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I really think they should notify us . Grrrr

Posted by Anonymous
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We live in an income based housing complex.

It's rather large and there is one laundry mat. It only has 5 washers and 5 dryers Sonora hard to ever find a time when they aren't full. But everyone seems to have a schedule so I know certain times they will be empty.

It's 1.00 to wash. It's fifty cents to set but usually takes at least 3 dry cycles to get them dry.

We live in one of te furthest apartments from the laundromat.

I walked over there, with 3 loads of laundry, go there, and found a sign on the door "temporary closed for cleaning."

Now first of all, they don't mind notifying us of ANYTHING that they see that is the slightest but wrong.

Would it be so difficult to tell us when they are going to close the laundromat?

This is the third time that I've gotten over there to find it closed in the past 6 weeks.

Plus, when I got there, the lights were out, the door was locked and the office was already closed. The Maintenance men go home when the office closes? So what was being cleaned and who was doing it?

The last time they closed for
Cleaning, when I went the next say, the floor was still filthy, two dryers and a washer were still broken and the trash was overflowing. What the hell do
They clean? And whatever it is they are doing, why the hell don't they tell us in advance?!

I can't even call the office and find out If it's closed, I just get an answering machine and they NEVER call back.

And the office is right next laundromat. So id have to walk just as far to find out, only of I go to find out without my laundry and it's open then have to walk back to my apartment, and carry these dry back down, which at the point someone else always manages to get the last washer before I do.

Grrrr. If they can send out automated calls remind people when rent is do, when trash pick up is and when updates are do why can't they send one when the laundromat is shut down?? V
Posted by Anonymous on Nov. 15, 2012 at 9:54 PM
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