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OMG!!!! thought i was gonna have a heart attack!

Posted by Anonymous
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Since last friday i have still been scared to send my kids to school especially since there has been alot of talk on the news and radios here that they have caught teens talking about trying to do something they think would be bigger and better then what has already happened...

Well like always i put my kids on the bus in the morning and wait for them to get back home when school is out. Today only my daughter got off the bus and as soon as i seen my son wasnt with her i immediately asked her where her lil brother is ( she is 10 and he is 6) and she said she didnt know. so i asked her if he was still on the bus and mayb fell asleep ( that happened before) and she said no he wasnt on the bus...

I called the school and they couldnt find him and started calling all the buses trying to find him. I am a worrier so of course i start freakin out and a lot of shit is runnin threw my head but thankfully they finally a bus driver said they had him and that he had just gotten on the wrong bus. whew... but it was gonna be an hour longer to get him back but someone from the bus barn said they would go to where the bus was and get him and bring him home... Talk about giving me a freaking heart attack

I told my daughter that she knows that if he isnt on the bus when they go home she needs to tell the bus driver before they leave the school, ( the have to sit together so she knows if he isnt beside her he isnton the bus)... anyone else have this happen? I can see this happening once but this is the second time. The first time she just said she didnt think to wake him up to get off the bus and this time she said she just didnt think about it.

I didnt yell at her but i did explain to her that when they are riding the bus to and from school that i cant be there and she should keep an eye on her lil brother when they are on the bus.

Posted by Anonymous on Dec. 20, 2012 at 5:27 PM
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