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Stop mutilating your babies!!!!

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Why did my loving parents do this to me many years ago?

I’m sure their doctor told them it was the hygienic thing to do. But I’m equally sure I must have been screaming like hell while it was being done. Today, millions of circumcisions are still performed. But it’s time to stop this shocking brutality and the complications associated with it.

Dr. Guy Madder, a surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide, Australia, reports in the Annals of Family Medicine that there is no convincing evidence that circumcision decreases the risk of sexually transmitted disease, urinary tract infections, or penile cancer.

The rituals of some religious faiths advocate circumcision. But, apart from these circumstances, it’s hard to justify this procedure. In fact, a reading of the world’s medical journals makes your hair stand on end when you read of potential surgical complications.

How common are complications? This depends on how you label a complication. For example, penal foreskin is anatomically the most sensitive part of the organ. It ensures satisfactory sex. It’s therefore reasonable to argue that in this instance the complication rate is 100% because it decreases sexual satisfaction.

There’s another aspect to circumcision that is never mentioned in the discussion of the pros and cons of this surgery. Today, erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs are being used by an increasing number of males, and many of them are not in their senior years. I admit, I have no hard statistics on this matter. [Editor's note: recent ED statistics are outlined in The Rise of Viagra]

But I wonder how many males who require ED drugs could have experienced a longer and more satisfactory sex life, if this sensitive organ had not been removed. I suspect more than we realize. This is a great project for some aspiring researcher!

But why do some of the complications of this procedure make one’s hair stand on end? Harvey Cushing, one of Harvard’s greatest brain surgeons, once remarked that, “There is no such thing as minor surgery, but there are a lot of minor surgeons.” In this case, a profound remark.

Compared to brain surgery, circumcision is a minor procedure, and is normally performed without complications. But, no surgical procedure to my knowledge has ever been devised, regardless of how minor it is, without possible untoward results.

The world’s medical journals are full of reports dealing with a variety of surgical complications. And the vast majority of severe complications are not an act of God, but technical human errors made during the procedure.

A primary problem is the incorrect use of the circumcision clamp. In some cases too much foreskin is pulled into the clamp resulting in injury, not only to the shaft of the penis, but also to the urinary tube (urethra) that runs through it. The most traumatic complication in the past caused the amputation of part of the penis.

Such traumatic injuries to the penis and urethra often result in urinary stricture and difficulty passing urine. Or, the injury may result in a urethral fistula, in which urine is discharged through an abnormal opening. These complications are not easy to repair, and what starts out as a minor procedure, becomes a major one. Moreover, some of these injuries only become apparent following discharge from hospital. A fistula often takes weeks or months to make its presence known.

There have been bizarre problems that one would never think of happening. For instance, one newborn screamed during the procedure with such intensity that the stomach ruptured, requiring additional emergency surgery.

Another had heart failure [heart attack] from the circumcision surgery and died.

Still another died from a bleeding disorder post-op. It’s easy to see how this could happen since coagulation studies are not routinely done prior to circumcision surgery.

Why wouldn’t babies scream like hell when circumcised without anesthesia? And how many males who have it done later in life would agree to this procedure without anesthesia?

Today we criticize those cultures that believe in the barbaric act of female circumcision. Yet Western doctors continue to carry out this sadistic procedure in males without their permission. That’s why many argue that circumcision violates the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Amen to that.


There are more links and good reads on the website. This isn't a debate. You are playing with fire and potentially scarring your son for life. Please be factually informed before you chop it off. You may sit back and say "Well, my baby/son never had problems, he is set for life!" Look at the increase of men looking to reverse it and now looking to help for ED. The complications may not be present at first, but they will come at a vengence later.

Posted by Anonymous on Nov. 19, 2012 at 4:02 PM
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by Anonymous 81 on Nov. 20, 2012 at 7:09 PM

Quoting chloemom531:

Quoting Anonymous:

...look leave me alone ok...raise ur kids i hope they got all thier xmas stuff!!! Or maybe u dont believe n that either


Because I don't believe in cutting off healthy parts of a child's body I must not believe in Christmas?

A little ironic since circumcision is a Jewish thing lol...

I really really REALLY encourage you to do some research on what an intact penis is actually like to have. My first serious boyfriend was intact, as well as one of my boyfriends after him and before my ex-husband (who is cut and has severe problems orgasming and he's only in his 20s) and I can tell you from first hand experience it is not dirty or gross or difficult to clean. They never had an infection in their lives. Sex with them felt better than cut men I've slept with, and they had and have no problem finding women who are happy to date or sleep with them.

There are some things parents are not supposed to do to their children, and harming them without any justification is one of them.

by on Nov. 20, 2012 at 7:12 PM
Well, I have three boys, and they are all circ'd. Breastfed all three til they were over two years old.

Honestly, all of that is hyped up.

I don't tell you how to raise your kids, don't tell me how to raise mine. I am sure you do things that others would think is fucked up.

Quoting Anonymous:

Out of 100 Circumcised boys:

75 will not readily breastfeed post-op

55 will have adverse reactions from the surgery

35 will have post-op hemorrhaging to one degree or another

31 will develop meatal ulcers

10 will need to have the circumcision surgery repeated to fix prior surgical problems/error
8 will suffer infection at the surgical site

3 will develop post-operative phimosis

2 will have a more serious complication (seizure, heart attack, stroke, loss of penis, death)

1 will require additional immediate surgery and sutures to stop hemorrhage

1 will develop fibrosis

1 will develop phimosis

1 will be treated with antibiotics for a UTI (urinary tract infection)

1 will be treated with antibiotics for surgical site infection

Of those who do receive pain medication for the surgery (about 4% of those boys undergoing circumcision in the U.S.) some will have adverse reactions to the pain medication injected

Out of 100 Intact boys:

2 will be treated with antibiotics for a UTI (fewer if the foreskin is never forcibly retracted)

1 will be told to get cut later in life for one reason or another (fewer if the foreskin is never forcibly retracted)
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by The Dorkfish on Nov. 20, 2012 at 7:13 PM

by ❤️Lucy 💋 on Nov. 20, 2012 at 7:14 PM
My boys are circed!!! Yay me!!
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by Gold Member on Nov. 20, 2012 at 7:17 PM
I have three boys and all are circumcised. 21,16,&13. So far so good. No problems ever.
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by Gold Member on Nov. 20, 2012 at 7:57 PM
No I don't sleep around. I am happily married. I had to do a project when I was in college about a controversal medical topic and abortion was already taken so I did it on circumcision. I talked to the closest male family and friends that I had and they were ok with talking to me about it. I just ask some basic questions and if they were uncomfortable with any of them they didn't have to answer. I asked most of them through email, so it wasn't face-to-face conversations. I never said I was for it I just said that I know guys who wish they were. Way to be a judgemental twit.

Quoting Anonymous:
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by Sapphire Member on Nov. 20, 2012 at 8:00 PM
Quoting Anonymous:

A lot of you ladies don't understand that its not a "personal choice" anymore. There are medical studies showing it is an unnecessary surgery removing a vital part of skin from the boys penis. What part of that are you not getting? You are causing lifelong issues for your son by cutting it off.


LMAO! No, there's nothing of the sort. Get your facts straight.
First, "unnecessary" doesn't mean "useless". Sure, you can live a happy and healthy life with a foreskin, just as you can without vaccines. But just as that fact doesn't mean vaccines are useless and shouldn't be given, it doesn't mean circumcision is useless and shouldn't be performed
Second, no, the foreskin isn't a "vital" part. Vital means "1 a : existing as a manifestation of life b : concerned with or necessary to the maintenance of life", and seeing how my DH is alive and kicking at 44, my dad is equally alive at 69 and Fil is Alice at 74, I say the foreskin is hardly "vital". If you mean vital as in essential to the function of the penis, wrong again! The penis has 3 functions: urination, reproduction and sexual satisfaction. All 3 functions remain intact and unchanged without a foreskin. So what's do "vital" about it? LOL
Third, even the AAP now risked changing its stance to claim the benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks, so what "medical studies" you used to reach that erroneous conclusion is beyond me. Probably some of those anti-circ manipulated studies no respectable journal has agreed to publish, lol. You know, all the Van Howe and Bollinger crap.

by Sapphire Member on Nov. 20, 2012 at 8:07 PM
Quoting Blue_Spiral:

"Female circumcision is illegal. It's only a matter of time before there is equality."

Oh, hang on to that dream! It's really all intactivists have got left... Their efforts to ban it in the US resulted in a prohibition against trying to make it illegal (LOL @ the irony). Even Germany backed out from that and is now seeking to have legislation to protect it. The WHO banned the term "female circumcision" because it created an association between the 2 practices that only exists in the intactivists' minds. The AAP claims the benefits outweigh the risks, and most people spot you for the fanatics you are the second you start spreading crap like how it affects sexuality or how it's oh-so much like FGM....
So, sure, if telling yourself your little Internet rants are gonna magically turn all that around and change the facts, and/or make people see what you think it's "the light", go ahead. Whatever eases your mind.

by Sapphire Member on Nov. 20, 2012 at 8:25 PM
Quoting Blue_Spiral:

"I said women who are forced to cover their hair. The point here is for people to have a choice."

Another common anti-circ red herring: inflating the value of a choice. Fact is every human being on the planet is limited in his/her choices. You can't do anything you please. Your laws and societies limit the choices you have. Other societies have different limitations and again, what an ego to suggest that your limits on choices are THE right ones every human being should abide by?

"And you also lumped that together with child brides... I mean, hey, it's a cultural difference. I guess we should respect that too!"

Actually, I didn't. Just because I was too lazy to edit on my iPhone that doesn't take away from the fact that the lumping was done by YOU.
But yes, you should respect it if it's part of their culture and not interfering with the laws of the country.

"Enlighten me on how free you are, Sharon, and since you know exactly what it's like to be a Muslim, I'd like to hear about that as well."

Oh, I'm very free. In fact, I'm more free now that I've never been because I know exactly the right oath to follow and I can follow it without any peer pressure from mainstream society to be "normal". I'm free from materialism and consumerism, I'm free of social conformity. Obviously, it's something you could never understand because your prejudicial nature only let's you reach wrongful conclusions.
As for Muslims, I wouldn't dare comment on their religion. Unlike you, I don't judge in ignorance and prejudice just because I'm too close minded to respect the ways of others. I do know that when I've asked Muslim ladies about the burka and their status, they speak very fondly and proudly about how that modesty is meant to protect them and how valued they are. I have no reason not to believe them because some extreme fanatics have distorted their religion.
But you obviously tend to believe the fanatic extremists as it allows you to hang on to that prejudice you seem to need so much.

"I've debated with you before. I know what kind of a person you are. You make my skin crawl. And btw, hell yes I am prejudiced towards the oppression of others. "

Oh no!!! I make your skin crawl??? Whatever will I do? I KNOW! Not give a rat's ass about your ignorant, uneducated, prejudiced, hateful, idiotic comments. If anything, any insult coming from you is a compliment, I wouldn't want someone like you liking me, yikes! So thanks!
Carry on spreading your crap all over the place. There's a reason why people are jumping on your neck and no one except you has jumped on mine: you're not a very nice person, dear. Not many people like little bigots like you.
Pressing IGNORE on your bigotry! Babble away

by Silver Member on Nov. 20, 2012 at 8:55 PM
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Uh....good attempt at making an argument. I personally will not be having sex with her or make her have babies, but when (or if) she does then I guess hers will probably be just like mine.

Quoting Anonymous:

You gonna make your daughter vagina just like yours too? 

Quoting keriley1:

My fiance likes his p.p. just the way it is and said I don't have a choice if we ever have a boy, he will be circumsized just like daddy.

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