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This baby had a fatal reaction to a hepatitis b vaccine. Still think vaccines are harmless? *GRAPHIC PHOTO*

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This baby had a fatal allergic reaction to the hepatitis b vaccine.<br />
Still think they are harmless?

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by on Dec. 30, 2012 at 7:36 PM
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by Snarknado on Aug. 8, 2013 at 1:51 PM

good luck with that. 

Quoting AwesomeMom222:

I do. After my son's terrible reaction to the MMR, we never vaxed him again after 2 months old and also our now 22 month old daughter has never ever been vaccinated and she is healthy as a horse and smart as she can be.

Quoting autodidact:

you still think it's completlely safe NOT to vax? 

by Anonymous 178 on Aug. 8, 2013 at 1:53 PM
Same here.

BTW. That looks like the poster in our health department of the baby who got chicken pox.

Quoting anon1986East:

Yes I still feel vaccination is the right way to go and therefore my children are vaccinated.

by Anonymous 6 on Aug. 12, 2013 at 11:33 PM
Yea as stupid as this post.I have 5 children non have ever had a reaction to vaccines.My 3rd child had a reaction to insect bite and had to stay 3days in the hospital.Funny right

Quoting Anonymous:

This comment is extremely stupid

Quoting Anonymous:

Some babies can have a fatal reaction to certain foods.Does this mean we shouldn't feed them?

by on Aug. 17, 2013 at 7:21 AM
Here is some more recent information, and there will be more to follow. Just in the past two months several babies have died and or been incapacitated due to the hepatitis b vaccine, those stories to follow, meanwhile - - - studies show lately vaccines mimicking shaken baby syndrome - - - Five Month-Old Baby Dies Just Days After 8 Vaccinations – Parents Are Charged With Her Murder

Aug 17th, 2013 | By Christina England | Category: Christina England, Top Stories834 1inShare“Baby A” died shortly after being given multiple vaccines. Her parents are now being charged with her murder.Parents in South Africa are facing life in prison for the murder of their baby girl who died just days after receiving routine vaccinations. Baby A had received all her vaccinations on time. On September 25, 2012, when she was aged just five months, her parents took her to their local clinic, where she received a total of eight vaccinations before being sent home.Baby A’s mother told VacTruth that the vaccinations were administered extremely harshly, with the nurse appearing to stab their daughter viciously with a variety of needles. Baby A received eight vaccines in total, the five-in-one vaccine Pentaxim said to protect against diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis, haemophilus influenza type B (Hib) and polio; the hepatitis B vaccine; the rotavirus vaccine; and a vaccine said to protect babies against pneumocococcal and non-typeable haemophilus influenzae disease, Prenevar/Prenvar.Her mother explained that after her ordeal, Baby A was irritable, upset and had difficulty in settling. That the following day, she was unable to move her legs, which remained hard and swollen around the injection site for several days.Amazingly, this was not the first time that Baby A had suffered from this side effect. Her mother told VacTruth that her legs had become swollen after vaccinations before, when they had remained swollen for several weeks. When Baby A’s parents asked the nurses at the clinic why their daughter’s legs were swollen, they were told that it may have been due to the technique that was used at the time of vaccination.The nurses recorded this reaction on Baby A’s vaccination card and told Baby A’s mother to use a warm face towel and massage her legs. When Baby A suffered the same side effect after vaccinations given on September 25, 2012, Mrs. A immediately used a warm face towel to soothe her daughter’s legs and lessen the swelling.So, why weren’t the healthcare providers concerned about this reaction?

“She Turned Blue and We Tried to Give Her CPR”

On October 9, 2012, Baby A appeared to be her normal self, playing, kicking and smiling; however, the next day things were very different. Mrs. A explains:“Baby A woke up and appeared to be crabby and running a high fever. She was only was happy if we were holding her and carrying her. That day, I gave her Panado and was dabbing her with a cool face towel to bring the fever down. At about 15:30 or so I had just finished feeding her and gave her to my husband to burp and as he was burping he heard her gasp for like a breath of air and when I looked at her she had collapsed on his shoulder and wasn’t breathing. She turned blue and we tried to give her CPR but as we were doing that she was throwing up and still was not breathing.We decided to rush her to the nearest hospital but we were unfortunate as there was traffic at the time and only got there at about 16:00. I could be off a few minutes, we took her into the trauma unit and they took her from us and told us to wait in a separate room. They managed to resuscitate her and put her in the NICU, they then took her to get a CT scan and then said they needed to take x-rays as well.”After what seemed like forever, the doctor appeared and informed the anxious parents that their daughter had blood on her brain and appeared to have been shaken. He said that the little girl had multiple fractures of the long bones.When Mr. and Mrs. A asked the doctor what had happened to their daughter, the doctor was abrupt, saying, “I don’t know, I wasn’t there, why don’t you tell me?”Mrs A. told VacTruth that she felt that his comment was uncalled for and insulting and that she could not understand what he was implying. She said:“We were so upset, how could he say that? What was he implying? That was our baby there and we didn’t know what had happened.”She told me that she had turned to the doctor treating Baby A and said to him:“You are the doctor, you are supposed to help us. All of a sudden everything we had got taken away, our life, our 24 hours a day, we have nothing left to do now but wait for some sort of answer as to why our baby is lying there. I don’t know what this shaken baby syndrome is, no one shook our baby. We were there, that’s not an answer, we need an answer.”

“We Decided to Switch Off the Ventilator”

“Baby A” before being vaccinated.Sadly, Baby A’s parents never got an answer and three days later, they noticed that their daughter’s hands, feet, head and eyes appeared swollen. Worried, they asked the nurses what was wrong and they were informed that the swelling was due to the lack of oxygen reaching the brain.Mrs. A said that around this time that the pediatrician requested a biopsy to test the collagen for brittle bone disease. The results of this test are not known because Baby A’s medical records have since gone missing.The next day the doctor suggested to Baby A’s parents that it might be time to switch off the ventilator. He explained that Baby A was not going to wake up and asked her parents whether they would consider organ donation, which the devastated couple refused on religious grounds.On the fifth day, the swelling had became much worse and six days after Baby A’s admission into the hospital, hospital staff could no longer open the little girl’s eyes. It was at this stage that Baby A’s parents decided that their precious daughter had suffered enough. Mrs. A explained:“We decided to switch off the ventilator and let our baby rest in peace, we had a meeting with the nurses and doctors and told them that we would switch off at 7am the following day and the nurses said that there would have to be an autopsy and the pediatrician then said, no, that was not necessary, and the nurses insisted.Day 7 came [on] October 17, 2012 and as soon as we got there, they took Baby A out of her bed and told us to sit, put her in our arms and switched off the ventilator. They didn’t even give us five minutes alone with her to say goodbye to her.We then sat alone with her after she had passed on and waited in the waiting area for them to release her body. We waited between two and three hours and they told us they were waiting for the police to come and pick up the body to take it to the morgue to do the autopsy.”

Doctors are Blaming Parents for Vaccine Injuries

“Baby A’s” vaccine records.This is yet another tragic case in which parents have been accused of shaking their baby, after a possible vaccine injury has occurred. Baby A’s vaccination card showed that at the tender age of five months she had received a total of 21 routine vaccinations. This is a vast number of vaccinations and it is becoming evident that many babies of this age cannot tolerate an onslaught of toxins, chemicals and poisons of this magnitude.It is important to recognize that some parents do physically abuse their children and while I appreciate that this is not acceptable, doctors must appreciate that not every injury is the result of child abuse.Over recent years, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of parents being accused of shaken baby syndrome after a possible vaccine injury has occurred. In 1998, Dr. Viera Scheibner called this rise an “epidemic.” In a paper published by Nexus, she wrote:“Some time ago I started getting requests from lawyers or the accused parents themselves for expert reports. A close study of the history of these cases revealed something distinctly sinister: in every single case, the symptoms appeared shortly after the baby’s vaccinations.” [1]I would go one step further than Dr. Scheibner and say that this epidemic has now become a “pandemic of shaken baby syndrome.”Baby A’s vaccine card states that on the September 25 she received the Prevanar vaccine, a vaccine that has been known to cause severe adverse reactions, including convulsions, difficulty in breathing, swelling of the face, hands and feet and death. [2]Could it be possible that the swelling of Baby A’s hands, feet, head and eyes was in fact evidence that she was suffering from an adverse reaction from the vaccine?

More Infant Deaths from this Dangerous Vaccine

Many may argue that this swelling happened two weeks after the vaccine was administered, but I would counter argue, stating that there is no set time frame for an adverse reaction to occur. Remember, Baby A’s legs had swollen up shortly after she received the vaccine and had remained swollen for some weeks.According to Reuters, in 2009 the Dutch authorities banned the vaccine Prevenar after three infants died within two weeks of receiving the vaccine. This was the same time frame that occurred between the administration of the vaccine and Baby A’s death.A spokeswomen for the Dutch health institute RIVM stated:“On average, about five to ten deaths are reported annually after babies get vaccines. We now have three cases in a short period; that is unusual, and the reason for suspending the batch.” [3]The deaths in Holland are not the only deaths that have been reported.In 2000, Michael Horwin, MA, reported that while conducting the clinical trials for Prevenar, twelve children had died.In Part 3 of his paper entitled Prevnar A Critical Review of a New Childhood Vaccine, Horwin wrote:“Furthermore, the insert tells us that, “Twelve deaths (5 SIDS and 7 with clear alternative cause) occurred among subjects receiving Prevnar.” This number was less than the ’21 deaths (8 SIDS, 12 with clear alternative cause and one SIDS-like death in an older child)’ that occurred in the control group. However, both groups (Prevnar and control) received some form of experimental vaccine. Therefore, all we know is that 33 children are dead and at least 13 died of SIDS.” [4] (emphasis added)This paperwork also revealed that several doctors involved in the clinical trials were reported to have had conflicts of interest. If this is true, then the efficacy of this vaccine was questionable before it was ever approved and this was borne out by the website ‘Flu Prevention and Treatments – Naturally’ who stated that during a search of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a total of 28,317 adverse reactions had been reported since the vaccine had been approved in 2000 which included:558 deaths555 life threatening conditions238 permanent disabilities2,584 hospitalizations101 prolonged hospitalizations8,166 emergency room cases16,155 “not serious” [5]


As with so many of these cases, Baby A did not just receive just one vaccine, so it is therefore difficult to pinpoint exactly which vaccine, if any, may have led to her death. However, it is vital that the doctors involved in this case as with all cases, consider the vaccines as a possible contributory factor.Sadly, these parents have been accused and charged with the murder of their daughter without any substantial evidence of foul play. There appears to be no evidence of external head injuries or bruising to the upper body to indicate that Baby A had been shaken.I believe that if this child had been shaken there would have been evidence of either back or neck injuries because a baby of five months does not have full head control.All vaccines and drugs carry a risk of adverse reactions and after receiving 21 vaccines it is highly possible that Baby A died of toxic poisoning. If so, her death was caused not by her parents but by the huge number of vaccines sanctioned by the government and the fact that the hospital failed to recognize the possibility that this little girl may have been suffering an adverse reaction to vaccination. 

Editor's Note

Names have been changed for legal purposes.- See more at:
by on Aug. 17, 2013 at 7:44 AM
Here's something else I have been telling people - - -

This is a health worker admitting that the gardasil vaccine is worthless and deadly

Did you know that one of the lead researchers involved with developing the two available vaccines for human papillomavirus (HPV), Gardasil (Merck & Co.) and Cervarix (GlaxoSmithKline), admitted back in 2009 that the jabs are essentially useless and more dangerous than the very conditions they are hailed as preventing and treating? Before the vaccine industry apparently convinced her to change her story -- you can read more about the saga here -- Dr. Diane Harper, a key developer of Gardasil, is on the record as having cleared her conscience about this fraudulent vaccine, which has been shown to be both ineffective and dangerous. One particular quote, which was pulled up using the Way Back Machine, reveals both Gardasil and Cervarix do nothing to prevent cervical cancer, which is their primary claim to fame. A 2009 article published by CBS News, in fact, which is still available online, reveals the truth about these snake oil vaccines. "The rate of serious adverse events (from Gardasil) is on par with the death rate of cervical cancer," admitted Dr. Harper at that time, refuting a pro-Gardasil piece published by Slate. "Gardasil has been associated with at least as many serious adverse events as there are deaths from cervical cancer developing each year."
by Platinum Member on Aug. 17, 2013 at 7:51 AM
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Hep B is mainly caused by exposure to bodily fluids such as blood or semen. The risk of a newborn contracting Hep B is extremely low, unless the mother is a junkie.or sleeps with infected people.
by Platinum Member on Aug. 17, 2013 at 7:55 AM
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They're giving Hep B vaccines right after birth now. That baby would have never left the hospital.

Quoting Anonymous:

looks like they took too long to get to the hospital!

by on Aug. 19, 2013 at 10:59 AM
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Sweetheart I am so so very sorry for your loss, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am trying so hard to get these people to see that vaccines are poison pure and simple. My son had a bad reaction to the MMR and now needs speech therapy at age 4. My heart really goes out to you honey.

Quoting ToniTennille:

Majority of reactions happen with in the first 45 mins but with my son he died 3 days later no real warning and then my second daughter after him nearly lost her life to the MMR shot a week later. I no longer vaccinate.

by Ruby Member on Aug. 19, 2013 at 11:01 AM
No I'm sure that kid was going bloat horribly and die anyway. I'm sure it was just a coinkidink that it happened around the same time as vaccination.

Quoting Anonymous:

Poor little baby :(  That couldn't POSSIBLY be from the heaven sent vaccines the medical field saves our lives with!  (Please note the sarcasm...not trying to be rude to you OP).  People who believe these vaccines do nothing to us are imbeciles. 

by Valerie on Aug. 19, 2013 at 11:18 AM

My FIL is allergic to penicillin antibiotics, shoudl we ban those? I feel that ALL of us make the best decisions possible for our children. Using scare tactics doesn't help your cause. Talk to mothers that our on the fence, freshen up your debate skills, and come at it from that angle. Besides, I am sure the parents of this poor baby would not want this photo going around like this.


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