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¥ eta ¥ ugh a mom sent her kid to school

SICK , my dd said he was sick from homeroom until lunch when they sent him home, Monday and now...

My kid is sick :( she woke me up at 1245 saying my tummy hurts and then "blahhhh" she started throwing up and hasn't stopped. And now it is going south.

It wouldn't be so bad but and I say BUT I always worry about aspiration with my dd beacuase of her weak lungs. When she throws up it is so scary. Her disability just makes lung infections so scary :( buy she is finally sleeping so, hopefully she'll be ok.

Ugh, lesson to moms, keep your kids home when sick!



1) my kid is 8 yes I know about incubation periods of illness

2) you're a parent there is never an excuse to.send a kid thAt you know is sick I.e fever within 24hrs, vomitting within 24 hrs etc to class

3) we do have a nurse, the nurse was notified he wasn't vomitting all over the room. 

4) believe it or not my 8yr old is VERY reliable honest and trustworthy. I believe her. why would she come hone and tell me this. as soon as I walked into the school she and the ASP teacher mentioned it to me. several kids were discussing it. why are kids discredited. my child has no reason to lie to me

by on Jan. 9, 2013 at 6:35 AM
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by Anonymous 28 on Jan. 9, 2013 at 4:01 PM

This is why I'm glad I'm a SAHM. My kid's don't have to go to school sick.

by 🎨Crafty Pants🎨 on Jan. 9, 2013 at 4:32 PM
Who said a darn thing about grammar? I couldn't care less about grammar on this site. Why so hostile?

And yes, you should be thankful. You should be thankful your boss won't fire you for missing a day. I know my mother was thankful when she was able to take a day off to care for me when I was ill as a child. Heck, I am unemployable because of how many days I need to be at home to care for my medically fragile son.

Quoting justpeachy71904:

I'm so sorry grammar teacher. my kindle changed my text KNEW 

wanna play teacher, and you're so against sick kids staying where they belong? weird. all the other teachers agree ha!

I am thankful I am missing work, so thankful I will now have to work two twelve hour days to make up my hrs.

that's just awesome

Quoting SciFiMama91:

What is k ew, exactly?

How pleasant of you. I Just got over being sick and it doesn't bother me. It's part of life. You should be thankful you have the luxury to stay home with your sick child.

Quoting justpeachy71904:

His parents most likely k ew.

I hope you get sick!

Quoting SciFiMama91:

You have no idea if his parents even knew he was unwell. Nor do you know if his parents have the option of keeping him home. Take care of your daughter and get over it.

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by Anonymous 25 on Jan. 9, 2013 at 5:55 PM

Nope, you are a moron for thinking I don't take care of my child. And your little walking petri dish is no better thanks.

Not every illness is something you go to the doctor over, especially if you know they will do nothing for you and still charge you for the visit.
You don't like how the school demands doctors notes for ever little thing complain to them. Until they change policy they can decide if my kid is too sick to be there, if he doesnt have a fever I send him.

You are a bad mom because you think your kid is better than mine. Your poor kid is probably the reason mine gets sick, because you think you need antibiotics for ever sniffle and then antibiotic resistant strains of things develop.

Quoting justpeachy71904:

People like you disgust me for two reasons.

Your a bad mom for not taking care of your child

And your a bad person for exposing other people's innocent and healthy lids to infection

Quoting Anonymous:

Whatever, I will continue to send my sick child to school. Do you know why?
He catches every flipping thing from every other kid so he's been sick a lot this year. He's been sick enough that he's been gone too much. In the begining I kept him home, then they started demanding doctor's notes. I can't afford to take him in for every runny nose or fever he has. Lots of things are not something a doctor treats for. So my insurance copays would be huge if I took him in each time just for a god damn note. So yes, I now send him in, and if he's sick enough to be sent home they don't mark him as absent and I don't get in trouble for him being out of school.


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