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FML! I can NOT afford this right now!

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so I am on my way to drop of a package at the post office and I hear POP THUNK THUNK THUNK. in my head I am thinking $#@!@#$$#@@@#$$%$%%$##@@!# (enter your chosen expletives here)

so I pull over into the nearest gas station (luckily this is also my place of emplyment) big fat freaking FLAT tire.


so I open my trunk and try to get my spare out,

oh did I mention its 14 degrees out? oh well yeah its 14 degrees out while I am doing this.

I have no gloves and I am in tears. after 10 minutes of fighting I go inside to see if ANY of the guys that work there are in tonight. thats a big fat NO.


 I am seriously about to have a melt down at this point.

then, thank you God a regular customer sees me and asks if its my car with the flat.

why yes, yes it is thanks for asking.

he offers to help me. he gets the spare out after 20 minutes of yanking, tugging, pulling, and finally pouring hot water over it.

then he goes to get the lug nuts off.... and nothing. he was practically jumping on the thing trying to get them off and no such luck. he has to leave and I call EVERYONE in my phone book...including three ex's (one was ds' dad... the others are.... well thats a story for another post) and no one answers their phones.

now I am in tears... sobbing actually. I call my BFF and she and her hubby show up. he does the one thing I didn't think of... he puts Fix-A-Flat in it. it holds and I go to discount tire, thinking it was just the one tire, I would get a 30 dollar used one and get them all replaced when taxes come back.

I get there, I am still crying (no longer sobbing but still pretty upset) and they take a look at it, oh hey GUESS WHAT! all but 1 tire are bald $#@$%# they can not change one with out changing all the legally bald tires.


oh hey guess what I'm crying again, I can't afford 3 new tires and they only have one used tire even close to what I need.

did I mention that I already got there 5 minutes after they closed and they were going to help me anyway? yeah I did and yeah they were awesomely nice about it too. so then on top of all of that they put the 3 tires on, only charged me for 2 and gave me a credit for one of the tires because it had been bought at discount tire sometime in the past 4 years (I bought the car in October) 

then the guy putting the tires on? yeah he was a friend of mines hubby. he took off the instilation charge knocking the price down even more. 

I love these guys and will SO be going there forever and ever and ever and ever lol

thats my bad day story for the night guys. tare me apart you know you want to.

Posted by Anonymous on Jan. 4, 2013 at 8:23 PM
Replies (141-147):
by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Jan. 5, 2013 at 11:13 AM
I've had the car 3 months... It is my first car. I dont know a bald tire from a hole in the wall. I already admited that I didn't check the tires. Do you not read replies?

Quoting Acid:

This post is total bullshit.

You don't check your tires regularly enough to notice that they were bald? 

by Gold Member on Jan. 5, 2013 at 11:16 AM

Bless your heart. Its good to know there are still good people out there! :) Im glad you were able to find help.

by Anonymous 1 - Original Poster on Jan. 5, 2013 at 11:17 AM
No MI is really strickt. And if they were going to scam me wouldn't they charge me for 3? I paid for one new and one used tire. I got 3 brand new and paid no instilation fee. So if you figure the instilation fee in, I technicly only paid for one tire.

Quoting Anonymous:

She got scammed.

Quoting Anonymous:

If they are so bald where its unsafe not not to..they.can refuse to do just one. Yes. Obviously her tires are very unsafe.

Quoting Anonymous:

They can't force you to change all three! Lol. I think you got scammed.

by Anonymous 16 on Jan. 5, 2013 at 11:30 AM
here they cannot let you drive away with anything hazardous without you signing a written statement saying you know it is dangerous. and for the sake of the car you should always change both fronts or both backs.

Quoting Anonymous:

It used to be that way. They used to say you had change the two on the same side. Now they just change one.

Quoting LilBabyVulcan:

"I get there, I am still crying (no longer sobbing but still pretty upset) and they take a look at it, oh hey GUESS WHAT! all but 1 tire are bald $#@$%# they can not change one with out changing all the legally bald tires."

Someone's trying to swindle you, because that's about as true as me claiming to be the Queen of England. I asked SO, he's an automotive technician, and unless those tires were falling apart, or there was a severe safety hazard making your car unsafe to be on the road, they are supposed to just change the ONE tire you ask them to change, and nothing more. They are not 'legally' required to do shit about the bald ones unless you want a state inspection done. At least that's what he told me when I just asked him...

by on Jan. 5, 2013 at 11:33 AM
shit happens. dont let one bad day bring you down, especially if there are positivr moments that can be focused on.
by Anonymous 23 on Jan. 5, 2013 at 11:40 AM
Discount Tires is awesome!!
by on Jan. 7, 2013 at 7:55 PM

I've come to realize that not too many of us are covered. And even if we are, we pay to darn much for it.

If you haven't given it much thought unless your tire blows out or you leave your keys in the car or you have an accident, then you should consider getting emergency roadside assistance, because when you call someone to hjelp you, you end up paying at least $60 or more just for that one day.

As  you can tell, I'm kind of upset, because I've wasted so much money on it when I could've gotten it in the first place.

Been doing my research on AAA and to be honest, they are to expansive for what they offer, and they don't even offer a lot for the amount of money they charge.

I found a company called Motor Club of America, and they offer things like :

Emergency Road Service
 Emergency Towing Service
 Emergency Travel and Living Expenses
 Lawyer Service for Moving Violations
 Lawyer Service for Auto Manslaughter and Auto Assault and Battery
 Lawyer Service for Auto Related Personal Injury
 Lawyer Service for Vehicle Damage Matters
 $500 Arrest Bond Certificate
 $25,000 Bail Bond Service for Criminal Charges Arising from an Auto Accident
 $5,000 Stolen Vehicle Reward
 $500 Stolen Farm and Ranch Equipment Reward
 Touring and Travel Service
 Membership Card (Actual Card coming under separate cover)
 Key Medallion Lost Key Return Program
 Auto Decal (Actual Decal coming under separate cover)
 Discounts on Vision, Prescriptions and Dental (Actual Card coming under separate cover)
 Discounts on Hotel/Motel and Car Rental
 Credit Card Protection
 Personal Accident Emergency Room Benefit
 Personal Accident Hospital Stay Benefit
 Persona Accidental Death / Dismemberment Benefit
 Additional Accidental Death / Dismemberment
 Worldwide Travel Assistance Program

And they only charge you $19.99. I had to get further into it to see if it was real by calling their 24 hour customer service line, and asking some friends if they ever heard of it.

Come to find out, the company been out since 1926.

It's funny how you never hear about companies like these, but you know about State Farm and other big companies.

Anyways,I already got my membership and thought I share it.

Go to the company website to learn more about them or get their roadside assistance benefits.

~In case you're interested ~

Their 24/hour customer service line is 1-800-227-6459. If they ask you where you heard about them, just give them my id number 117 83028 or name Tiana Hamilton

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