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(Edit, for those that are in a hurry, the gyst is in bold) 

I do not know if I have a problem or not...

but would like the opinion of other pet owners. 

I have a dog named Holly, she is about 60 pounds she is an Irish Wolf Hound Crossed with a Shepard. 

The above is a photo of her after she got her spring hair cut, she is usually very very furry, thick thick fur so it is hard throughout most of the year to see her "figure". 

When she got shaved she was so adorable as you can see but I was just astounded at how THIN she was.  I always pictured this fat chunk of a dog underneath all that fur. 

I experience this shock every spring (she is 3 years old)...This is where my possble problem comes in.

I have never gotten her to eat her dog food very well.  We give her a couple scoops full and she just picks at it.  Often a couple scoops would last her 3-4 days!  I have weaned her off and on DOZENS of different kinds of dog foods, the really expensive, the really cheap and several inbetween.

She likes Purina's Meaty Bites...those little plastic packages of soft bacon flavored dog food, meant to be more of a treat than anything I think.  

You know what she wont leave alone though???

The cat food. 

We have several mouser kitties, borderline ferral manx cats...We feed them Purina Alley Cat Seafood Sensation, Holly eats the shit out of it!  So does my other pup Lil'Shitter, she is a ShiTzu mixed with a Terrier im not worried about her weight though she is a sausage.  If anything her fat ass is on a diet.

So, I offer my pets a buffet of sorts.  From what I have found she tends to eat Science Diet the best, go figure the most expensive shit ever.  Even the cats eat that though!  See my problem? 

I can't afford to be feeding ferral mousers Science Diet, frankly Holly should not need Science Diet.  The only reason she even got a taste of Science Diet was because I have a friend whos dog died from old age and he gave me all of the dogs stuff.  He gave me a big bag of Science Diet for Gastrointestinal and Beggin Strips.  I of course didn't want it to go to waste and graciously accepted. 

Holly ate it alright, for real, could never get her to dig into...Takes several days for her to eat a medium bowl of dog food.  However other brands she just wouldn't hardly touch. 

Alley Cat however, YUM YUM...

All of my animals seem to be thoroughly satisfied with Alley Cat. 

Because of Holly's thinness im always trying to stuff her full, not a single scrap of food in this house is not presented to her.  I feed her a whole chicken every week (no bones of course), I feed her virtually ALL of our left overs and whenever im thawing out any kind of chops or roast or burger, Holly always gets a chunk.  She just isnt voracious.  I have to shoo the other cats away when its time for her chicken.  Most dogs would be really defensive and rip a cat in half for even sniffing their food. 

Not Holly, if I could read her mind she is like, "Oh you want some of my chicken?  Sure, let me go lay in the flower bed and ill just eat when you are done."...Lily however, weighing in at 10 pounds on her fattest day, she would rip Holly in half for sniffing her food.  She is like a hyena, the fur along her spine sticks straight up its hilarious. 

I have taken Holly to the vet for her regular checkups and they always tell me, "Yea, she is on the skinny side, but she is still healthy"...

I dont want her on the skinny side, I look at her and I just feel like she is starving!  I dont want her as fat as Lil'Shitter either though.  I want her just, bulky ya know?

If you have made it this far thank you, im going to put my big questions in bold for those that didn't make it lol...





by on Nov. 15, 2012 at 11:51 AM
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by Ruby Member on Nov. 15, 2012 at 1:37 PM

 Interesting, hadn't heard of garlic for dogs before either.  I have warmed her food up on real cold nights and she did seem to appreciate that a little more.  See, im kinda looking for a lazy solution though.  Im willing to go the extra 1/2  mile, not the extra mile lol.  But if thats what I gotta do, I guess I havn't got much choice, so thank you for the tip.

Quoting demlilkit:

I had the same problem with my dog. What I find is get the food if u heat it up with garlic they will find it more appealing. cook some garlic and do half crunch half meaty from a can take the garlic put it in the pan and mix half the can of meaty dog food with it heat up the food and then mix with the crunchy. Wait till it cools and serve warm.


by Ruby Member on Nov. 15, 2012 at 1:40 PM

 Neat, thanks.  Yea I have not given her puppy food for a while.

Quoting Mom24munchkins:

Our dog was the same way!! Soooo skinny and scarfed cat food (we use alley cat lol) and I just searched till I found one she liked. Try purina little bites. Our dog loves it. The cats likes it too haha


by on Nov. 15, 2012 at 1:43 PM
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Ours never would eat puppy food. She stole cat food and refused it. She loves this stuff though :) worth a shot anyways! It looks a lot like kitty food.

Quoting Matriarch87:

 Neat, thanks.  Yea I have not given her puppy food for a while.

Quoting Mom24munchkins:

Our dog was the same way!! Soooo skinny and scarfed cat food (we use alley cat lol) and I just searched till I found one she liked. Try purina little bites. Our dog loves it. The cats likes it too haha


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by Ruby Member on Nov. 15, 2012 at 1:45 PM
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 Im about convinced that if I didn't give her all the table food I give her she would look like a neglect case too.  Yea i dont want to make her fat or cause any hardships on her bones/joints, but I just want her "perfect" and she is now a little too skinny...Id be happy if she gained about 3 pounds, 5 would be perfect.  The vet said the ideal weight for a dog her size would be around 70-75 pounds, and its been a while sense she was weighed but last I remember she tipped the scales at about 60.  So while the vet says she is still healthy, she still is underweight just not terribly.  Ill definitly look into the puppy food...Ive gotten so much great advice now I just dont know what to try first!  

Quoting furbabymum:

 Science diet isn't the best of foods.

I have issues keeping my viszla's weight up. So much so that we were going to the vet about it and the vet was astounded. He looked like a severe neglect case even though he was eating tons of food.

Anyway, make sure your dog is totally up to date on worming and such.

As for bulking up your dog to bulk them up, Bad idea. Unnecessary weight is actually harder on a dogs joints. YOu have a large breed dog mix, you don't need to make it harder on her joints. Our great pyr is a healthy weight but not bulky by any means. It's totally ok on him.

Puppy food might help as well though. We have a 100lb St bernard who is over 3 feet tall. Dog is just skinny skinny and always has been. Puppy food has been helping. He's not a pup but the food is putting some meat on his bones.


by Bronze Member on Nov. 15, 2012 at 1:46 PM
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 My grandparents had a dog that would only eat cat food.  It lived to be 17 years old, lol!

by Platinum Member on Nov. 15, 2012 at 1:51 PM

We have one picky dog. We make gravy for his kibbles using bacon grease and mix it into his kibble. Of course the other dogs believe it is infair, so they must all be given gravy, too. Then the cats (ours are mostly feral as well) realize what is going on. Since they have little pea-brains, a smattering of warm water over their kibble convinces them that they, too, have been given gravy.

by Platinum Member on Nov. 15, 2012 at 1:52 PM

I was a dog groomer professionally for 4 years, I have shaved more dogs than you can imagine. Irish wolf hounds are sight hounds they are supposed to be very skinny, they just don't look it because they have wire hair which fills them out and they have a slightly heavier body set than those breeds too but their BMI is about the same Trust me run your hands down one that's being shown (we had 3 campions that came to our salon from two different breeders) you feel ribs and vertebrae! Go look at a whippet or a Saluki for a comparable (my friend calls her Afghan Hound "cancer dog" when she shaves her because shes so disturbingly thin under all that hair.) She needs to be on the skinny side, it's healthy for her.

Your dog is fine eating cat food but your cats should not eat dog food, just fyi. She likes it because it's got more fat and tastes good (like people and other mammals dogs evolved to crave fats they don't need them like cats do but it won't hurt anything but her breath.)

Do not fatten up your dog, she is taking after the Irish wolfhound side, they are prone to fatty tumors (generally not life threatening but very gross looking) hip dysplasia and I believe a thyroid disorder all of which are made WORSE or can be brought on by the dog being even slightly over weight. It sound like she is a grazer.


by Ruby Member on Nov. 15, 2012 at 1:55 PM
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 You are right, at this point she does probably count on me giving it to her.  But when it first started, it was random...I would give her her dog food, check it the next day and it was untouched check it the next day and maybe a few bits are missing, the next maybe half gone...It would for real take her several days to eat 2 cups of dog food...At the start of course scraps were just a once in a while treat.  So she never counted on them...So when she basically stopped eating, I basically just gave her a few scraps for her to get some nourishment, a stale piece of pizza, some soggy carrots.  Nothing that a dog would be overly excited about ya know? lol.  It was also totally random, not an every day thing..cause i still kept in mind, "when she is hungry she will eat" and "oh just a little so she gets something"...Sometimes I went a whole week without giving her anything and her dog food would still be there...Then it got progressively worse...I become more generous with her slowly until now im thawing out her own slabs of meat along side my families lol...

I will certainly consider your tips, I like the plate idea a lot.

Quoting momof3jam:

 Can you see her ribs? You should be able to feel them a little, but not see them. I don't think cat food is a healthy diet for dogs. Cats have different nutritional needs, so their food is created differently.

In my opinion, you giving her human food is the problem here. Think about it from her point of view. "If I don't eat this dry, crunchy crap, this nice lady will make me some delicious food. So I won't eat this crappy food".

I've had the same kind of picky dog. If you don't give her ANY people food, she'll eat the dog food. They will eat before they let themselves starve. If you are really, really nervous, cut out people food as a whole, and just mix it INTO her bowl of dog food. Then slowly put less and less in there. OR, put her dog food on a human plate (pick one up at a thrift store just for her if you're weird about her eating off your plates). She will still feel like she's eating your food... You can also add an egg to her food, or a teaspoon or two of bacon grease... But first just focus on weaning her to only dog food.


by on Nov. 15, 2012 at 1:55 PM
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my dog is an incredibly picky eater.  There are times when I am just so frustrated that she won't eat, I lock her in the washroom with her food and won't let her out.   The vet ALWAYS says she's fine.  but her ribs poke out.  I've even taken her to two different vets.  Hundreds in bills, but she's "fine".  

A friend of mine's dog had some kidney/stomach issues and her vet said to feed the dog boiled white rice and chicken for the dog to eat.   It's full of nutrients and gentle on the stomach.  I noticed her dog got pretty dang fat.    So I started boiling chicken and rice and mixing it with my dogs food.   Now instead of a few bites a day she'll eat a half bowl or more.      It sounds pricey, but it's really not.  rice in bulk is supa cheap and dogs dont care about the quality/cut of the chicken.   

by on Nov. 15, 2012 at 1:56 PM

Have you tried something called Satin Balls? Some owners of show dogs will use that for their dogs a little before a show, it helps them gain a little weight and helps with their coats. I used it on my great pyr when he was going through his growing stage and I had a horrible time keeping any weight on him. You can message me if you want the recipe. It works really well, and in a matter of days.

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