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Some one save me!!

Posted by Anonymous
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I'm watching my 4yr old brother today for my mom because she has to work but the daycare is closed.
I have a 5yr old and a 2 yr old. They all get along ok but my brother very much has the only child thing going. That and he has spent every day of his life at daycare from 7am to 6pm aside from the weekends. I can really see where this has attributed to his habits.

I am about to rip my hair out. He hits, he takes toys and he makes excuses when he is caught. He YELLs constantly, he screeches too. He does not listen at all, not even to my mom. He will just ignore you or look at you and give you the nasties look and keep doing it.

We have a rule at my house that all toys stay in the bedroom. If you want to play, you go in the bedroom. He will not listen to this, to the point he will sneak toys out(yet stare at me) book it into the kitchen to hide and play in there.

I put him in time out for punching my 2yr old/peeing himself(he is trained)/screeching. He kept telling me, no don't touch me don't touch me! Then when he was sitting there I would walk by and he would give me nasty looks!

All last night during thanksgiving he was chasing around my cousins tiny chihuahua SCREAMInG at it, my mom just sat there going X stop that, over and over. My boys did it once, I explained to them that it was not ok, they were scaring the puppy and that we don't treat animals like that. They stopped, I didn't have to say another word.

Lb stayed the night last night. My mom just called a little bit ago, said she didn't get any sleep last nigh and was leaving work to go home and take a nap.........
She will be here later to pick him up.

He is driving me nuts!!!
Posted by Anonymous on Nov. 23, 2012 at 2:58 PM
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