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My 14 year old was suspended today for......What would you do? EDIT TO ADD WHY THEY CHOSE SUSPENSION

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My 14 year old was suspended today.

For taking his shoes off in class, throwing his sock across the room and yelling "2319! We have a 2319", then jumping under his desk to hide.

Seriousily -_- wtf?

He's 14, ok. I get it. Your a kid. You want to have fun and make your friends life. But come on. Have some common sense and don't act like a 2 year old!

So I took his phone, iPod and laptop.
He asked what he's suppose to do for fun, I told him if he wants to act like a toddler then I'll
Treat him like one and to go play with his sisters blocks.

What would you have done.

Eta: I wouldn't be so mad but damn he needs to grow up and take some responsibility.

He's failing almost if all his classes and the ones he's passing he's Barry doing so.

I can't count how many detentions he's had for doing stupid shit.

And this is his second suspension this year.

Grounding doesn't work, and up until Christmas he didn't have a laptop or iPod to take away, if that doesn't work.... Well then he's going to think I deserve to be named the worst mom of the year.

EDIT: he wasn't suspended exactly for his "prank", he's reached his max number of detentions and AE, they only things left are suspension and expulsion. The schools as frustrated with him as I am. He's a smart kid, he use to do well in school and he has the ability to do well. He just won't fucking use it.

When the jokes and pranks started I just brushed it off. He's a kid. A teenaged boy. They joke. They prank. But then his grades started slipping. Detentions were becoming a daily thing, then he had AE all the time.

One prank resulted in a girls hand being slammed shut in her locker, which broke 2 of her fingers.
He And the other boys wrote apology letters and weren't punished because every one knew it was an accident, and I had hopes it was enough to get him to straighten up his act. But it wasn't.

Hes always in trouble at school.
At home, he's fine. He does his chores without complaint, helps around the house, helps with the you the younger kids.

But Send him to school, and he shows his ass (and e literally showed his ass one day).

He's not taking his school work , we talk frequently, I've told
And showed him important it is, and it's just not getting through to him.
Posted by Anonymous on Jan. 10, 2013 at 6:26 PM
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by Anonymous 33 on Jan. 11, 2013 at 7:20 AM

I for one know what your going through. I have a 13 year old and he's starting to really scare me. He's failed two of his classes so far and like yours he's fine at home but not at school. I think they both require constant supervision which is something we cant give them. The teachers have their hands full and lets face it If I were my sons teacher I wouldve had enough of him months ago. Im not sure as to how many ladies on here have a 13 year old or older but unless you have a son that age I dont think you should judge at all. Im sorry your going through this if I had any way to make it better I would but i dont have any answers. I really do hope its a phase if not we are screwed. Good luck.

by Gold Member on Jan. 11, 2013 at 7:22 AM

kids..... smh =/

by Silver Member on Jan. 11, 2013 at 7:26 AM

I know this doesn't help, but that is super funny! Maybe he is bored at school? Is he too advanced for that class?  Have you tried counseling?  If he is fine at home and just getting in trouble at school I would look into what is going on at school.

by Sapphire Member on Jan. 11, 2013 at 7:28 AM
I think you did good
by Anonymous 34 on Jan. 11, 2013 at 7:28 AM

I would have done the same thing. He would be on lock down until he went back to school and did everything he needed to do to get his grades up to passing. Does your district have an alternative school? Our school district has an alternative school for students where all school discipline methods have failed. The teachers are well trained and the school is ran like a tight ship. Students do not want to go there!

by Navy Mom on Jan. 11, 2013 at 7:32 AM

ROTF!  I'm sorry, but if I was the teacher I would have been cracking up.  Not too happy with him for disrupting the class, but I'm a big Monsters Inc. fan. 

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