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woman shoots intruder 5 times in the face

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Man ( who had criminal record) broke into a house with a woman and her children inside. She shot the man 5 times in the face and neck. He managed to to escape but collpased later. He is unable to breathe on his own.

No charges are expected to be filed aganist the woman.

Posted by Anonymous on Jan. 9, 2013 at 8:43 AM
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by Ruby Member on Jan. 11, 2013 at 4:53 AM

Good for her.

by Silver Member on Jan. 11, 2013 at 7:15 AM

I think she ended a bigger gun!  She must have been packing a .22 for her to shoot 5 Times and he is still alive. It is very common for criminals to knock or ring the doorbell and if no one answers they assume the coast is clear and they can break in.  Once he got inside and continued to pursue her and her children and had a crowbar in his hand, he was asking for it. She had every right to shoot him and I hope that she doesn't lose one second of sleep over that pos!  With the crime rate these days and the way criminals are catered to, given chance after chance and the still continue to commit crimes I think people should have the absolute right to protect themselves and their families through what ever means necessary.  Now, if the guy broke in and was stealing their stuff and didn' t come after her then I would say she went over board, but no, he continued to pursue her and her children. 

getting shot at while breaking in to a house is a risk you take when you choose to break in, I have no sympathy for him.  The only thing that sucks is that now we have to pay his medical bills.  I am proud of her for not being a victim!!!

by on Jan. 11, 2013 at 7:46 AM

I understand your point of view and respect it while disagreeing with it, but please do not think that just because a small group of people believe that nobody was killed does not mean that the majority of our nation believes that b.s. 

Unless you are here you can't really truly understand what goes on here and it's honestly not fair to judge from reading CafeMom and I would even venture to say also the AP. Half the time (it seems) the AP can't even get the story right.

I read about this story yesterday. This man tried to break in to one house, was confronted by the homeowner (I am thinking a male) and ran away. He then chose this ladys house. She ran with her kids to her bedroom and locked the door, she then ran to her master bathroom and locked the door, she went even further and hid in the crawlspace giving this man plenty of opportunity to take what he was there for and leave BUT he didn't, he went through locked door after locked door after locked door to get to her and her kids, he WAS AFTER THEM. People can't really say how they would react until they are actually in the situation. Some people who talk big, chicken out, others who say they would act like you end up doing an over kill from the adrenaline rush and being scared for their life. Things aren't always black in white in the midst of having your life and well being threatened. 

Quoting crazymammy25:

Everything I have been reading lately in regards to recent shootings in America there are always PLENTY of things saying how it's your government conspiring to take your guns away so they can rise up against you as a nation etc etc. Ffs, I even read that people believe no-one actually died at Sandy Hook(god rest their souls) so tell me why I am wrong to think that's how the majority of gun lovers think and view things? It's simply the way Americans are being portrayed.

There is no attempting involved my love, I could do a survey tomorrow and I'm pretty certain the results would be to my favour. I know full well who I'm talking to,....people that seem to believe it's ok to have guns willy nilly.

by Gold Member on Jan. 11, 2013 at 8:02 AM
I did not get thru all the replies, but stories like this need to be piblished over and over along with the stats of gun ownership versus non ownership. Maybe then the criminals will get the message that they are literally taking their lives into their own hands when they home invade! Bravo to this woman!! I think I would have emptied the gun on the idiot myself.
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