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Christmas issue.... :/ a little long

Posted by on Dec. 12, 2012 at 10:06 PM
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I'm so irritated it's not even funny.. I'll give you a little background and then the story

When my DH was little his mom and dad split up (he was about 2-3) He hasn't seen his BIO dad since. She met some other guy while with DH dad and moved in with him and his son. Well DH didn't want to be around his mom because she ALWAYS left him with her mom. So he lived with his grandparents up until I met him when he was 20. And when he was about 6-7 his mom offered his gram money to keep him. He never EVER seen his mom on any holidays, she ALWAYS volunteered to work. 

So lets fast forward to 2012.... His mom STILL volunteers to work on Holidays. She is divorced from the guy that she met when DH was little and just re-married for a fourth time this past April. He has two kids from a previous marriage that are the ages as me and DH and his daughter has kids and married. All of us kids get along great! Hang out and get the kids together and everything! 

So me and his step-sister were talking one night and were thinking about christmas and when we should celebrate it with their parents because we are so busy on actual christmas it would be to hard to add another place to our trip that day. So this upcoming weekend we figured we would do christmas. Last year we did the same thing except we had his aunts and uncles grandparents the whole gang. Well we thought wouldn't it be nice this year just to get together with just the parents and their kids and they can spend time with the grandkids and don't invite the whole extended family. Shouldn't have to anyway because they all get together again anyway on Christmas and it's one of the places we all go and so that would mean we would have to see them twice!

Well when we brought this up to his mom she FREAKED out! Said absolutely not. Her family HAS to be there and all this bull-crap! So DH begins to tell her that isnt his problem he would just like a christmas with his mom for once since he never had that! She still didn't care. He tells her she could still see them on Christmas just like everyone else but she insists that she cant because she knows she will HAVE to work. Uhm. No she doesn't she VOLUNTEERED too!! So this whole big fight came out and she said she was cancelling christmas... whatever be that way .. and that kind of made DH think and he just said I'm done we arent trying anymore. 

So after a week she sends us all a text and says Christmas at her house on this date and this is her guest list and its the whole freaking family!!!! And we are all like what?? we asked her to have christmas with just her kids for once and she said no so now she wants us to have christmas her way. well that started a whole other argument. I told DH that it was ridiculous and the holidays shouldnt be like this bc she is acting like a baby. So he decided we arent going then.

Now today... MIL calls and asks me if we decided what we were doing for Christmas yet and I told her we aren't coming when they are having it this weekend and she said well what about the kids? (we have three, two boys and a girl..5,3,4mos) well I told her we will have them with us ... (I have a photography business on the side and since DH decided we weren't going I lined up work for that certain day so we would have some extra money to finish christmas shopping) So she says that her mom can take them but I had to explain to her all three of my kids are in car seats and her car is to small and they all dont fit in her back seat. Well she says she can take the boys.. Well ,, hello? what about my daughter for one?!?! and I said no that won't be ok and she says well what would you do with the baby? Hang her out to dry?? WTH is that supposed to mean? So I told her that they won't be coming without us because I don't think its right for them to be celebrating christmas with everyone except their parents!

So then she says well have DH call me when he gets in and let me know if I have to pick the kids up! 

Where did you not understand that I said they aren't coming to your house!

Any other time she won't give any attention to my 3 year old or my daughter. She will to my oldest but no other. Sorry that doesn't fly with me. All my kids get equal attention or you don't see them at all..

sorry just had to vent... if you read this far thank you for actually listening to me (:

seriously though... what would you do? would you let them go and have christmas with your kids without you???

by on Dec. 12, 2012 at 10:06 PM
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