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DF aggrivates the *&^%$ outta me... Need to vent

Posted by Anonymous
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My fiance for the most part is amazing but there are somedays I want to just start throwing things at him. I am NOT someone to assume something but he is and does it ALL the time. He assumes I did something and then gets mad about something that never even happened in the first place. I am in no way a morning person, I can get up and deal with my stuff but don't handle high stress all too well, my fiance on the other hand is a morning person (up at 4 or 5 and runs and all that jazz) and so today he sees on my phone (before teh bashing begins about the phone and him and ^$&% the cell phone is our Wifi routor and he uses it for that) sees a guy I used to go to college had texted me and proceeds to be furious cause I'm "giving my number out to random guys", and is still furious.

First off I haven't spoken to this guy for years, but my number hasn't changed so I still get texts and calls from people I haven't spoken to in forever.

Secondly this was one of those "happy new years" texts that people send out in masses

Thirdly this isn't the only time he's pulled this on me.

I'm beyond mad at this point in time. He judges me by the things that his ex did (cheat lie and generally just be awful) This incident comes after yesterday our room mate told us that she will not be payng her half of the rent and already told the land lord this and he expects us to be out in eight days. I love hm but when he's just an utter A$$ like this I dunno what to do.. I'm pregnant we jsut moved and we have SOOOO much to do all the time that when he decides to go off and act like this its just a huge addition to my stress... what do i DO?

Posted by Anonymous on Jan. 1, 2013 at 12:21 PM
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