE together to make change. 

Not lay blame at the feet of 1 MAN, who is human, when there have been many before him fucking shit up

Quoting Anonymous:

If you read some of the other posts about secession there are CMers saying that people have put together petitions after other elections and they never amounted to anything. Not sure if it's true or not because you'd think more people would know of previous petitions, right?
As to whether or not it's about Obama- who knows? Maybe Obama supporters would have gotten petitions together if Romney had won. Either way, people are not happy with the way the USA is going. And I think it's the fault of Congress. They're the ones behind the president saying yes or no. This fiscal cliff coming up is going to through a lot of people into a mess. In the end, it's not about Red vs. Blue, but about the federal government as a whole is taking from the American taxpayer and any country they can borrow from to put us into more debt. They have no real solution. Raise the debt ceiling? What does that really solve? Raise taxes on the middle class and rich? Sure tax them to death and you'll see more unemployment. Certainly can't tax the poor-they're too poor. They can tax businesses and corporations, but who really pays that tax in the end? The consumer does!
SO I'd have to say we're all fucked in some way and it's creating angry citizens who are tired of the bullshit coming off Capitol Hill. :)

by Anonymous 5 on Nov. 14, 2012 at 11:30 AM


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