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I think she thinks he wont LET me go to the hospital....

Posted by Anonymous
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So 2 days ago DH and I were at my MILs house. We were heading out to run to the grocery store, I went out the slider first and got jus about to the stairs of the deck(only 3 small stairs). Just before them, I stepped with my right foot, felt my ankle pop side ways and I fell off the corner of the deck(it was a short distance). I dont know if it was the pain or the quickness but I dont actually remember falling, I just remember saying my husbands name and he was right there. My ankle hurt so bad I was crying, I havent cried from pain since I was a child. I didnt even cry when in labor!

Anyway, it was swollen pretty bad, we put it up and Iced it. DH ran and got me epsom salt and crutches, and I soaked it for half an hour. 

Later that night we went over to MY moms since we were staying there. She kept asking if I was ok and stuff, and saying I should go to the hospital. My husband was like "its not broken, I think she just rolled it". I agreed I could move my toes and what not. Well them my mom looks at me and goes "what do YOU want to do". Like really seriously and sternly. I told her I wanted to eat and go to sleep. She left me alone after that though.

The next day DH was like. Do you think your mom thinks I wont let you go to the hospital?? I told him I was wondering the same thing. He asked if I wanted to and I told him no, there isnt much they will do for me anyway besides what we are doing already. Besides if I wanted to I would have, and guess what, he would have taken me!!

I think my mom does not understand how he and I work. She has been divorced since I was 2 and has had the final say in everything. She is also Extreamly bull headed. My entire life has been her controling what I do by way of making me second guess myself in to the decision she feels is best. She still trys to do it too. She is often mean to her boyfriends too because she has to be the one in contorl.

I trust my husband, I dont demean his opinion, but I have my own. I voice my own and he respects that. I have no doubt that he looks out for mine and our childrens best intrests, I wouldnt be with him if I didnt. If I had wanted to go to the hospital I would have. 

My grandmother only adds to the problems too, and they wonder why I would be just fine living as far away from them as possible!!

Posted by Anonymous on Nov. 14, 2012 at 5:43 PM
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