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EDITED AGAIN!! IN PURPLE.Yep I spank my what you gonna do about it??

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After seeing another post, I couldn't help but notice there are people out there that seem to think spanking your child is child abuse........ummm I don't think so!!

My oldest daughters are 8, they are aware of child abuse, get taught about it at school but if you were to ask them.'are you abused?' they would tell you no but I do spank them. So how come if it's child abuse, are my children's school teaching the kids that getting a spank on the bum for very naughty behaviour isn't abuse,where are y'all getting this idea it's abuse?

And just so you know my children aren't conditioned to lie for me, aren't in denial and openly tell their teacher if they've got a spanking because they don't see it as wrong.

There is a big difference between spanking your child because time out, confiscation and all other methods have failed and just beating on your kids!

I rarely spank but when I kids no I will not tolerate the behaviour anymore and they don't make the same mistake twice.....Drawing all over my walls with colored markers 4 times and still not learning means I'm gona spank you! You keep cussing in public after I've done told you not to 5 times, I will spank you! If you are old enough to tell me what you keep doing is wrong...then your old enough to know better and if you carry on, your gona have a sore arse!!

I aint ashamed of saying I spank my children, it doesn't mean I don't love them to the moon and back, doesn't mean I'm an abuser.....and for of y'all that say....'umm yes it does mean your an abuser' go do it your way and I'll do it mine!!

phew!! Just had to get that out there lol.

I was beaten on regular basis as a child, hit with a rolling pin, thrown into a door, pinned up by my throat etc etc and sexually abused by step father......that's abuse.....a slap on the bum IS NOT abuse!! Just because you are spanked as a child doesn't mean you will grow up to be an abuser...........I have never physically bruised or cut my children, just given them a sore bum for 5 minutes or so........if people's logic was correct....'abusers raise abusers' then surely I should be beating on my kids like my bio bitch did to me and let my SO rape my daughters........that's abuse your eyes!!!

So I don't have to keep repeating myself over and over again...........spanking is not my only method of discipline, it is used as a final resort when all my other methods have failed.

Also, after such a reaction from this post I decided to let my 8 year old get a little involved, let her see that some of you thought she was abused........she seemed a little upset if I'm honest and told me I was a good mum...we then talked about the last time I spanked her, she couldn't even remember the last time I had spanked her or even punished her in any way............I know I have no proof of this conversation and you can choose to think I am lying but I thought it necessary for those more open minded, non biased mothers to read and appreciate.

by on Dec. 11, 2012 at 5:19 AM
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by on Dec. 12, 2012 at 5:26 PM

 Who cares?! Clearly you aren't as confident in spanking your kids as you claim. Other wise you wouldn't be stuck on this post, in an open forum on the damn internet. That's filled with people you don't know , have never met and never will.

Move on already!

by Anonymous 60 on Dec. 17, 2012 at 3:12 PM

Well judging by your opinions on how to discipline young children and your grammar I can tell you are a highly educated woman!


Do us all a favor and spend less time smacking your kids around a read a book- Please! Preferably one on non violent approaches to disciplining children.

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