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Investing... the real deal. ;)

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Dammit... I just realized this is longer than I said it would be. SO sorry ladies! Read it , don't read it. Either  way, Happy weekend! :)

So, instead of responding to this post I decided to make a spin off. I know many people hate that but my intention and message is quite different.... I am also an investor so I understand what the person who posted this was saying:

However, I see it a bit differently. I'll summarize since hers was quite long...

I turned $50 into $23,000 by trading penny stocks. I had researched this stock for months before buying. I was very very skeptical but my sons fathers sister is a Rich Dad Advisor and was basically holding my hand through the whole thing. She's amazing! I also read the book "Rich Woman" by Kim Kiyosaki (she made me do it!! lol).... and have read it about 5 times since then!

Long story short... I bought 625 shares at $0.08 per share. That $50 was very hard to part with since I was already struggling financially and was a financial mess yet I still didn't qualify for financial assistance like food stamps, WIC, etc... Fast forward to several months later. I had actually forgotten I bought this stock. One day I decided to check and it was at $21.26 per share so I left it there. I don't know why, intuition said so... lol After a couple more months, I ended up sellling the stock for $36.92 per share which is about $23,000. That was my FIRST experience that took about 8 months I think. Now, since then I have bought much more and sold much more. The most I've sold a stock for is $38,000. I keep buying and selling when it works for me. Penny stocks work when you take the time to do your research and follow your gut!!

I'm a single mom and when I bought my house for $310,000 in 2012 I was able to put down $180,000. My credit is horrible even now. I'm working on it and am very close. I had $110,000 in medical debt from a serious medical issue. That down payment came from penny stocks. The bank loved me for that. I also make a double house payment every month. How much do I make at my current job? $14 per hour @ 40 hours per week. I support my son and my 13 year old sister by working full time and trading stocks. Here are some photos of my house from Christmas here and here. No, I'm not showing off. I just want others to see it. I'd rather educate by showing what I have than show off. If you knew me in real life, you'd know that. :) I'm actually very humble and just want our economy to get better and for our kids to have a great future without this economy downturn and fiscal cliff BS. You know?

So, my point is... although she has a point that investing your money and making it work for you is better than wasting it on stuff you can buy after you earn even more investing, I think the way she delivered the message was quite harsh and possibly unprofessional.

On a side note: I have noticed several people (on government assistance or not) make crazy purchases when they receive their tax refund yet they're struggling financially. This doesn't "piss me off." Instead it saddens me and makes me just want to help them learn better ways of managing money. I do hope that those who are planning to make large purchases but are struggling realize it's best to pay off debt and invest where you can because in the long run, you will be MUCH happier. I love being able to answer my phone from an unknown number and not wondering if it's a bill collector about to chew me out and make me feel like a low life!!

Whatever you spend your tax refund on, I hope it's the best decision for YOUR family. <3

Dammit... I just realized this is longer than I said it would be. SO sorry ladies! Happy weekend!

by on Jan. 11, 2013 at 8:33 PM
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by on Jan. 11, 2013 at 10:15 PM

 this sounds cool-- i will be doing some research as well! :) thanks!


by Anonymous 2 on Jan. 12, 2013 at 11:33 AM


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