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Can anyone disprove some of the theories of Sandy Hook hoax? **4th edit, purple ** third edit in green/ cross out

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woah... got up in the top convos!

ETA:  I never expected to get so many responses to this.  I'm way behind, and will need some time to catch up, answer, and read/ look into responses.  I do hope that people are starting to be a little more respectful, the intent of this post was NOT to start drama, I was simply asking for some facts to disprove some of the stuff I saw.  Thank you to those who provided that without being raging jerks about it.  From what I HAVE seen, my opinion now is that there are aspects of it being hidden still.... but it's nowhere near as big of a deal as some of these theories out here, especially the Temple of Whatever one.  Eeeeek.  I promise I will get back to people as soon as I possibly can, and please remember to try to be a little respectful here, people were killed!  I for one am not denying that.  

I'm really asking here.... I didn't believe this at first... but now... what the heck??  Does anyone have anything to add?  Disproving or with more info... whatever you'd like.  Very brief summary of the stuff I'm talking about.... will give further details if asked.  

*To be clear:  I don't think that nothing happened.... and all of this sickens me.  I just don't understand some of this stuff.....*

1.  No footage released, with other school shootings it was blasted all over the media almost immediately- stills or small clips - for varying reasons.  Still think this one is odd.  I still think this is weird

2.  The freakin ME.... saying they were on the 2nd floor... all the victims he knew of were shot "with the long gun".... the man seemed drunk, and deflected questions.  Still not sure about this one either.  Granted, small town, he was probably nervous as shit.... but still.  Some of the stuff he said is being disproved.... like the weapons used for starters.  I don't like this guy still, again, get that he's nervous.... but come on.  He repeatedly said a type of weapon was used that apparenlty wasn't!

3.  The one father pretty much laughing before his conference (not knowing cameras were on yet) then visibily turning on emotion.  (btw, he's not 57 years old... like public record shows)  Alright alright, I should have clarified - I get that people react to things differently.  Why would he drum up the emotion though before the interview started?  You would think that's something that would just happen on its own... I still say that I understand that people handle grief differently, but his behavior was odd.  Sure, he could have been gathering himself, but he seemed plenty under control.   

4.  The little girl with Obama looking exactly the same (same dress as her dead sister.... I couldn't do that as a mother) I'm personally comfortable with the explanations provided..... For those asking for proof - I don't have a specific link.  Please look at the pictures for yourself, the sisters look similar, yes, but they are not the same person. 

5.  4 handguns found inside now - but it was stated clearly over and over that they were shot with a larger gun - that was out in the trunk  to me, this is the biggest question remaining.  Still the biggest question for me.  

6.  The car he used not being his moms  granted, he could have stolen it.... but really.... doesn't seem likely. I'm going to cross this out (4th update) - assuming it's true it was someone the mother knew.... alright, coulda been borrowing the car.  We don't know their life.  (I reminded myself of baby mama movie there) 

7.  What about the people chased through the woods?  (video footage)  still not sure about this one, yeah, people run when chased even if they are innocent.... but why was it never explained? I'll cross this out for the 4th edit, I still think that someone would have explained this better with so many questions being asked.  Actually no, I'm not crossing it out.  It's a valid question still, though the explanations are certainly feasible.  

8. The aerial views of the scene - no children.  None.  No one in a hurry.  There's not any footage of the scene either, there's 1 still shot of kids being led, with all the news coverage.... it just doesn't seem right.  I get that it was locked down, but that wasn't permanent.  Would like someone to provide a link if they can that shows anything to the contrary - may have already happened, but I haven't seen it yet. I'm about 300 replies behind at this point.  At least.

9.  The report that showed a stretcher with a sheet over it being wheeled a few minutes down the road where the ambulances could actually get to.... which encompasses a ton of issues in itself  Still weird - I can't find a short video with this clip in it, in the 24 minute one, just look at it, tell me something isn't off there.  A family member of mine is an EMT, I checked with him about this, and according to him, emergency vehicles are NOT restricted access.  So is there another explanation?  (yes, I'm aware different areas can have different rules)

10.  The guy that had the 6 kids or whatever in his house..... why would an adult leave them there, he lived PAST the fire house, his story varies from female to male, and who just brings kids into the house and doesn't call the cops after hearing gun shots?  and why did he have a fatality list... when it wans't released until 2 days after he was interviewed?  His interview makes no damn sense still, but I get the list was released to the town before media, so I scratched that one out.  Does anyone have any further questions about this one?

11.  The kid describing the events as it sounding like someone was pounding on a door.... no mention of anything else except banging.  (which, would be a blessing if that's true... but why wouldn't he hear anyone scream?)  I don't think anyone touched on this??  Except for one answer about an echo  Ehhhh... okay.  Crossing it on the 4th edit.  

12.  how this scrawny ass kid with mental issues succesfully killed so many people with a hand gun.  Not that easy to hit moving targets, and I doubt that everyone just sat there.   still wondering this.  Target practice or not.... stunned victims or not... that's a lot to pull off, especially for this kid in the amount of time he did it.   

13.  How did he have a valid ID of his brother on him if he hadn't seen him in years?  VALID ID.... not just an ID.  ID's expire, ya know.   One poster said that hers didn't expire for 30 years - not being rude, but I don't think Ryan was old enough to have an ID like this.  Though, I realize it might have literally nothing to do with what happened, I just find it odd.  

14.  Why was his computer smashed to shit?  alright, guess this doesn't REALLY matter.... i'll scratch it out.

15.  Who was sitting in the front of the police car?  no one sits in the front of police cars - anyone have an answer on that?  I think in mass confusion, even if someone was not really a suspect.... police always err on the side of caution, and would put someone in the back.  When an ex of mine got arrested, I was a minor and happened to be with him, they put me in the back of a car just for transport so my parents could pick me up.  

ETA #16:  Why did NO parent see their childs body?  I get it... but not a single one?  Someone stated that Noah's mother did - is there links to this info?

ETA #17:   Go do this.   

1) Go to google.

2) Search using this phrase "sandy hook united way"
3) On the results page, right under the search bar where you can choose images, web, etc, there should be a choice that says "search tools" at the far right. Click it.
4) You should see a bar underneath "search tools" pop up. There should be a choice that says "any time". Click it.
5) The drop-down box lists a choice for custom range at the bottom. Choose this.
6) A dialog with a from and to date should appear. Use the calendar on the right side of the dialog box and choose December 11th, 2012 for the to and from date. This limits the results of your Google search to pages that were indexed on that date.
7) Click "go" in the dialog. You should now be seeing the results for your search query indexed on that date. In the top few results, if not the very first, you should see the United Way page for the Sandy Hook school.

Full text:  

United Way extends our most sincere condolences and prayers to all those families affected by the devastating events in Newtown/Sandy Hook, Connecticut. While the eyes of the world may be on Newtown/Sandy Hook, to several staff, volunteers and contributors, Newtown is home. We will stand with the community and everyone affected directly and indirectly by this tragic event as we face the days and weeks ahead.

United Way of Western Connecticut is committed to providing support and resources where and when they become identified and needed. As people from our area and beyond respond to this heartbreaking tragedy, they are turning to United Way looking for ways to help. In response, United Way of Western Connecticut in partnership with Newtown Savings Bank has created the ‘Sandy Hook School Support Fund’ that will be able to provide support services to the families and community that has been affected.    

Disproved ^ makes sense that it was google error.   For those asking, there is a long history of cache errors.... please look into it.  


Again - I WANT to be disproved.  If I argue back, it will be with video or clips.  I want someone to prove me wrong about this... I'm arguing as devils advocate, though I believe that some of this can't be just explained away.  I understand that in a chaotic event, things get mixed up, people react their own ways, etc... but some of this is too weird.  

Posted by Anonymous on Jan. 14, 2013 at 10:53 PM
Replies (1261-1270):
by Anonymous 174 on Feb. 15, 2013 at 8:02 AM

The Nexus of Tyranny: The Strategy Behind Tucson, Aurora and Sandy Hook

By Dennis Cimino (with Jim Fetzer)

Sandy Hook poses so many uncertainties and even contradictions that it should come as no surprise that virtually every aspect of whatever happened is being subjected to the most minute scrutiny.  I have now published multiple articles about it here at Veterans Today, including “Sandy Hook: Huge Hoax and anti-Gun ‘Psy Op’”, where others, such as historian of science and expert on 7/7, Nicholas Kollerstrom, have addressed the parallels between those events.  On one web site, I have even been asked by a serious but skeptical reader whether it is even possible that none of the children were actually killed

The question is not as unwarranted as most of the public might believe. If this had been a real shooting of children, there would have been a sense of panic and of hysteria. EMTs would have rushed into the school building. The children would have been rushed out on stretchers and into ambulances and other vehicles and rushed to a hospital for doctors to treat them and formally pronounce the death of those who had been killed. Nothing remotely like this happened. The police cordoned off everyone from the school. No one was allowed to see the bodies. They were transported in the dead of night.  It was simply bizarre beyond belief. A resourceful student has turned up visual evidence that Sandy Hook was not even an operating school, which, if she is right, discloses the stunning enormity of the hoax:

by on Feb. 16, 2013 at 11:19 AM

You're pathetic Anonymous ...give it up as no one is listening sweetie....:)

by Anonymous 174 on Feb. 17, 2013 at 7:13 AM

Quoting GrannyM.:

You're pathetic Anonymous ...give it up as no one is listening sweetie....:)

Pathetic are those who are unable to think outside the media box and call those who do names.

Millions of people have seen the videos and questioned the official account.

No one is listening? You wish, sweeite.

by Anonymous 13 on Feb. 17, 2013 at 7:16 AM

by on Feb. 17, 2013 at 8:23 AM
Playgrounds in storm areas memorialize Newtown victims

New York (CNN) -- A reference to the name "Sandy" can evoke painful reminders of last year's tragedies, be it the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School or an historic storm that wiped out thousands of homes and businesses, and left millions in the dark.

But New Jersey's largest firefighters union is looking to honor those affected by both calamities and join them and their mutual names into something more positive.

Firefighters have begun collecting donations for the "The Sandy Ground Project," with 26 playgrounds to be built in communities recovering from the storm -- one for each victim gunned down on December 14 at the elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

"Our only challenge is to raise the money," said Bill Lavin, president of the Firefighters' Mutual Benevolent Association, whose 5,000 members are supporting the $2.1 million initiative on the website

New Jersey and New York each are expected to get 10 playgrounds, with Connecticut getting six. The group says it already has gathered enough funds for at least five of them.

The first playground will honor slain special education teacher Ann Marie Murphy and is expected to open on March 1 in Sea Bright, New Jersey, where homes and businesses were devastated by a torrent of wind and water brought by Superstorm Sandy.

The massive weather system barreled into the Northeast in late October and left more than 8 million residents without power.

Two months later, as emergency personnel struggled in storm recovery, a gunman smashed his way into a Connecticut elementary school and gunned down 6 adults and 20 children, the latter between the ages of 6 and 7.

"We were all working and then Newtown happened, and it just crushed the nation," said Lavin. "People were just walking around in a daze."

He knew he needed to act, and was later inspired by news of a Mississippi girl who wrote a letter thanking New Jersey firefighters for a playground they helped build in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

"It was so cute," Lavin said of the child, who was among several Waveland, Mississippi, schoolchildren to donate a truckload of toys to Sandy victims. "When I heard about it, I figured we had to do something for our own kids."

"After talking with parents and school officials in Connecticut, we decided to do it in honor of those children (who were killed in Newtown)."

The three-week-old project has plans for playgrounds in storm-battered areas such as Toms River, New Jersey; Midland Beach, Staten Island; and Westport, Connecticut.

"It's Bill Lavin's project and we are supporting him and thrilled with the efforts that he's made to build them," said Jenny Hubbard, the mother of slain 6-year-old Catherine Hubbard.

Lavin said he hopes to raise enough money to surpass his goal of 26 playgrounds, and continue building in places such as Tucson, Arizona; and Columbine and Aurora, Colorado, where mass shootings left scores dead.

CNN's Jordana Ossad and Brittany Brady contributed to this report

by Anonymous 161 on Jun. 17, 2013 at 3:42 AM
As of time of posting - no I hadn't, was encouraging those who want to think of it as a conspiracy to do that though. Since then, yes I have. :-(

Quoting Anonymous:

I agree with you 100% but have you talked with any if the people you've mentioned at the end if your post? Just curious.

Quoting Anonymous:

Thank you - someone else with the voice of reason.

Geez - leave the families with our SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT!  Why

should any of "us" feel entitled to PROOF that this really hapened

anyway?  But pundits will be pundits, and people will be gullible for any idiot who posts segmented clips to move along some disgusting agenda.  So with that said, passionate people like me feel compelled to answer.

1 - you've seen footage released almost immediately of another mass murder?  When?  Where?  Give examples - because unless it was from a witness' camera-phone that they shared with a media outlet - NO, you haven't.

2 - the ME.  So what, he was nervous, he was weird, he laughed inappropriately, he bounced all over the place when talking and sounded dumb.  That doesn't mean anything.  You go stand in front of a frenzy of cameras, microphones, law enforcement, politicians, and your constituents (yes, many ME's are elected postions) - to talk about something this horrific after you've just spent the last 24 hours looking at, examining and putting back together the bodies of young children and tell me you'd be able to do it sounding like a well versed public speaker.  The 2nd floor he refers to is at their facility, so I don't know why this is an issue.  And yes, he confirmed that the shots were from the "long gun" - the rifle that was recovered near the body of the shooter INSIDE the building, along with 2 handguns.  (The fourth rifle - not an AR - was recovered in the trunk of the car). 

3.  Robbie Parker laughing.  Again - so what?  I've gone to funerals and laughed.  I've laughed out of nervousness.  I've laughed when someone close to me tries to cheer me up after I've learned bad news, such as someone close to me dying.  I've smiled and laughed remember a loved one who has passed away.  I've started a conversation with someone that I know is going to be difficult, and I've prepared myself for it, and given myself a pep talk before hand, thinking I was ready to talk, and then as the words find their way out of my mouth I've struggled saying them coherently as the reality of saying those difficult words out loud makes them all the more "real", and all the more unbearable.  As for him being 57 years old.  The record of the guy 57 years old, isn't someone who had recently moved to town, as he stated in the same interview.  He moved there to accept a job at Danbury Hospital in the neo-natal unit as a P/A.  He & his family were from Utah, which is why Emilee's body was transported back to Utah for burial. 

4.  Really?  There are a million perfectly reasonable explanations.  This isn't even worth the time to debate.

5.  Show me where any report (other than initial conflicting chaos before reports could be even remotely credible) that says there were four guns recovered inside.  I've already mentioned info about this under the ME item.

6.  Who cares who the owner of the car is or where it came from?  Unless the plates came up as registered to the gov't then how does the owner of the car substantiate a hoax?

7.  People in the woods.  Well, I would imagine that before Adam Lanza decided to shoot his way into an elementary school, he didn't put out a public service announcement telling everyone to vacate the vicinity. 

8.  Aerial views of the scene - no children, no chaos, no frantic parents.  Ummm... what time did you tune into the coverage?  Considering that this area is about an hour & a half (without traffic) from NYC, which would be where most of the correspondents & media outlets would come from - what kind of immediate footage are you expecting to see?  Not to mention it would take time for word to get out, and for media to "react" before they even started the 90 minute drive up to Newtown from NYC.  Sure there may be local affiliates that could get there faster - but local affiliates that were there with live feed video?  There are some pictures, and that is what I'd expect during early stages.  Later than that - you don't think that they had those kids rushed over to that firehouse as soon as they possibly could?  Do you think that with police, first responders, civil crisis volunteers, not to mention parents that slowly got word of the incident - all blocking all roadways trying to get as close as they could and rush to the scene, that the media was able to get anywhere relatively close to capture the type of frantic scene you're apparently wanting to see to be convinced?  Even on 9-11-01 when media outlets were in the same town, the initial information was sketchy.  There was no chaos instantaneously.  People were making calls from inside the towers.  People like me, who was getting reliable information from my husband who worked for NYC EMS/FDNY and was THERE, initially didn't even know it was a commercial airliner that had crashed into the building.  It wasn't until the second jet hit, live on national news broadcasts that the magnitude of the situation set in.  

9.  Not even worth the time - could be a million reasonable explanations, but those who want to believe in a hoax, will let their minds focus on any small detail that gives them a glimmer to hold onto.

10.  The guy w/ 6 kids at his house - I want to skip on that one, because the only time I heard anything about this was when the hoax video surfaced.  Whatever station interviewed him wasn't one that I was watching (yet I was tuned in almost instantly as this happened about an hour from where I grew up).  I will say this though - they talked about him being a card carrying member of the Screen Actor's Guild - so what?  Many people who live in the greater metropolitan NYC area ARE.  All it takes is to be an extra on any production and guess what - you've got a SAG card.  And even though I haven't seen this guy previous to the hoax video - I got the impression immediately that he is the type that will say anything just because he wants to be on camera. 

11.  Kids SHOULD NOT know what gun shots sound like.  Most adults would question themselves as to whether something was actually gunshots or not.  The Principal and school psychologist left a meeting with other staff & parents to walk out into the hallway even saying that they were unsure if what they were hearing was gunshots.  (As per the parent that also in that meeting room at the time of the incident).

12.  That's the thing - he didn't do it with a hand gun.  His primary weapon was an Assault Rifle - a firearm meant to fire a lot of bullets in a short amount of time.  (Albeit - it is still only SEMI-automatic).  And still - you're talking shooting someone at VERY close-range.  You don't need to be an excellent marksman to do so.  And when you're shooting bullets the length of an adult's palm (hand), well that explains things even more.  I would imagine that kids of that age would not have all been running in different directions, they were probably all huddled together.

13.  Brother's ID.  Again there are plenty of viable explanations, but all that aside, I'm not sure this was even legitimate.  I did hear it in initial reports, but I also recall hearing something that they never did find the brothers ID on Adam's body.  I think that was just mis-information that was put out by the media prematurely. 

14.  Who cares.  Maybe his mom smashed it the night before in an argument and that's what made him snap the next morning - who knows, what difference does it make?

15.  The person in the front of the police car.  Yes, police do err on the side of caution, which is why they would've handcuffed and detained anyone they found in the nearby vicinity.  But this has no merit to prove or disprove a hoax.  Officers have a lot of latitude as to what to do when detaining someone, and often in hindsight they look at ways they could've done things differently or better.  But it's easy to play Monday-morning Quarterback. 

16.  Who said no parent saw their child's body?  Has anyone got any video of interviews with each parent and them saying that they did not see their child's body?  I think not.

Here's some food for thought.  IF the government was trying to pull off some hoax to try to streamline some harsh anti-gun agenda, why go through hiring actors, planning all this out, all the preparation, expense, not to mention the (unattainable) ability to keep it all secret without one SINGLE leak of information?  Why not just pay one person to go commit this heinous act?  If this were all a government conspiracy - wouldn't THAT seem like a much more likely possibility?  But no, conspiracy theorists want to create this massive elaborate scheme of the Newtown Beautification project that's been going on for 10 years, and the guy who gave an interview that is a card carrying member of the Screen Actor's Guild, and the pictures of a little girl who looks like Emilee being "alive" after the shooting (hmmm... never heard of sisters that look alike, so it MUST be true).  Come on people!!!!!  Wake the *F* up!  Stop stamping GULLIBLE on your foreheads.  Stop giving these wanna-be-hoax-provers a moment of your precious brain power.  Who does that?  Who watches one of the worst moments in a man's life (talking about his daughters sudden and violent death) and says - "Oh, he's smiling, he must be lying & be an actor, she's alive, it's all a hoax."????

If you want proof that this wasn't a hoax - go talk to the clergy, the crisis counselors, the first responders who have had to counsel the surviving victims, the ones who lost someone and are left to have to live with it.  If you could talk to THEM, you'd be convinced.  There'd be no doubt in your mind that this was NOT a hoax. 

May all of those impacted find strong arms to hold your heavy hearts.

by No. on Jun. 17, 2013 at 3:53 AM
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Have you not been on in 4 months or is there a reason you're bumping this?

Quoting Anonymous:

As of time of posting - no I hadn't, was encouraging those who want to think of it as a conspiracy to do that though. Since then, yes I have. :-(

by Anonymous 161 on Jun. 17, 2013 at 4:10 AM
LOL - No I haven't been. Sorry didn't mean to bump unnecessarily. :-(

Quoting crumpy_gat:

Have you not been on in 4 months or is there a reason you're bumping this?

Quoting Anonymous:

As of time of posting - no I hadn't, was encouraging those who want to think of it as a conspiracy to do that though. Since then, yes I have. :-(

by No. on Jun. 17, 2013 at 4:11 AM
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I was just curious.  No way I could ignore notifications for that long lol

Quoting Anonymous:

LOL - No I haven't been. Sorry didn't mean to bump unnecessarily. :-(

by peachy on Jun. 17, 2013 at 4:15 AM


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