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Posted by Anonymous
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Ok so my younger bro has got to be the biggest ass ever! He is married, just had his 3rd child and is homeless and jobless!!!!!

This is not the first time either. He has been evicted from every place he has rented! The first time myself and my husband opened our home to him at the time it was him, his wife and my niece! We had 3 kids our own at the time as well. But I moved both of my girls into one bedroom and put my son(1 at the time) and my niece in a bedroom. We bought an futon for the living room and got rid of the couch so they had some place to sleep as well.
Well this was the biggest mistake I could have ever done!!!!
I worked as well as my husband and they didn't so we helped as my as we could and didn't ask for money the first month, well food bill got bigger and oil was getting used more so we asked for money and they had a shit fit!!!! WTF!!!
Needless to say they moved out and lived with my mom for a few months and then got their own place.
Then came baby number 2... So far so good till march of this year then well guess what they get evicted AGAIN
AGAIN move in with my mom!
Now my mom and step dad have huge personal problems and he moves out! My mom caught my step dad in a lot of lies about bills money ect!
So then my brother lost his job yet again!!! And guess what they find out baby number 3 is on the way! So not only are they homeless and jobless they are having another kid!!
They are still with my mom and step dad is no longer living there, mom doesn't ask for money but says you pay the food bill and the electric bill and what ever bills u have. They say ok cause they have unemployment. My mom has a tiny 2 bedroom apmt, so the 2 kids share the bedroom my mom has her room and bro and SIL sleep in the living room! Ok baby number 3 arrives yet they are still living with my mom! Ok now my bro has a part time job and is making 20 bucks an hour, and is doing more then part time hours and they have been lying to my mom! My mom found out yesterday that they haven't paid the electric bill in 3 months WTF
So now my mom is so upset you can't even understand a word coming out of her mouth. Both of them stood there an lied again to her then told her well if we pay the past due we can't get this kids Christmas gifts!!!!!!

Really WTF is wrong with you two to play her heart like that! Then they tell her their cell phones were turned off!!!!

What does my mom do she pay the cell bill and gives them a credit card to pay the layaway!!!

I give up!!!!!!
Sorry so long just a rant I couldn't complain to her or hubby cause he would have flipped and tore into my bro!!!
Posted by Anonymous on Dec. 18, 2012 at 11:22 PM
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