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Does this sound strange to anyone?? *** A new update in blue

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Question: Does this sound strange to anyone??





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This girl I know is trying to say that her dad's girlfriend messed with her daughter.  Mind you this child does not speak well and she always has all these differnet guys over at her place.  This mother is ALWAYS yelling at her daughter and she treats her just plain awful! 

Anyways, she is saying that she has been meeting with CPS, the cops, and doctors all at the same place which I know its really hard to get all of them together at once (this just came about last night).  What she is telling me is making NO SENSE - she said the ER would NOT check her daughter (which is NOT true) and that they had 72 hours to get her seen (mind you this happened a few weeks ago) and again this is NOT true. 

What do you ladies think about it?  I want NO BASHING at all, please!

Upated: 11/18/12

Well I just found out CPS called her at the end of the day and told her she has to take her daughter to this place that is for kids who may have been abused or neglected...BUT they are making her bring her daughter into the CPS office at 2 pm tomorrow (both appointmnents are NOT at the same time)!!  The child is THREE - they are NOT going to put this child through 3 or 4 interviews!  I told her to be careful but she won't listen to me!  She has yet to see a doctor about this!!

Posted by Anonymous on Nov. 16, 2012 at 10:29 PM
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by Anonymous 3 on Nov. 19, 2012 at 6:14 PM

Around here CPS nor the cops will interview a child under the age of six. 

Quoting Anonymous:

Yes they will, at least in my state....cps can be there too!  I know a 3 year old that was NOT interviewed by this place and cps interviewed the child themselves

Quoting Anonymous:

CPS will not talk to a 3 year old. If she has an interview with them they want to make sure the child is in the correct care with your friend. 

by on Nov. 19, 2012 at 6:16 PM

 well I guess better her momma being drama then it really happening but some one needs to get that little girl away from her if thats the case because eventually people are going to catch on an start ignoring her an shes gonna do something to hurt the little girl or make her sick ect or even worse just to get the attention. Theres been several cases like this. I know it sounds like im jumping the gun but that would worry me alot. Because women who use thier children to get attention like that will do any thing to keep that attention.

Quoting Anonymous:

I really think her mom is making this up...too much doesn't make sense.

Quoting MrsRinehart2010:

 she sounds like an all around crappy parent who just makes drama surrounding her child to get attention for her self.. Alot more common then people relize

hopefullly for the little girls sake it is just her mommy being an attention whore an something really didnt happen to her an her mom is handling it like this.


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