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electronics make my kids dumb....

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We NEVER let the kids get in on our tablets, or more than one episode on TV per week, or the computer (even though my son's first grade teacher at school encourages my son to do about 45 minutes on two different programs once a week. I just won't. He's six.).

They sneak our tablets and cell phones ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Pisses me off. I catch them watching netflix on the tablet like, every day. Or playing a game on my/DH's phone. They don't have any age-appropriate electronics- like a Nintendo DS, or a V-tech or a Leap Frog. No. There is no "age appropriate" screen I am comfortable with. They can learn letters from a workbook, and anything else from me, or school.

My kids are 6, 5 and 3. I see mom's all the time talking about how they use video games and computer time as discipline- or encouragement to be better behaved, or allow them to play for a period of time after the important things are done. 

I let my boys play mario kart on the Wii the other day. I had TONS of school stuff and cleaning and organizing to do, and I thought- okay a few hours, so I can focus without them fighting. 

When it was time to stop for meals, for potty breaks, for ANYTHING... they screamed, threw tantrums, acted like fools and threw me a nasty attitude. Um, no.  Where are my kids?! What happened to order and sanity?!

Then, I told  them to bundle up and head outside. They literally SAT THERE for 30 minutes. They had no idea what to do. The day before, they spent the whole day imagining things, playing super heroes, jumping off ledges and chasing each other with the dogs. Today... nothing. They had like ZERO capacity for imaginative play.

And yes, I blame electronics. When more creative minds create a system that does the imagining FOR them, they'd rather sit in that little world, content to let someone else do the work, and be entertained.

Sorry... not my kids. I'm so mad at myself for letting them play as long as I did. And now the Tablets are going up high every time DH and I are not using them, my cell is staying ON MY PERSONS and the computer screen will be LOCKED when not in use. TV requires permission from BOTH parents, no movies, no TV... no way.

I refuse to have zombies with bad attitudes for children.

Posted by Anonymous on Jan. 11, 2013 at 12:47 PM
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by Silver Member on Jan. 12, 2013 at 6:58 AM

we have began to increase our 6 snd 7 yr old girls screen time, but , we dont have cable, only netflix on the ps3 which is the only game system we have unless you want to count the old super nintendo that is missing the power cord. they got their 1st game from us last year  real steel robot fighting game, and on xmas they got some disney sing it game with a microphone.  my dh and i have 2 desktop computers the kids do have a tv and dvd player in their room but lol i should go dust it because they havent played or messed with it in 2 months. their teachers  every year comment on how they are very very imaginative give them an idea and they will tell a story loaded with details and backstory with it. we used to allow only 1 hr a week screen time or a kids movie time. mainy i did the leapfrog or other educational kids things on netflix. the kids never touch the cheap basic cell phone dh and i share, we never use the data crap on it except to check storms if power goes out. they also dont mess with our computers or touch the ps3. they dont get all that upset when screen time is up. they are very well behaved kids.  alot of times if i dont remind them they have screen time they forget or dont ask to use it. on a rare occasion we will do a family movie binge and all sit together and watch 3-4 movies.

your kids may listen most the time but for them to repeatedly take the cell or tablet each time it shows they dont respect you or dad. for them to throw a massive "shit fit" (as i call them in my head) then they are showing they are ungreatful for the time they did get to play. i tottaly agree with locking up electronics (ya can probly find a cheap lock box as well to put the tablets and phones in, clip the key on your pants haha)

by Anonymous 8 on Jan. 12, 2013 at 7:04 AM
My 3.5 yr old has his own tablet the tv is always on sprout or nick jr if the 1 yr old plays with the 3 yr olds tab the 3 yr old has my phone while I have my I pad. We go outside and play they don't throw fits when it's time to go do arts and crafts at the table in fact they beg to do them. They have apps that read them books and they still ask me to read to them. Maybe you need to relax let your kids be kids and have fun with what is fun in the generation they are growing up in.
by Anonymous 9 on Jan. 12, 2013 at 7:11 AM
I kind of agree. When i was young we played outside for fun. Now i see kids at 6 playing on ipads. Its unhealthy . Lol saying that as im staring at the screen lmao how hypocritical ofme
by Ruby Member on Jan. 12, 2013 at 7:15 AM

Maybe they are like that because they are so limited, im not saying give it to them im just saying be reasonable or dont cave at all. They threw the fit bc they knew it would be forever, or never, before you let them play again. lol

I let my kids play a little, I usually play it with them. Half the time they make me play and they watch lol. I try to pick learning games and incorperate counting, letters, or even just personal fun time and smiles with my kids when I do it. When I ask them to stop I usually have no problems. The biggest problem I have is they are too little and not respecting the games. They wraped the paddle in a way the write broke and my son will run and get a disk when i say wait for me and we will play together in a min, and he takes it right out the case and lays it on the TV stand as if it wont scratch! He is 4. DD is 3, she doesnt play video games. I do let her watch CERTAIN stuff on netflix from PBS and likewise networks. Not bratz or any crazy stuff. We dont have real tv like cable but I am glad bc the ads they play between shows would just not be ok around my kids. I just wouldnt like that exposure.

by Anonymous 10 on Jan. 12, 2013 at 7:19 AM
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Your kids freaked out because they finally got to play with something that's usually banned and you took it away again. And not letting your son do schoolwork required by his teacher because it's on the computer?! Are you serious? You need to teach moderation and quit acting psychotic. Kids need to know how to use electronics in todays world.
My kids each have a kid tablet, my oldest has a Nintendo 3ds and her own netbook, we have a Wii, Xbox 360, PS2, etc. My kids do not freak out when I tell them to shut off a game and there is no lack of imagination. They would rather go outside than play a video game but they also know the games will be available later. They're not missing a one time chance.
by Anonymous 11 on Jan. 12, 2013 at 11:03 AM
I'm sorry but I don't think that one day of playing video games made your kids dumb, maybe they are just dumb anyways without that day of video games!

But nice try!
by on Jan. 12, 2013 at 11:10 AM

Our kids are fully teched. They do awesome in school. They don't complain when it's time to turn them off, because they know they'll get to do it again. They do their chores. They act nothing like your kids.

I think you're doing it wrong sorry. It's not technology, it's you.

by Anonymous 12 on Jan. 12, 2013 at 11:14 AM
I disagree. My kids have vtec tablets that are rarely used and when they are its only the art program. My 6 year old has a cell, dont freak she uses it to text her sisters who live 18 hours away and call her bio grandma anytime. They afe allowed to use the laptop to play on parent approved sites. My ds1 is 3 and his speech has exploded since using technology even though he was in speech therapy and I worked on speech at home. Dd math has improved so much from the countless math programs on the phone that now she is ahead of her class. My ds2 is just under 2 so toys keep him occupied. My kids all love going outside and charge the door before I can finish lets go out. And they do tons of imaginative play. I have boundaries on the electronics. So all of it is in moderation.
by Ruby Member on Jan. 12, 2013 at 11:14 AM

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