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s/ you really believe Jesus was born to a virgin?

I thought someone brought up a good point regarding those (namely Christians) who say they won't do Santa because it is a "lie",. How do you reconcile telling your child that Jesus was born to a virgin? I mean, come ON. You don't really believe telling them that is the truth, do you?

Ftr, I don't care if you do the Santa thing or not, just wondering why one lie is bad, but the other is okay.

Okay, I get it now. You people actually buy the virgin Mary story. Lmfao. That is RICH.
Posted by Anonymous on Nov. 30, 2012 at 3:39 PM
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by Gold Member on Nov. 30, 2012 at 4:56 PM

no one really knows. it is speculated that it was late spring, but no one knows for sure. same goes for easter. No one is sure if that is actually the time of "resurrection". christmas and easter are both based more on the pagan holidays than christian. they created the holidays in an attempt to help convert the pagans. Hence a "christmas tree. this was actually a pagan tradition and the lights were originally candles. easter is based around their fertility ceremony. hence all the eggs and bunnies! 

Quoting LectioDivina:

So, when is the day then? July 7th?

Quoting kingkongsmom:

 Uhm, yes it is known actual day/month, ........the church changed dates and even today  there is also a scroll that they wont release.................fine by me though cause dont need a scroll to know Jesus, God and Holy Spirit but its same with sunday being called the 7th day it isnt 7th day of rest is actually on saturday...Point is doing what you know to be right is all you are held accountable for, leaders of church, gov., have changed around dates/times to best suit  their own calenders........................and since we are suppose to be honoring our Holy Father everyday not just on 7th day of week or at easter/christmas time, does it matter which day is correct, in truth everyday should be lived Holy and Honoring to GOD.

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Mary's sexual experience aside, what about the fact that December 25 is not the actual birthdate of Jesus? What about how celebrating Xmas on that day actually came to be?

Because we do not know that fact. We can guess on the months from the stories...but no one knows.

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