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He cites her weight as the reason for his cheating :-(

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I called my sister's best friend back today and she said that she caught her DH with a co-worker (why cheating men are too stupid to at least delete text msgs is beyond me).  He confessed and supposedly broke it off, but refuses to go to counseling.  She wants to try and make it work.  He cites the reason for cheating on her weight.  There are just no words right now.  She couldn't talk long, but what the heck to I say when she calls back?  I'm a heavier girl too, but it shows more on her because she's petite.  I feel it's still no excuse though.  He took vows.

Posted by Anonymous on Dec. 2, 2012 at 6:42 PM
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by on Dec. 3, 2012 at 2:14 PM

I agree. Cheating just horrible for the person being cheated on. He seemed to have not cared for her anyway. Why would her tell her that, of all things, is the reason he cheated on her. That's just being mean. He is a scumbag.

Quoting GreenAndLean:

We are all "visual creatures" we all have eyes. My attraction to my husband has to do with looks also but his personality and my love for him are also factors and the sam goes for him towards me. He thinks I'm the most beautiful woman not because of looks soley but because I bore his children and he loves and cherishes me.

Point is, even if your spouse has become somewhat physically less desireable they are still the person you love and should respect and cherish.

This guy is a straight up scumbag and acting very immature about his wife's weight. There are no excuses.

Quoting nelliesmommy:

Some men are just asses. Men are visual creatures but it's still no excuse to cheat.

by Anonymous 21 on Dec. 3, 2012 at 2:17 PM
Stupid ass answers like this annoy me, just because someone answers anon doesn't mean they are ugly, blah blah blah they just don't want bitchy emails in their from whack jobs like you, get over it.

Quoting puasaurusrex:

Lol and yet you're too afraid to show your s/n and face? I bet you're as ugly outside as you are inside :)

Quoting Anonymous:

OOOOh, struck out :)

Sorry, I was a model when I was younger and he's obsessed with me...

Let's have another batter up to the plate

Quoting mamakat070812:

You think like a man, meaning you probably look like a man.

Just saying. Idgaf what you look like or how you think, but I sincerely hope your husband is fucking every girl he can get his hands on and I hope he looks you in they eyes and tells you...

its because your a total bitch.

Quoting Anonymous:

lol strike #2, you wanna go for #3?

Quoting CamMa:

I'm just gonna go with you're a piece of shit for a woman. ;)

Quoting Anonymous:

haha, he took the same vows to love honor and obey me

He obeys very well :)

Quoting CamMa:

You're one of those pushover women who thinks her man's shit doesn't stink, aren't you? You do everything to please him, but he does nothing to please you? Yep, I can see it. ;)

Quoting Anonymous:

Tested at 141 so I'm not that bad :)

Quoting CamMa: are a moron.

Quoting Anonymous:

She didn't keep up the vows first

"to love, honor and obey"

She didn't honor his wishes if she became that uncaring about her appearance.

by on Dec. 3, 2012 at 2:18 PM
I love how men say that when like 90 percent of them are fatasses. The anonymous idiot basically saying it's her fault because she broke the vows. Yeah. Pretty sure the man whore never told her to lose weight what about women who have problems losing and gaining weight. I want to know what half of the fucking women on cafe mom are even smoking.
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by Anonymous 21 on Dec. 3, 2012 at 2:18 PM
People cheat for all kinds of reasons she probably did get fat and ugly.
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