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I just got my collar today

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It was exciting actually. We chose to use a regular necklace so it would be discreet in public. I have had this choker, so it wasnt something we had to go out and purchase. We had a private ceremony and sir collared me tonight. I cant wait to see where this journey takes us. :-)
Posted by Anonymous on Dec. 7, 2012 at 11:43 PM
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by Bronze Member on Dec. 10, 2012 at 9:59 AM

Congrats! Wishing you all the best on your new journey :)

by on Dec. 10, 2012 at 5:09 PM
Well that is definitly the way to go about things. It sounds like you have very strong and happy relationships with your soul mates <3 very beautiful.

I assume you've met or atleast heard of jenna. She is long distance poy right now too. I can tell her and her gf really love each other. Or atleast the she loves her gf

Quoting Tal0n:

I'm lucky, that's for sure!!  And I'm 38.  Dh is 48, Big Wife is 33, Baby Wife is 50.  I had another lover, but that's another long story and she doesn't deserve the attention.

I never thought I'd be poly.  I had friends who were and I thought it was awesome, but I thought I'd be too jealous and possessive to be in a true poly relationship.  Then I fell in love with Big Wife.  Hard.  It was like high school crushes times a million.  So hard that there were times I would actually say to myself, out loud, "I am not going to leave my husband for her."  Not that she would ever have asked me to; that's never the way our relationship was.  But it was falling in love with her and still loving my husband as much, if not more than before that really opened my eyes to the poly lifestyle.  There's a good bit of physical distance between myself and my wives, so we don't get to see each other in person very often.  But Big Wife has been with me since Chibi was 2.  I was still breastfeeding when we got together! (it blows my brain, every now and again!) We've been through alot.  I mean, she's on all my medical forms as a person who can call and get info and to be called, ect, even tho she lives in a different state.

Baby Wife actually pursued me.  I wasn't sure about her at first; I tend to be not so very open at first and she is VERY open and VERY enthusiastic.  It kind of freaked me out a little bit, actually!!  We've also been through some shit.  We're going on five years now and she actually pays to come see me!  I spent a week with her in '10 after she finished chemo (we've been together since '08, she was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in March of '10, she's clean now, thank heavens!) and before she started radiation while her husband and son visited his family.  It was a great sickie vacation cause of MY illness.  And their kids are friends with Chibi.  (Big Wife doesn't have kids, but she's raised her little sister since she was born when Big Wife was 17, and they chat on the phone and stuff.)

It's hard work, like all relationships.  And of course, being poly isn't ever just about the sex.  It is, like you said, about stumbling upon another soul mate.  It's pretty awesome.

And I am babbling thru my fingers.  I'd love to be friends too.  Mutual respect and curiosity, definitely!!

Quoting annismom10:

Well thank you! We're nothin' too special ;-) oh, i'm lieing we'd make porn lol

It sounds like you've got quite the lifestyle? How fun. If I would've stumbled upon another soul mate I would've been poly, but I found trav. I have zero sexual interest outside of him and i'm blessed he feels the same cause i'm quite the crazy jealous witch.

I'm tempted to ask your age! Such long term relationships.

I'd love to be friends! There is a mutual respect and curiousity here, I think lol

Quoting Tal0n:

I had to sleep on this before replying, because it was so awesome.  I cannot tell you just how much I respect you and am in awe of you!

I also am a bedroom only practitioner; infact the person I'm most Dominant with in the bedroom makes most of our decisions OUTSIDE the bedroom bc that's her forte.  I've been with my Big Wife for 10 years, and we have a lovely, intricate dance between us and it's interesting bc I started out being Top with her and now am happily and willingly submissive.  It's an interesting dynamic.  I collared her first, and then somewhere along the way it just switched.  I really liked that.

With Baby Wife (Big Wife's nickname for her, bc we love her and she's sensitive...I knew she was right for me when Big Wife actually called and talked to her about me.  Big Wife has very high standards for those who wish to be with me; they either worship the ground I walk on, or they keep walking.) she had much more experience, and she's the one who led me, much more in person to discover that I'm not just good, but I'm a REALLY good Dom.  I'm of the firm belief though, that to be a truly good Dom, you must sub first.

Dh is just...vanilla.  He's not really into games in the bedroom, though for me he's tried a few things, but it just doesn't work for him.  He doesn't want to, and I want him to be himself more than I want to try and make him do something *I* particularly like.  But the best thing is, he accepts me for who I am, issues and all (bc I have physical issues with certain issues of my illness that slide over into sex's been a long road with us) AND is welcoming of my lovers.  Hell, Baby Wife (who is also married, has a fab career and a fab husband and child) has slept in our bed WITH us.

We've been together 19 years and married for 17.  This last year my sexuality has taken a direct hit (without going into TMI) and between him and my lovers, I couldn't ask for better support.  I just love love love that you taught your dh and how it worked out for you!  It just blows me away and makes me so entirely happy for you and in's hard to explain.

It's beautiful.

Quoting annismom10:

I find it to be true, in my case, different partners bring out extremely different roles. And then different phases in life can change those roles.

When dh was courting me, I spent years! Showing him what dominance was. Then there was this magnificent change. Seeing your pupil graduate and become the teacher. I'm so much more relaxed now. Almost 6 years together, now.

And I should say- we're really only bedroom practioners, and I am NO expert lol but people that make it a full life, and well, are experts lol are deliciously fascinating

Quoting Tal0n:


I HATE those freakin' books!!

I don't do Dom/sub with Dh, but I do with my lovers.  Doesn't mean I love him less, but he's incapable of Domming or subbing, while I do both with pretty equal enthusiasm.  I am however, a better Dom than I thought I would be before I was actually in a D/s situation.  It's a pretty eye opening experience with the right partner.

Quoting ibelieveinpink:

I have been in my Dom/sub relationship before 50 Shades was even published.

Quoting BluePandaDreams:

So is this the latest cool thing couples do these days because of the Fifty Shades books?

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